In this Scary Tuesday, we are gonna get a
bit mystic and playful, and we are gonna tell you about the Elevator Game. A ritual of a korean origin that takes you
to an unknown dimension to contact spirits. If you are the kind of person that has always
felt like exploring other dimensions, this is your challenge. You only need to go through a simple procedure
to move to a different world, completely dark and spooky. The requirements you need to meet this game
are quite simple, specially if you live in a city – when you live in the countryside,
it gets a bit more difficult. The thing is, you need to be inside a building
with an elevator, at least 10 floors high. It’s important that you are alone in the
elevator, and it’s better if you try it when there is not many people passing by,
so you don’t have neighbors calling the elevator – if this happens, you have yo start
over again! If you are brave enough to play, we recommend
that you grab some paper and a pencil to make notes – the steps you need to go through are
a bit confusing. The first thing you gotta do to try and get
to the other dimension is get on the elevator on the first floor. Then, you have to press the button for the
4th floor. Once the elevator gets there, you have to
press the button for the second floor and so go back down. When you are on the second floor, you have
to press the button for the 6th floor, you have to wait, and then when you get to the
6th floor you press the 2nd floor button again. Once there, you have to press the button for
the 10th floor. And when you reach the 10th floor… press
the button for the 5th floor. Right when we reach the 5th floor, a mysterious
woman can get on the elevator and try to draw our attention. According to the rules of the game, we have
to ignore her, completely. She is an spirit trying to disorientate the
player and take him to a terrible dimension. Now, you have to press floor number 1. If at that point, the elevator decides to
take you to the 10th floor, get ready – that means you’ve done it all right. When the doors of the 10th floor open, you
can either get off the elevator or stay inside. If you chose to get out of it and the woman
had gone in on the 5th floor, she’s gonna ask you – which floor are you going to? Don’t answer. Don’t look at her. You’ll know you made it to the Other World
thanks to a sign, and only one sign: the only person there will be you. You’ll be in the same building, but in a
different dimension. Not all dimensions are the same, you can make
it to a peaceful one but also to a very dangerous one. All the lights will be off, and the only thing
you’ll be able to see through the windows is a red cross in the distance. Some people say electronic devices such as
cell phones or cameras dont work in the Other World, some others say they do. It’s not really clear. In order to go back to the right dimension,
if you stay inside the elevator, the only thing you have to do is press the button for
the first floor. If it doesn’t work, keep pressing until
it does work. When the elevator reaches the 1st floor, you
have to leave as soon as the doors open. No looking back, no talking. If you chose to gett off the elevator on the
10th floor, you have to repeat exactly the same process again, from that same elevator. Only that, instead of taking you to the 10th
floor, the elevator will leave you on the 1st floor. Seems simple, huh? The only bad thing is if you get tired of
exploring, or if you happen to be in danger and need to run away, as we have just told
you you need to take the same steps again, that means, starting from the 1st floor. So you have to go down the stairs of the other
dimension, down the stairs 10 floors. Sounds more complicated now, doesnt it? Those who have played this ritual game recommend
not doing it under any circumstances – fears take control of you, as a consequence you
start getting lost and the fear of not being able to go back to your dimension gets really
intense. It’s important to stay focused. If you remember Elisa Lam’s video, one of
the hypothesis behind her weird behavior and her disappearance was that she was trying
to take part in this game. What do you think? Would you dare to go to a different dimension? Are you gonna try?

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