The Game Changers | Official Trailer

The Game Changers | Official Trailer

The one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger! I ate a lot of meat.
They show those commercials… Steak, that’s what a man eats. …selling that idea that
real men eat meat. Serious man food. But you gotta understand,
that’s marketing. That’s not based on reality. I’ve been teaching fighting techniques to
government agencies for more than 15 years. Then, I got injured. Unable to teach for at least six months,
I spent more than 1,000 hours studying science on
recovery and nutrition, and stumbled across a study
about the Roman gladiators. The gladiators were predominantly
vegetarian. How could the original professional fighters
be so powerful eating only plants? When I made the switch to a plant-based diet,
I qualified for my third Olympic team, I broke two American records. I was like, man, I should have
done this a long while ago. When I went plant-based,
I wasn’t sure if I was gonna survive. And I actually became like a machine. One of the biggest misconceptions in
sports nutrition is that we have to have animal protein to perform at a high level.
That’s just not true. Sometimes you have to do things that you
know your competitors aren’t doing. Today’s blood and yesterday’s blood. Damn. I think this is going to wake
a lot of people up. I was recovering better,
and not getting as sore. This was our best season
in the last 15 years and we had 14 guys
on plant-based diets. We all wanna feel great, have more energy. Cholesterol was 276, today 169. Whoa! Now you’re talking. Most guys my age
can’t keep up with their grandchildren, my grandchildren can’t keep up with me. It’s not one set of dietary guidelines for
improving your performance as an athlete, another one for reversing heart disease,
reversing diabetes— it’s the same for all of them. Someone asked me, “How could you get as
strong as an ox without eating any meat?” And my answer was,
“Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?”

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  1. Its funny all these vegan athletes have to take steroids to even compete with normal people. Every athlete vegans use as an example of veganism turn out to be steroid users.

  2. Arnie swears by plant based diets for success….. And the truck loads of steroids he used during his time at the top

  3. Another example of propaganda, which designed to shit in people's heads, by telling them only one side of "the truth"(without proofs ofc only "argumentum ad verecundiam") , which fit in their beliefs. As always, LUL

  4. Fuck this movie!! You think you can change your mind on everything and everyone has to chamge with you? NO! LET IT BE FUCKING WAR!!!

  5. EVERYONE needs to switch to a plants-only diet. Maybe this film will be the trigger that finally makes it happen. For the animals, for Earth, and for our health.

  6. Just looked at the finding from the Medical University of Vienna and they only looked at 22 gladiators from the Roman town of Ephesus. The study revealed that 20 of these gladiators were mostly (key word here), on plant based diets. Two of the twenty, were on high animal protein diets. This study is very flawed and to now take this and make it gospel is silly.

  7. Iv never seen an ox eat meat but I have seen the drugs they pump into the cattle. Which funny enough is the same drugs most strength athletes take…… Let's not pretend that diet is the main factor in getting huge and super strong and healing faster. I'm not against the drugs, where I am everyone legally takes them. You can eat meat or not, inject enough testosterone, trenbolone and growth hormone and you will grow and heal fast. Meat or no meat. Like Arnold said, it's all about marketing and the "healthy" vegan/veggy industry is making a killing off people right now.

  8. I want to see this documentary, simply to learn the science behind the theory or fact.
    Some animals are designed to eat meat whilst others need plants. Oxen eat plants.
    I am not an Oxen!!!
    The question is; can Humans surpass their performance and general health on a plant based diet, as opposed to diet Including animal fats or proteins.
    I follow a strict Vegan diet for more than half the year, and I have noticed that there still isn't enough "plant only" based food
    In the supermarkets when your on the go.
    It's improving, but I think that, what is available, is just not nutritious enough, and requires time and preparation, which I simply don't have.

  9. Gladiators were slaves. Slaves get the rest. Of course vegetables cause meat was expensive.
    And nobody knows the gladiator-Zeitgeist. I mean today official Bolt, Phelps or Ronnie Coleman don't ''eat Meat." OK got me. Ronnie Coleman official eat meat.

  10. When have you ever seen Arnold Swartzenager involved in anything that is not driven by special interests and the agendas controlling the world?

    After nearly 40 years as a nutritionist and trying everything from vegetarian to macrobiotic to vegan, to organic plant, grains, beans, legumes and animal protein diets I realized the vegan, vegetarian, low fat, high grain agenda is intended for depopulation, just like all of our food pyramids and low fat-high-carb trends.

    I'm desperate to regain my health and my intense research shows only a low carb, high animal fat diet, like keto or carnivore, offers hope – not just for me but for anyone suffering with autoimmune diseases, alzheimers, cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

    I can't tell you how many overweight (and normal weight) vegans I've seen killing themselves with "healthy" whole grains, legumes, beans, breads, pasta, with a lack of proper protein, minerals and animal fats…. So sad really. Dont fall for this folks.

    Consider this – you might feel better when you first go vegan but in time you'll see your health decline. It should not be vegan vs the SAD diet (Standard American Diet which will also kill you, but a little quicker) it's about what diet will actually counter-effect the toxins they've thrown at us the last 50+ years? Why do you think we're not living as long as our parents and grandparents generation? It's part of a global plan that includes depopulation but with added sickness and disease benefits for the pharmaceutical and medical industries until we finally die.

    Veganism is intended as a diversion (one that will still kill you) for those intelligent enough to seek an alternative to the SAD diet.

    We are an amazing species with an innate ability to adapt toward survival. Industry, medical and financial agendas have purposely polluted our air (chemtrails), our municipal water (fluoride which serves no purpose for human consumption other than to reduce IQ and cause disease, including cancer) our soil and irrigation water (uncontrolled use of glphosate and organophosphates), our food (GMO's), our livestock (CAFO's), uncontrolled mutant viruses and bacteria due to uncontrolled use of antibiotics (mostly in CAFO's) and this only names a handful of the toxins we've thrown at us while the rich gets richer making and selling chemicals that lead to disease.

    The ketogenic diet has been studied cradle-to-grave beginning in the 1950's and the DOD studied it to eliminate seizures in divers. It not only protects the brain, it does not allow cancer to grow. There does not appear to be a down side. But the new vegan-keto, which is attempting to hijack the full ketogenic diet which includes animal fat and protein, has absolutely no studies or science to back it up it, so beware of just another unhealthy trend pushed on those enlightened enough to know they need something else.

    And now that I've seen Arnold Swartzenager pushing veganism I really know I'm on the right track with meat/fat, lol!!

  11. Everytime a person who is ripped and vegan comes up as a topic everybody be saying its steroids because you apperantly can't get muscular without meat 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  12. Ox is strong, but slow and easily manipulated (stupid), while every reasonable fighter is aiming to be like a lion. I have nothing against the vegans, but I will rather stay a predator, than turn into a prey.

  13. Für alle Deutschen: Auf unserem Kanal findet ihr einfache, vegane Rezepte ohne Öl! 💪🏽😃💚

  14. I’m on a vegan 🌱 diet going into plant based this movie is perfect for me ! I’m definitely going to see it in theaters soon !

  15. propaganda….when i was 15 i was told by a blood test that my chloesterol was 295 whatever that means, went on a stupid medication for a week and havent taken prescribed meds since. since then i have done very dirty drugs, been morbidly obese, competed in major american sports at a decently high level diagnosed with oa, today i have changed to mostly raw plant based with just soft leafy greens and mostly berry fruits, with some animal meats, everything very miimally processed, no drugs or alcohol i am 5'8" at 135lb from 250lbs 15 years ago. still have a fritter every once in awhile, like two a year, dont label myself with a diet, ill run circles in most sports around most people my age or younger, and can run up a hill faster than you. what am i missing. shocker eating a balanced clean diet is good, this docu. may make you feel good but its output that is more important than input, and that goes for all the diet of life not just eating food, thank you for the video-

  16. predominantly followed by eating only plants, pay attention people…..the golden calf of control is right in front of you and i suggest taking a left or right to find out whats really best for you, you, you, you-

  17. were not ox its just a comparison, and id rather be a cheetah, cougar, or something like that. ox can move in one direction with great power good for them, i can in several different directions and ways for my size-

  18. Just be sure to have at least some meat. It is good for in other ways plants can't provide. if your like me just buy it from a farm where the animal's have great living conditions, or hunt for them

  19. Is this just a massive publicity stunt to cut worldwide meat consumption? And by proxy be more environmentally friendly?

  20. I'm vegan for 10 years and feel/look good. No need to buy special powders or supliments, just eat fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and grains. Drink water.

  21. I have had the pleasure of watching this movie and it is one of the most informative things I have ever watched in my life. It is amazing!!!

  22. I had to go and get a steak sandwich when I saw 1 at 0:09 then watched the rest of the trailer while enjoying the steak sandwich.😂.
    Vegan/plant based or not vegan/plant based. Enjoy. Each to their own.

  23. Human is by nature an omnivore and have never been a herbivore, at least in the successful societies that we have inherited. Vegetables have an important place in our diet, but carnivores are at the top of the food chain for a reason.

  24. This movie is so needed! What a powerful argument, hitting concepts of masculinity right on the nose, exposing them as manipulative marketing techniques at their core.

  25. “For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

    “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”
    Albert Schweitzer

  26. Wtf ever… They outlaw cows, I'll just start eating liberals. They can't fight back. Survival of the fittest. Humans are animals too, i haven't forgotten, have you???

  27. What they forget to mention is that not all gladiators had a plant based diet. The study found that 2 of gladiators were mainly meat eaters with little to no plants. Plus some evidence of minor meat consumption was found in those that were mainly plant based diets

  28. Ich würde das so gerne verstehen.. klar worum es geht ist auch ohne Englisch Kenntnisse klar .. weiß jemand ob der vielleicht mal mit deutschen Untertitel kommt ? 😊 lg an alle

  29. The roman gladiators were slaves! They werent powerful. They didn't eat meat because they were not given meats. Ask Lebron how his vegan diet went?

  30. Lol this seems biased, Like how meat industry is. Most professional body builders eat meat….and alot of it just very lean meat(chicken/fish/etc), accompanied with alot of veg.

  31. Is it possible that there is a non-extreme solution? Eating 90% plant-based but still be able to have a good piece of meat once a week/month?

    Edit: If Yes, I am happy for suggestions/tipps etc. 🙂

  32. Propaganda from Agenda 21. Some facts for ya. Over generations, vegetarian cultures suffer from lower and lower I q. Think the lower caste in India. Why do you think the priests of the Temples, worldwide asked for sheep, doves, chickens etc as offerings ? The priests ate meat. Medieval Knights were, by Law, proscribed to eat Meat at least 3 times a week in order to maintain strength and health. Jews maintain chicken soup a cure when I'll. PROTEIN, in all forms repairs and builds our bodies. Fact. The same Agenda 21 human Depopulation Plan is telling propaganda stories that cow and pig farts are causing (fake ) global warming. It is a Lie. Designed to make humanity weak and more susceptible to illness and disease. Fact. AGENDA 21 HUMAN DEPOULATION OLAN…DONT BE A VICTIM.

  33. Have you ever seen a Lion eating KALE? Yes, just as asinine as saying have you ever seen an Ox eating meat. Clearly it has absolutely ZERO relevance and is certainly not proof of how Humans should or shouldn't eat. But it's the kind of statement you see people making on a regular basis to try and sway the minds of other people. Very few people can assess things objectively, as most people live their lives based on emotion. Emotion doesn't like facts.

  34. Arnold talking about that animal protein isn't important at all , but in his blueprint he was talking on how he was eating big stakes everyday and drinking tons of protein shakes all the time even during education in university. After everything he had achieved with proteins , now he says different. NOW THATS WHAT CALLED MARKETING!!

  35. thank god animals aren't this fucking confused about what to eat, else our whole eco-system would've been completely out of whack. :/

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