The “GameStop” Credit Card! OH JOY! (Sigh) | Digital Boundaries News

The “GameStop” Credit Card! OH JOY! (Sigh) | Digital Boundaries News

GameStop has a deal for you! Oh wait…I read
that wrong. GameStop has a scam for you! I’m Figcoinc, and this is DB News! GameStop has recently announced plans to have
their very own in-store credit card! This credit card will be rolled out to all GameStop
stores in the next couple months. So what does this credit card give you?
Once you sign you are eligible for PowerUp Rewards!, PowerUp Basic members get 5,000
PowerUp Points, and Pro members get 15,000 PowerUp Points! Basically enough to obtain
a Plastic Star Wars Stein, and a neat Boba Fett necklace! You’re pre-approved for the
credit card if you’re a member of the PowerUp Rewards Plan!
What’s the catch? An interest rate of 26.99% APR! By the way, that’s twice the current
fixed rate for credit cards of 13% and nearly twice the variable rate of 15%. So far, the
marketing materials want you to “Pay over time!” like many other in-store specific
credit cards. So you can sign up for a really low interest rate, but if you do not pay after
a certain amount of time – BAM – you get his with a 27% interest rate! Nice huh?
To be fair to GameStop, this is no different than the Best Buy card or even the Pay Later
deals that PayPal gives you. Yet, in my opinion it is all a rip-off. Why does GameStop even
have a credit card anyway. I feel this is aimed at the young, and dumb. Gamers who come
in, haven’t learned much about the the terrible things bad credit can do to you, and sign
up thinking they are getting a deal. Shame on you GameStop. I encourage anyone who gets
offered this deal to decline. Be nice to the associates, they are only doing their job,
but do not buy into this. Let GameStop know via your wallet that you will not stand for
this nonsense. Let me hear your thoughts on the subject! That’s it
for today! I would love it if you like, comment,
and subscribe! As always, thank you for being awesome!

16 thoughts on “The “GameStop” Credit Card! OH JOY! (Sigh) | Digital Boundaries News

  1. i only use credit cards as a tool to  build my credit.Only use them in emergency and never just pay the minimum balance you will be paying for years. 

  2. I've been voting with my wallet for some time now lol. Which is why I haven't shopped at gamestop in months. The thing that pissed me off the most was the whole "Exclusive gamestop DLC." thing. I'm so tired of people cutting my game into pieces… 

  3. A 27% Apr for a credit card!? What in the blue hell is Game Stop trying to pull. In my opinion Game Stop does not need a credit card, and especially if they are going to target younger people who are not yet financially responsible. No thanks Game Stop, I will spend my money else where. Thanks for letting me know Fig

  4. So true! GameStop isn't a place I need a credit card. Buy over priced games with money I don't have. They should focus on the trade ins instead and make that fair

  5. Its kinda like when you first get to college there are all these credit card companies and they are offering free shirts and a credit card that you have $1000 of credit and before you know it your friends are in debt. Glad that they stopped that, I hate the way companies prey on those who are just entering into the world of finances like get your stuff else where you greedy sons of guns

  6. Screw that why does a videogame/accessories shop need a credit card its wrong on many levels dont touch this,if you need a credit card use a bank and use it and pay it off monthly goid way of building credit..If you aint silly with it!!

  7. Ah great, so now they have a other thing to ask me about when i visit GameStop. 

    Do you want to subscribe to our newsletter? Do you wanna pre-order Madden 18? Do you want a bullshit credit card? 


  8. The only time I get a credit card is when I want a new toy and can't afford to pay for it all right then and there. I always make sure it has 0% interest for 6 months or more and could care less what it is after because I always pay it off within or before the 6 month period or so on. After I pay it off I'm done with the card and from what I've read and heard this gamestop credit card does not have a 0% interest time frame 👎

  9. Its for responsible people if u dont know how to use a credit card or ur new at it dont spend stupidly commen since says if u have 6 MONTHS TO PAY IT OFF and u dont ur ass deserves to be charged intrest i payed one hundred dollars every week for my Xbox one it took me one month to pay it off mind u u have 6 MONTHS to pay it off so its pretty fair but if ur stupid and dont read or listen to what they say u deserve to be charged intrest

  10. So what happens if I didn't buy a rewards card, it came inside the case with a game and I used it. Let me know!

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