100 thoughts on “The Death of Video Game Box Art

  1. 2019 and developers are selling $60 games in a plastic box and then releasing steelbox series at a higher price!
    Atleast for Ps5, get rid of these Plastic boxes and do something more creative if not steelbook at $60 price.

  2. Does anyone else reverse the games cover jacket if there’s an alternate cover on the other side? I think neir automata and the last guardian had this

  3. I bought MGSV for a friend, but it was the full version (Phantom Pain + Ground Zero) with all the DLC and shit; it had some pretty sweet cover art.

  4. My favorite surprise was the alternate red cover for BioShock infinite. I remember opening it in the car and switching that dogass original cover to the beautiful hand drawn one that fuckin stylized and shit and being so hyped to play once I got home

  5. Funny because Eastern art and western art have the same differences as well. I think it has to do with christianity vs. confuscianism. View of the society vs. ones self. Japanese, or even most asian countries have a way stronger view of their impact on society while americans think about how society affects them.

  6. Can I get some love for Dead Islands Cover?
    Like the one wirh the Infected on his knees.
    Not the garbage face close up one.

  7. Box art has progressively gotten worse. The end. Don't watch all 10 mins he just wants higher ad revenue what a fucking cunt

  8. I know kingdom hearts is kinda the case of the bad box art, I personally think its unique and it just was awesome

  9. The last cover art I liked was Nier automata that is the only game I wanted in physical in this generation (it also has a boring cover art), Death stranding and Cyberpunk 2077 are the games with more hype for me but they have a fucking boring cover art and I don't want those games in physical.

  10. I usually like the Japanese art, but the pissed off Kirby looks nice, it’s an interesting contrast to the character appearance

  11. There should be like video game series, with beautiful box art. But somewhere in the game, implement said box art at a satisfying point (not like a logo at the end of the game before credits) and make that ‘holy shit, thats the box art!’. I think it would make the player more involved with the story and feel the emotions the characters are going through instead of what the video already stated with the ‘dumb fuck cgi characters’.

  12. I totally agree with this video, but one note: MGSV:TPP's box art was the same across all regions… except the definitive experience. That had different box art across the world, one of my favorites actually implying that the game was all in Venom's head, which is a major theme of the game.

  13. I didn’t know the US had different box art I mean in the Middle East we get the same one as in Europe, I mean what the hell is the heavy rain box art why did they just photoshop the characters in the background they just look awkward and out of place

  14. I understand your video but at least dont show Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 boxart because it is amazing for many people. even hardened/steelbook version TO this day is being sold and looks awsome

  15. The dark souls 1 us box art is actually very interesting it’s artorias walking the abyss that’s why his shield is in the other hand he was left handed and the spirts are his men

  16. I avoided the game ico since I was in grade school (6th semester of college now) just to now realize what the main factor was, I hated the american box art so much.

  17. I remember being 13 and staring at the left for dead 2 box for hours, and reading the little booklet in it repeatedly until my parents let me install it on the pc. It was friggin magical.

  18. I am so angry about not only the US getting a bad MGS4 cover, but the MGS5 cover not respecting the franchise, and just being boring and generic. And I’m so unbelievably angry at the Final Fantasy beautiful cover art trend being dropped

  19. Would Mario kart8 deluxe be a good cover. It has the main character but there's so much color and tells how I would think the game might be.

  20. Think I read somewhere that the public at large responds better to the people in stuff than the artistry or uniqueness of it. And if they look angry then it shows how edgy it is, and people love edgy, especially with a gun.

  21. What's weird is that in New Zealand we got a mix of all these different versions. US Dark Souls and Europe Heavy Rain

  22. I love watching these videos. If I ever am developing a game I'll make sure dat box art looking fly with a cinematic drawing of gameplay.

  23. I quite like the modern Zelda ones. Sure, Link is there being angry (most of the time) with the Master Sword, but they at least have what you'll be doing on it. Twilight Princess, you'll turn into a wolf; BotW, the new open world; A Link Between Worlds, you'll be turning into paintings etc. I like these ones.

  24. my favourite is how half life 2 has the closeup on freeman even though the game never once shows his face or hears his voice

  25. Can we get some appreciation for kingdom hearts box art? Yeah it’s full of characters, but it looks goddamn beautiful

  26. I had never seen the U.S. cover for heavy rain

    But I do live in Australia so I guess that makes sense but honestly I like the one we got

  27. Death of paper manuals? Can't remember the last video game I bought that had anything besides the disc on the inside..

  28. You won’t see this comment but uhhhhh what’s your personal opinion borderlands 3 box art? Best box art of past like 5 years for sure

  29. I'd like to add that box art is still awesome and very important. When I'm on Steam and I see a sick looking cover art for a game I instantly click on that shit. It's not very common to come across, but specially small and indie developers sometimes make some very creative, beautiful or intriguing art for their games

  30. I'll tell you what's cool; reversible cover art (although personally I never bother to flip it). I just got Nier Automata: Game of the Yorha, and the reversible cover is insanely awesome. Makes me wonder why they don't just use the clearly better alternative art in the first place. It's like they're embarrassed by it. Also, Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + has awesome exclusive cover art. An example of boring cover art I hate is nu- God of War. I can't stand to look at it. But once again, open the game case and inside there is beautiful, gorgeous reversible cover art. So take heart everyone, at least these game companies know that modern cover art is ugly bland generic garbage, and are offering a fix.

  31. just so you know when you mentioned the Final Fantasy VII through XIII-2 box arts, the UK got the same ones as the Japanese releases, we had that awesome logo on the white background too

    i miss those although the alternate box art for FFXV Royal Edition is gorgeous

  32. Jake you made a mistake the Japanese mgs1 box art is wrong the real one is like the American but sideways and there is integral of course which is also different

  33. RDR2s box art is pretty overlooked IMO. I feel like it subverts the box art cliches, initially looking like some generic guy with a gun, but on a second glance, you notice the rest of the gang, which is the main focus of the game. It perfectly compliments the game itself, as the game initially looks like some generic open world third-person shooter with a cowboy skin, but it's actually about the gang and their relationships with one another. I could be overthinking things, but that's how I interpret it

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