The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Harry Potter, Catan and Tetris)

(upbeat music) – From Shy Guys to Shai-Hulud nerds like a lot of things but
there’s something they love above all else and that
is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat music) Joining us today we have Erika Ishii. – Hello everyone – [Host] Eme Ikwuakor – Hey. – [Host] And Becca Scott – How’s it going? – Um, how’s everyone feeling? – Ready for finger guns. – Pew pew!
– Pew! – [Host] You’re stuck in
the cross-fire already. – I’m like right in the
center of all of this I don’t understand. – This is the issue with like having folks who have
done this show before who are like, cool I know what’s going on and it’s like wait what’s happening here? (laughs) Different levels of comfort immediately. – Don’t underestimate Eme.
– Jump in right away. – We’ve got a good vibe and everything. – Yeah, sometimes it’s great. – Yeah, we sometimes hang out. – Good, well you have played the game before, Eme, for you
and for any new viewers at home the rules of the game are simple. These are incorrect
statements about the things that you know and love, it’s up to you to find the things that’s wrong. Buzz and correct me, all
your corrections must be preceded with the phrase, um, actually, and you can interrupt
me at any time you want. There’s an energy on this couch. – I’ve been working
out my thumbs non-stop. – Becca’s very competitive. – Sometimes it’s just as–
– I don’t know competitive– – Here’s the thing though. – Tell me the thing. – So Eme and I are co-captains of our dodge ball team and
I would say he’s one of the few people in the world I might consider on par with my level of competitiveness. – [Host] Oh wow. – She said on par, I’m thinking today… – That’s very good to
know going into this. – I’m just here to have a good time. (laughing) – Well good, well with that
we’re gonna jump right in and we’ll see how good of
a time we’re gonna have. Here’s our first question, Billy Dee Williams played
District’s Attorney Harvey Dent in Tim Burton’s
original Batman film. He was also slated to reprise the role in Batman Returns but the
character was written out and so he never got to play Dent’s villainous alter-ego, Two-Face. The next time Two-Face appeared in a movie was in Batman Forever
played by Tommy Lee Jones. – Um, actually it wasn’t
played by Billy Wilson – Um, uh– – That’s a Beach Boy, that’s
definitely a Beach Boy. – Um actually, Billy Dee Williams never actually played Two-Face. – Uh, incorrect, incorrect. You’re correct in that I
did say Billy Dee Williams that part is right. – Okay, but none of them were Beach Boys. – That’s true, none of
them were Beach Boys. – [Becca] Thank you. – But I didn’t imply
that they were, Erica? – Um, actually if you count the two-parter episode from Batman the
animated series that was another appearance of
Harvey Dent and Two-Face. – The question does specify in a movie, so the animated series would not count there. I’m gonna say no-one gets
this one, oh sure Eme– – Uh, actually he did have a chance to play Two-Face at some point in time. – That’s correct. – That was gonna be my guess. – So I’ll say this he does eventually play Two-Face but where? – What? – I’ll give it to you unless
someone can tell me where. – Um, actually he gets to play it in the Lego Batman movie? – That’s correct! Oh my god!
– Oh, what! Yes get in there, you beat him! (laughing) Nailed it!
– Oh my god! – That was more of a team effort really, you really were sort of
like all the way in there. but yeah Williams plays Two-Face in the Lego Batman movie the appearance of the character was even based on William’s original Dent performance so a long time coming but eventually got to play Two-Face it was just in Lego form,
many many years later. – We crushed it
– I don’t get any points? – [Erica] No, it’s one point – I’m gonna give that to Erica. – But I assisted in her getting it. – There’s no half points.
– You did the assist, I know. – Thank you for the help, it’s okay I’ll help you out later on that’s okay, I owe you one. (laughing) – Alliances are being formed. – Oh yeah, things are happening. Look, sometimes we play fast and loose with the points,
sometimes it falls in your favor, sometimes it
falls in someone else’s we’ll see how it goes. Alright, this next question’s
about Harry Potter. We all want to go to Wizarding school whether it’s Beauxbatons in France, Ilvermorny in the United States, Uagadou in Uganda, or the famed Hogwarts in England but did you
know that you could also attend W.A.D.A aka The Wizarding Academy of the Dramatic Arts to
become a theatrical performer or perhaps hone your
quidditch skills at the Academy of Broom Flying? – Where is this, is this
all like J.K Rowling’s ancillary material you
find on the website? – Oh for sure, oh absolutely. – Pottermore nonsense.
– Pottermore. – This is Pottermore for sure but, look that’s all canon as far as– – Nobody, J.K Rowling: there
are Wizard vocational schools – I don’t think J.K Rowling gets to decide what’s canon and what’s not anymore ’cause this is crazy, one more, one more. – Yep, we all want to
go to Wizarding School, whether it’s Beauxbatons in France, Ilvermorny in the United
States, Uagadou in Uganda, or the famed Hogwarts in England – Oh, oh no! Um, actually Hogwarts is in Scotland! – That’s correct! (laughing) – What the heck man, oh my god! – There’s a lot of reaction–
– Take it away, and snap! – It’s a good thing they
wiped the floor so clean. – Aw yeah we snuck it in,
Hogwarts is in Scotland, it’s not in England,
everything else is true though. – The Hogwarts Express
takes such a long time of course they leave England. – It goes through the Highlands,
I’ve been on that train – I’ve been on the Hogwarts Express! – I have, I was on the Hogwarts Express – So have I, it’s in Orlando, Florida. – God!
(laughing) – That point will go to Erika,
Hogwarts is in Scotland. Here’s a question about the Dresden Files – Yes!
– Oh this is Becca – Which one of you put
down, I guess is Becca. I’m not super familiar
with it but we wrote a question for it.
– Thank you. – So let’s see and maybe someone else will just guess their way to victory and– – I will be so angry.
– I’m stealing this. – You don’t even know
the Dresden Files is. – No. – [Host] Protagonist Harry
Dresden once rescued a litter of puppies from fire breathing
black-winged monkey-demons. He ended up keeping one of
the puppies, naming it Mouse. Mouse is a Temple Dog believed to be the offspring of a celestial
being and a normal dog, and the loyal pupper exhibits supernatural strength, intelligence and healing and he occasionally glows blue. – Um actually, Mouse does not glow blue. – He does, occasionally.
– What? – Oh… – Um actually, his name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. (laughs) – That’s doesn’t, it is still correct to say his name is Harry Dresden. – Um actually, they
weren’t monkey-demons– – Don’t even, they were
though they flame poo. – All right, all right.
– Incendiary poo. – Oh wait hold on, um actually the monkeys don’t breathe fire they
throw flaming poo balls. – That is correct.
(cheering) – I did actually say that out loud. – [Host] You did say it out loud you just never included it as a correction. It’s like you know the answer here you just aren’t, you just
haven’t connected that we’ve said the wrong thing here. – Oh my god. – It’s like flaming poo,
she said it she knows. This next question is a fan question so this was submitted by a fan of the show, wrote their own question,
sent it in to us. Here’s a question from Miscbits. First published in 1995, the board game Settlers of Catan has players acquire and spend a variety of
resources namely lumber, sheep, ore, grain and brick. – Um, actually it’s not lumber it’s wood. – Incorrect. Erika? – Um actually, it’s Catan.
(laughing) – No no.
– Oh okay I got this. – Um actually, it’s not brick it’s stone? – Incorrect. – Um actually, it’s not brick it’s clay. – No. (laughing) I think I’m gonna call it – One more, one more. One more, one more.
– Hold up. – Erika buzzed there let’s hear– – Um actually, it’s not
sheep it’s livestock? – No.
– No it’s sheep. – I mean we always call it sheep. – Unbesheepable. – Technically speaking
it’s not sheep, it’s wool. – Everyone just calls
it sheep because it’s– – I was like yeah.
– Because it makes the noise. – If you look at any of the literature and things written down it’s
written as wool, not sheep. – Yeah well you know
what it’s not as funny to say anyone want wool for– – No sheep was way more funny! – [Erika] For wool, that’s not funny! – Also lumber is not as funny as wood. – Like, herding sheep around and passing sheep back and forth. – I have that game on my phone and I play it all the time and there’s always a baa every single time you pick it up so that’s why I’m thinking it’s sheep. – You know what, let’s call it sheep – It’s depicted a sheep,
it’s drawn as sheep and I think most people say like sheep ’cause also it’s a more fun word and thing to say but it is
in fact written as wool so it’s very technically wool. Well this brings us to our first shiny question of the game. – Thank god! – Shiny questions, like shiny Pokemon, are worth the same number
of points, they’re just a little bit different
and a little bit rarer. (gentle music) This is a game called what’s wrong with this picture, the first person to buzz in and tell me what’s wrong with
this image will get the point. Flip it over. (tense music) What is wrong with this image? Yes Becca? – Um actually, it’s a Russian mind game. – Uh no that is– – Ooh, is it made in the US? – Nope, that’s not what
we’re looking for here. – Okay so look on the bottom left. – I’m looking.
– You see this like U-shaped piece, that’s not a Tetris piece. – Oh interesting, no, that is original to the box art but it is interesting that there are some pieces
there that don’t look very Tetrisy. – Um actually, this spire is from The Little Mermaid for
sure it’s the penis spire. – It’s the penis spire.
– On the VHS cover, yeah. – Actually wasn’t on the NES? – Uh no, no incorrect. – We’re really bad at answering all of your questions today. – You’re all going to hate
this so lets go ahead, let’s see what it’s supposed to look like. Oink! – I hate it, I hate it!
– Do it again, do it again. – Ah, the R’s backwards! – [Host] The R is
backwards, it’s the Russian ja symbol instead of an
R in the original Tetris. – That’s the true Soviet mind-game. – It’s like Cyrillic or something. – It’s Cyrillic, yeah, they
use the Cyrillic symbols. – Oh great, cool – Which actually that sound says ja, it’s not an R, that
would actually read more like Tet-jaaa-is, but to give it more of a Soviet flair, more
of a Russian flair they used what looks to us like a backwards R. Not the forward.
– It’s ’cause I first played it on Game Boy and– – Yeah that’s one of my thoughts– – In later editions they do spell it out but this is how they
depict the game Tetris. – Well Tengen can go Tet-yes (laughing) – Well sorry to say no one got that one– – I’m proud just to be here.
– Same here. – I’m glad I know what a ja is now. (laughing)
– Learning something today. – That’s it for this
preview of Um, Actually but wait, there’s more, in fact, a whole 66% of this episode. To watch it go to and start your free trial today. And since we’re all about
being correct here I should point out that it’s not actually 66% it’s 66.6666666666666666666666666666. This is a game called
fictionary so what I’m gonna do is give you the name
of a monster from folklore or mythology or somewhere
and it’ll be up to you to draw it to the best of your ability. I won’t be judging the
drawing on how good it is, I’ll just be looking for
a couple of key features that will define the monsters. – You will laugh at how bad
when you see how I draw.

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