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  1. Who in the hell is going to gamble on a fucking treadmill ? And who cares if they do ? Lucky online gambling is legal in Australia, in all forms. That Iowa Republican is a hard on for banning things. I thought America was all about personal freedom and liberty. I thought those are the hallmarks of the Republicans ?

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  3. its a best sport i entertainment
    its challenging your skills and knowledge and is fun.its fun to create your iwn group play with friends.Its awesome and can be fun.its not gambling.I LOVE FANDUEL.

  4. i am adict gambler but when i bet
    i use sportinteraction.or bet365. but FANDUEL its difrent.
    its not gambling.its like tournaments in group's.friends.
    i live fantasy sports
    i like fanduel

  5. if you think of it i dont understand why people make this sound bad its not like these people are selling drugs and if you technically think of it gambling is everywhere in the world the moment you put money into a business to make more money that is gambling, the moment you invest money into shares that is gambling,the moment you put money into a investment property that is gambling so technically speaking the definition of gambling should be anything you put your money into to make more money

  6. I know lots of people think it's gambling and it kind of is but I have another twist on it instead of standing by saying it's entertainment. It's more like a chess competition where you put in a fee to play and if you win you win money. It's a strategy game that does require research but it also has a little luck involved. It's more like competing in a strategic brain game where they are booby traps (like injuries) or sudden advantages (like when an opponent is hurt) or if your guy just happens to have a really good game. On a side note I think online gambling should be legal. If it's legal in a couple states it should be legal everywhere. I don't think companies should ever be blamed for people over doing it because there are millions more people who either don't do it at all or do it in moderation. If someone can't control themselves that is their own problem.

  7. tell people who lost money in the stock market, that stocks aint gambling. gambling addict is bullshit. is a guy driving his car everyday ;a driving addict? some people watch porn are they addicts? the government sells lottery tickets are the users addicts? if you watch tv everday aren't you an addict? an addict is someone who dont have self control.. if the government wants to stop the most harmful addictions. just tell them , if you cant see your abs .your to fat, your addicted to food.that addiction kills people. .as far as gambling,%75 of marriages end in devorce.. they gambled it would last forever

  8. Wow! This practice is wrong on so many levels. Organized gambling (or whatever you want to call it) seems to me a very foolish endeavor indeed. It's one thing to play poker on wednesday nights with your buddies, none of whom are any good and nobody is ever in danger of losing their rent money. But gambling addicts seem to ignore tha fact that the law of averages will make you the big loser in the long run. And who has more "long run" than an addict? This is proven by the very fact that organized gambling exists at all. There's big money to be made. That's bad enough, but when team owners begin investing in these companies, there seems to me a very clear conflict of interest. So I predict this will never, ever do anything good for professional sports. It only opens the door to corruption where it was fairly closed before. I GOTE NO!

  9. This seems like a waste of time on the American Government's part. They could use the funds poured into trying to stop or regulate this and feed the poor.

  10. They should take the man-power devoted to protecting Americans from the big bad sportsbooks, and use it against pedos and human traffickers… oh ya I guess that's not easy money though.

  11. An truly immature nation. Most countries manage legal gambling without any significant issues. It is not the role (or right) of govt to save people from themselves or decide how people spend their money. Legalise and regulate. Track all transactions digitally to spot patterns in match fixing and catch those who try to manipulate betting markets. Athletes cannot bet on their own sports & their betting accounts have to be lodged with federal oversight investigators so they are regularly checked. The gambling industry sets aside money for helping addicts. This is how it works in multiple nations & it works fine.

  12. why dont u guy do a documentary on how the lottery is gambling and how it should be illegal…ffs its taking all the money from the poor and gambling addicts.

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  14. nice documentary , Fantasy sports is a contest, needs to invest , its not scam .

  15. ♨신규★첫3+1◐5+2◇이벤▦

  16. This is why all professional sports are fixed. We are the only country in the world that does not investigate sports fixing, tampering, and bribery in the industry.

  17. They try to say it's a crime to distort people's view. It's not a crime they just want people to invest in their financial markets, so they try to take away money going into gambling. Someone thinking the Dallas Cowboys are going to win the super bowl and whose willing to put their money where their mouth is is not a crime. Basically they're saying an opinion is a crime. cops suck. Someone spending time in jail for their sports perspective is ridiculous. anyone who agrees that sports betting is a crime is a forced-fed bland idiot with no sense of economics (study of decision-making). Gambling is perspective-centric & harmless, there's no difference in someone believing that Facebook's common stock will increase 3% and close at $158 than someone using mathematics & probability to predict that Matt Ryan will excel against a high blitz defense. It's their decision to use their capital in an advantageous situation with their scarce resource of money.

  18. So, I'm wondering what would happen if gambling became totally legal and unregulated in the U.S.? Does anyone believe that would lead to the total failure of U.S. civilization and government?

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  21. 20:45 the government claims betting is a "racket". Well, everything is a crime ring to the government until they can tax it then suddenly the activity is legal. Governments remain the biggest crime ring of them all.

  22. I always thought that fantasy sports were for guys that had tiny penises and couldn't jerk off or get laid. Hmmm, I don't know. I still think there is some validity to it…

  23. "Nobody told me there would be more winners than losers"… are you serious? How does winning in a competition work in his mind?

  24. when is FRONTLINE on? What day of the week? I've seen some of the shows on youtube and it is exciting! WHY can't they release these videos on vudu for high def streaming?

  25. I love how the government always wants to tell us what we can and can't do, let's end stock trading too then, that's definitely gambling as well, if the government can't fully control our money, they want to put an end to it, greed is a b!#[email protected]

  26. How dumb can you be to say it's not gambling…they act like betting on games don't take research. You big online sports gamblers do just as much if not more research than these fantasy players.

  27. People have sugar addictions also so what should we start policing what people spending their money on food and over spending their monthly budget

  28. People have sugar addictions also so what should we start policing what people spending their money on food and over spending their monthly budget

  29. Anyone notice how after a contest the winning team always makes perfect sense, yep should have played those guys. It can be gambling, but the people who put in the time make money, so it is gambling to the lazy.

  30. basically if the US govt can't Tax it then they want to shut it down, well the internet and VPN's are changing the game and they can't make laws for other countries so i don't see any way they can stop it in reality, sure they could prosecute the US citizens for using it but there is no revenue in that and they can't touch a company that is not a US company and clearly says they do not take bets from the usa, if customers using VPN's and other ways to get around it then the overseas based company is not at fault and has no control over the actions of their customers and with crypto's looking here to stay this is only going to get much bigger problem for tax revenue for the us govt.

  31. I started with Sports Cash System 3 weeks ago with just $80. I never bet on sports before . Now I got to a $2330 bankroll and everything is going smoothly. To be honest it's too good to be true… See their site: TheSportsCash. Com

  32. Betting without having right source is gambling, but if you are betting on something that is secured than betting becomes business. Germans are the biggest match fixers in the world, luckily couple weeks ago i had an opportunity to meet a guy from their organization, he`s working on skype and if you get in touch with him, You can add him on skype, “moneymaker2270“ but only problem is that he doesn't work with everyone… so good luck

  33. We want more regulations and permission by the goobement. We know what's best for you!
    We be the elites from the nanny state.

  34. If you guys think fantasy is bad try viewing Rocket League crate opening and allow that to open your eyes. Dollar slot machines for 10 year olds.

  35. Now why in the flying fuck would a fantasy sports site tell you, we have more losers than winners. What a stupid mother fucker in that interview

  36. This whole video was so paternalistic it was mind numbing. The government prints lottery tickets. They just put something like this on tv and force your mind into a comatose state of learned helplessness through sheer monotonous repetition.

  37. well what you do is news right ? are you informing people , are you sure or are you approaching th story the most sensationalist way to attract the main stream ignorant public calling knowledge and earn a living with your knowledge, gambling ? I wish you people stop that way of gaining notoriety , if you refuse to do it the correct way just dont do it at all ! Its funny how you people dont pick with trading on financial markets in that way , why is that ?

  38. All Pokie machine or coin slots are rigged against any punters … All Internet gaming sites are rigged against any punters too … No regulations can ever police that ….

  39. I've personally seen it destroy three peoples lives, and families lives… One is my uncle who was at one time a multi millionaire who has lost everything and has scammed my grandmother, family, friends, and coworkers out of MILLION'S over his lifetime, he even scammed IBM for over a hundred thousand in the 90s and had to do 8yrs in prison for it!! All sports gambling! He's now a broke suicidal 64yro bum, never a wife or kids living alone in a shithole still addicted to gambling today… The other two I grew up with from high school, one committed suicide after years of lies and scamming putting family n friends out of thousands, even stealing from his own parents business making it go under causing them to loose everything… My other high school friend has lost an amazing life within the past ten or so years, great job, two houses, his wife and kids, has just lost everything, and now he is currently on the run from the FBI after scamming people out of almost a hundred thousand dollars on eBay, stealing and selling his roommates guns, and stole his roommates credit cards, savings, and identity, all from the one person who took him in helping him when nobody else would, because of gambling… All of them were mainly sports gamblers… Its worst than being a drug addict, at least with drugs the person gets some kind of satisfaction euphoric feeling, and if really bad at most can only use a couple hundred dollars or so in hard drugs a day with everyone who knows them knowing they're an obvious addict and trying to intervene and help them or at least know to protect their finances from them…. Gambling is more addicting than drugs no amount is ever enough you JUST CANT get enough, and can easily loose thousands upon thousands a day or week at any time any where 24/7! Usually a gambling addict is a moderately educated semi successful person with money and the means to gamble at first, having access to large quantities of money or even trusted with other peoples money… The gambling addict is NEVER suspected until its WAY to late, scamming and lying to ANYONE borrowing money off and on for periods of time without people having a clue… two hundred bucks is decent to spend for any hardcore druggy, but to to a gambling addict a couple hundred bucks is only like 20 or 30 dollars to them, its just a tease its NOTHING to them the way they are, just on a totally different level…

  40. Meanwhile our Federal gov’t has selectively chosen not to enforce their law declaring marijuana illegal against those states who’ve legalized it under their respective state law.

  41. This really opens my eyes to all the various things in our society that ARE gambling!
    Bryce Morrow, the college kid who treats it like a business, his explanation of why he thinks it's skill made me put a bunch of stop orders on my stock portfolio.
    I've known it's gambling for years, but something like this reminds me to take the possibility of losing more than I can afford off the table!
    I hope daily sports can be made illegal, then the commercials will be illegal, and that will help people with gambling addictions.

  42. 10:00 joe namath gave the correct answer in 3 seconds, everyone else looked around like "oh shit he told the truth, what do we do now? Are we getting fired?" 😂 when they asked that kid if it was gambling, he only meant no as in the way he does it because he knows too many dumb people lose to analytics.

  43. The U.S. needs to pull our heads out of our asses by legalizing and regulating online gambling instead of pushing it to a black market. We prove time and time again that prohibition doesn't prevent our citizens from finding the vices that they seek, it only makes it more dangerous for them.

  44. Amazing how the lottery, which is unbeatable, has terrible odds, and is outright thievery, is allowed with impunity, yet a game like online poker which is beatable with skill, is "legally" banned.

  45. The thing I don't understand is how could you bet on something that's online that you don't know if it's on the up-and-up don't you think they would rip you off and do rip you off because they can?

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