The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr — Necromancer Developer Deep Dive

100 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr — Necromancer Developer Deep Dive

  1. If you have the mage skeleton active and go into a build up area with neutral npc will you gain bounties?

  2. Started playing this yesterday morning, chose a nord dragonknight and yeah I’m happy with this game, it had a rocky start so I avoided it but now with the exception of a weird mic related audio issue I’m loving it, so much to do and enjoy, the ability system works smoothly 👍🏻 I’d say give it a go if you been thinking about it! ESO plus is pretty good as well for the bottomless crafting bag! Essential if you are a classic Tamriel hoarder 😂👍🏻

  3. I posted this on the board as well but you need to look into the bounty system. You will get a bounty even when you are not in a town. I have gotten bounties in several quest hubs, they are not towns, there are no guards. I used my abilities, the NPC's attacked me, and I got a bounty. That shouldn't happen, we should only, only, only get a bounty when we are in a town with guards. That should be the defining factor, the presence of guards. Otherwise you're going to end up with a class that is going to be too expensive and too much of a pain in the ass to bother playing if we can get attacked by the NPC's and get huge bounties pretty much everywhere not just in towns. So this needs to be looked at ASAP.

  4. "didn't want a swiss army knife class" ….but the warden already exists and can literlly play all 3 roles if built properly

  5. Will it have a skill that does 5280 spell and skill resistance? Of course it will all classes in ESO are Identical it is only the graphic effect that is different. ESO made one set of skills and just copy paste rinse repeat for all classes and make it look different but it is not. I cannot believe he said we wanted a class that stands on it's own…lol That would require the idiots to do some real work. Oh and of course you don't have and undead army, how the hell would they take the same skills that every class has and make that work? Show me the DPS line of the necro and I will match each of the skills up to the DPS line on my Dragonknight and the skills will do the EXACT same DPS!!! the numbers will match perfectly and if the number is deferent then the amount of time will be equal to the same percentage so in the end it IS the same skill.

  6. As long as it isn't like diablo 3…… now modded skyrim necromancy… that's necromancy.
    Able to raise everything you kill. And not for 10 fucking seconds.
    An actual… fucking… army.. VERY hard to balance something like that, but true necromancy is anazing.

  7. I know this is still kinda early but I think the crossbow would be great . Maybe put in like a dawnguard DLC . That would be really cool .just having a new weapon and new skills with it

  8. Pumped for the Necro .. but no one gonna point out that Necromancy wasnt outlawed yet ? At least not when eso takes place …..

  9. Why would a necromancer based on Elder Scrolls lore have an ability that summons a magical scythe? That's a bit of real-world Western iconography about the "Grim Reaper", it makes no sense in-universe. Generic Western tombstones popping out of the ground is also pretty naff.

    And while I'm complaining: the interesting thing about necromancy in the Elder Scrolls universe is that it generally isn't illegal, in contrast to your typical fantasy setting. It's perfectly respectable and tied in with the religion in some places (Morrowind) and socially stigmatized but legal in others (Cyrodiil). Making necromancy in towns a crime may add "class identity", but it also ignores interesting lore in favour of a generic trope.

  10. What does this mean, to combine magic? Magic plus magic is still magic. This is why M’aiq sticks to simpler things; like a knife. Knives are good for cutting, Magic is not. Knives are good for throwing, magic is not. M’aiq is confused. Now go away.

  11. Will we be able to buy this chapter with crowns in game bc I'm not sure I want to pay real money for it… I'm not one of those Necro FanBoys…

  12. Idk I saw barely anyone resurrections so not a necromancer. Sorry but seems like another let down so I won't be buying till I see more summoning of corpses to fight for you in the skills.

  13. ESO is dull. We asked for combat pets and important fixes. These clowns only focus on crown crates and real-world cash items.

  14. You already got my money. I use to be a big WoW fan but since the company started treating its employees and such I no longer play. I also find it boring as hell and like ESO 10x better

  15. This class and the warden class are pay to win, stop giving these devs a free pass just cos this game isn’t popular enough for stuff like this to be covered.

  16. I know this is a Skyrim vIdEO butttttttt fallout 1 and 2 should be on mobile cuz it seems to be a mobile game

  17. What about those main quest where you have to fight enemies in town. For example the quests in Daggerfal with all those blood thorn assassins in the streets? Gonna get a bounty using your combat skills doing those quests?

  18. Man the rep grind to unlock this is gonna suck, oh wait nvm wrong MMO.

    Take Notes WoW/Blizzard, this is how you do an expansion.

  19. Developer: "Hey! Whoa! Cool animations and skills!"
    Me: "OH nice, what are my end game build choices?"
    Developer: "Dual wield stam DPS…"
    Me: "…"

  20. How about next add – MONK?
    From Elsweyr i waiting Monk, because in Lore Khajiits bring in Nirn – The art of hand-to-hand combat.

  21. Wish we had class changes, I really want to play this class. But theres no way I'm losing all my quest progress and story progression. RIP me.

  22. Too bad pvp is dead in this game. The 30 day standard is always empty and its been 3 months since I seen a player in the imperial sewers

  23. I thought You could summon bone dragons. But now it is a sort of giant that comes out of the ground. Disappointment 😤

  24. Im actually kinda upset id rather have a multiplayer skyrim. Not a half ass what can we throw out there but make it good enough so people dont get pissy.

  25. That’s cool and all, but can it perform necromancy on Game of Thrones Season 8?

    Honestly, it’s great to see that the devs are excited for the release and are motivated by the hype around it, since they are releasing a product that they are proud of. I just wish other entities cough hbo cough would at least try and take more time with their major projects rather than trying to justify their characters dying to, essentially, lazy writing.

  26. Nobody will play if you get bounties in towns. That will Nerfed very quickly I bet. Example in Cyrodill you'll be fending a keep from attack, cast spells and your own guards ask you to pay a fine.

  27. I love everything about the game, besides the classes. The combat has been the only thing that were lacking in ESO, but that never stopped me from exploring the world and the quests the game has to offer. What it did stop me from was getting invested in to my character and "end game".
    The necromancer class seems amazing, and I believe it has a unique skill set that could get me invested. Super excited!

  28. How people are gonna react since they asked for this since Beta and it took you so damn long to do something you knew people would like. You should be ashamed of yourselves

  29. How is the Necromancer going to fit in when most of the Quest lines are helping towns and Villages from the evil dead, They want our help but will arrest us on sight ? How is this going to work?

  30. I really can't help but feel they dropped the ball a little bit with this class. As a necromancer i want to raise a Lich King, have at least a zombie pet that throws up bile in a cone formation that poisons and slows or the zombie morph could be it charges and blows up leaving a massive AoE of bile. You could have skeletons, similar to the mage and archer currently where once cast they give you and the party weapon damage and or spell power or increase physical bleeds…..have wraiths that steal life and give to the caster or party…….so many possibilities.
    The colossus ultimate just feels…..meh. like the enjoyment of unwrapping your favourite chocolate bar only to find the chocolate was stale.
    The only real skill i like is the Scythe. Looking forward to cutting some weeds with that bad boy

  31. When are you going to have a Cleric class?! They should make it so the Cleric is the only class that can raise someone from the dead, if you die you must wait at least 24 hours before you can respawn without a Cleric! It would make dying a little more feared 🙂

  32. I think they need a perma skeleton pet, like one who wields a sword doesn't do much damage but still there. 16s life span for the necros pets seems really short went you have the bear always there for the warden or the pets for the summining mage.

  33. Basically they're saying "We watched a lot of Game of Thrones, saw a lot of Diablo's Necromancer and decided, let's do that!!"

  34. As someone who dove heavily into the Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild stuff on my Nightblade, I'm well accustomed to having what I consider to be class skills not being strictly legal. I gotta say, were it not for my Sorcerer being the character I play with my brother then my thieving, murdering Nightblade would easily be my favorite character for the role playing aspects alone.

    That said, I simply adore how certain Necromancer abilities will make the ignorant commoners scream for mommy… er, the guards. Even with NPCs out in the wilds, them simply existing will make me be careful of how I go about doing things. In my mind, that'll make the times when I can go all out with my entire arsenal all the sweeter!

    Besides, who wouldn't love the delicious irony of a Worm Cultist who was sacrificed to Molag Bal turning into the instrument of his downfall?

  35. I'm seriously underwhelmed, sorry to say… the "Tether to corpse"-visuals look horrible(!), the Ultimate looks boring, throwing the skull, again, visually looks horrible… TESO renders, for the most part, such beautiful scenery, and then the skills look like cheap-ass cartoon animations.

    And what's this about the Necro not being able to have perma-summons?
    The Mage can, and the Necro in TES lore can as well — so why not the Necro in TESO?

  36. Diablo 2 necromancer skeles lasted forever and even healed themselves, What is this trash?…. OOOOOO 10 second skeletons to attack with…

  37. So i have to pay to play as a class with random skills named as "necromancer". Scorcerer class is more necromancer than this

  38. The bounty thing is a weird but really cool choice. I've been stubborn about sticking to my mageblade but I might have a new main.

  39. "They got tired of two decades of zombies, better jump to the very next step, the super-unique Necromancer!" -Blizz, Crate, Bethesda, etc."


    "We didn't want to make a swiss army knife, so we gave it a DPS, a Healer, and a Tank spec"


  40. No summoner 🙁 Lamest necromancer ever. Glad i can't afford to play this game anymore. This game was promising , but i've hated everything they've done after the initial release.

  41. My expectation from the necro class was to have a pet skill line. I would have preferred a skeletal warrior pet and with an ultimate to turn into a lich. What we got is a lesser necromancer. At least the warden has the bear. The only skill from the necro class that calls my attention is the ultimate to instantly resurrect players.

  42. No fucking summons to run around with? Lore friendly?
    Guess I’m not coming back to this crap.

    Es6 it is.

  43. Noob, just brought elsweyr. Why wont it let me play as the necromancer???? When i pick to click on it it says (chapter) next to it???

  44. Honestly wtf. You literally went into detail about how much you looked into the lore of a necromancer in the lore but ended up with just another aoe damage ability. Ffs.

  45. Finally!
    You know, some of the greatest heroes from fantasy were Necromancers! Consider: Aragorn, son of Arathorn? He raised an Undead Army against the forces of Mordor, during the Battle of Minas Tirith.
    Alduin himself, was a Necromancer, raising dragons from their tombs.

  46. Unlock the Necromancer for all players or make it purchasable in crown store I don't care about your season of the dragon pve filler content.

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