100 thoughts on ““The Hunger Games” — A Bad Lip Reading

  1. “poor little hoe right there , you went out with brian, well he’s mine and i’m loco crazy”
    goat sounds

  2. You gotta love YouTube's dumb-ass recommendation algo… It recommended this video under Topic: Drama.

    Yes, this is SO DRAMATIC!

  3. katniss: “i don’t need milk”
    gale: “yea but you’re the one who chokes on water”
    katniss: nods knowingly
    gale: “scooby-doo”

  4. Am I the only one who laughs while reading people rephrasing everything in the comments when I barley know what it means

  5. The SMOOTHNESS OF “You’re stupid” “you’re dumb” “okay who’s father’s on crack” angry face bruhhhhhhhhhhh THIS IS A MASTERPIECE

  6. Seven years ago my fangirl ass would’ve been too offended to watch this but it’s 2019 bitches and this is the best laugh I’ve had with a video

  7. All lines😂
    G: “Ugh what’d you do it reeks..”
    “It’s like a hot foot forest”
    K: “ohh well I got the squirts”
    “You know when you make fudge puddles..”
    G: “my bad, I didn’t need the visuals”
    K: “it’s horrific”
    G: “Kay can we just forget it”
    K: “I got a purse.”
    G: “you don’t even like it”
    K: “I do, everyone thinks I don’t”
    G: “well I’m buying you a new one… and extra milk.”
    K: “but I have milk?”
    G: “yeah but your the one who chokes on water.”
    agrees 😂
    G: “…Scooby doo”
    C: “do something fruity.”
    K: “no thank you!”
    C: “well then can I do it?”
    K: “gross your drunk.”
    C: “maybe but who’s stopping us? Hm yo dad?”
    K: “yeah right.”
    K: “you cow sack! Your dog spat this evil grunge at me! You know you wanna go dance with me.”
    H: “hey, hey, hey, come on now shh.”
    H: “hey tuna flavour.”
    K: “I’m the queen”
    H: “now your too excitable!”
    C: “drankkkk”
    H: “yeah he’s so right.
    H: “Hey joe”
    H: “Wha who’s joe?”
    K: “Kay wait, wait,wait, your not joe? I thought he was joe.”
    H: “He’s codfish Joe!”😂
    K: remember Bob the human? He hurt me. And bombed Josie seegers ten-speed.
    C: “can it you little liar!”
    K: “He barfed on the sailor like a pig! And the police ate Timothy!”
    P: “every night I want you to hold Marvin the cat. He’s not a real cat.”
    P: “..will you text me?”
    K: “I don’t want you to text ME.”
    P: “Your stupid”
    K: “Your dumb”
    P: “…ok well who’s fathers on crack?”😂
    C: “poor little ho right there…you went out with Brian. Well he’s mine. And now I’m LoCo CrAzY”
    K: “you stink!” makes goat noises
    C: “yay a goat!”
    P: “give me a good time?”
    K: “…gross.”
    P: “please?
    P: “and that’s how babies grow?”
    K: “you gotta be kidding”
    P: “it’s not?”
    K: “face it your the devil”
    P: “NO, NO!”

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