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Dear viewers welcome back to another episode of GTA Geographic Today we’re looking into another GTA online reality the bad sports Lobby but just before we dive into this I’d like to kindly request you ring a ting-a-ling your tiny brass Bell and softly, but resolutely call for Charles Ask him to cut down the 300 year old oak tree in your vineyard Have him prepare a nice warm fire and of course a cold gin and tonic Now that you’re all settled in it’s time for an adventure We stand in paleto Bay on the edge of the world Like Christopher Columbus before us we gaze upon the endless waters of GTA online and wonder what lies beyond What is beyond the very edge of the horizon and? So we set sail Our crew is going on the adventure of their lives with much excitement and sea shanties we sail, I’m Currently in my quarters enjoying a fine bourbon as our camera crew struggles to keep our fine vessel afloat Dear viewer allow me to tell you a tale a tale of sorrow of grief and of the darkness out there Once upon a time a poor man was found on the very shores. We are departing from he was unable to speak unable to move and all that could be seen was fear in his eyes a Medical team quickly took him to hospital, but unfortunately he passed away shortly thereafter it Was said he died of the most severe case of post traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD ever known to humanity His body was buried at the Los Santos Cemetery Together with the only belongings he had with him the cryptic letter which read Far up north where oceans meet the sky venture forth on a quest to find the land that shouldn’t have been But stays until the darkness is no more This letter along with a silly paper hat which said dunce was all he had So yes dear viewer this Is what we’re looking for the lands up north. I rest for I feel the journey will be far The next day I’m awoken by our editor Stuart land, ahoy. He yells and in the distance There are fields we quickly set sail The air feels heavy, it’s very hard to breathe. It’s clearly noon, but it’s still dark outside We have arrived Dear viewer the ancient lands of the bad spots allow me Ever since the days of old the bad sports lobby has been out there an Alternate reality, which the ordinary player cannot travel to the gods rock star implemented this reality for the absolute bottom feeder in our GTA online society It is truly the hell of GTA online The places once crowded are abandoned the streets are empty, and all you hear are whispers through the streets Be very quiet, and you might hear the voices of the Fallen Are you a mother a Wide variety of creatures are banished the hells of the bad sport sloppy Squeakers modders and most commonly of all the trihard can be found here banished for different reasons some spend an eternity here, how sad Here we see our trihard from the GTA online free room session left alone in the darkness He appears tough, but in reality our trihard is frightened by its surroundings after the hero killed the trihard he went on a rampage destroying over 700 personal vehicles in just 15 minutes and Here he is deserted in a wasteland of scum The Triad is at a crossroads He realizes his lifestyle has spiraled him into the madness of the bad sports lobby, then he hears a noise in the distance the try-hard witnesses a terrifying scene A try-hard couple hunting down a poor and innocent noob The noob is cornered and a trihard love couple who have closer But what is this our trihard is moving to save the noob? Oh? My what will happen? The try-hard has slain the couple But it was too late another light fades in the GT online bad sports lobby But oh my what is this? The Triad is it’s changing It looks like our tryhard has became the hero it all makes sense now the circle is completed When a try-hard is banished to the hell of the bad sports lobby. It’s given a choice a choice to better his ways too instead of slaying everything in his path To instead save humanity from the try-hard brethren as one light fades another one starts lighting in the darkness We head back to our ship What an adventure? Dear viewers. I hope you will never have to witness the madness that befell upon us in the bad sports Lobby Please stay safe by the fire and stay on the right path Thank you for watching dear viewers before we end today’s episode and before we settled into the comments by the fire a special Thank you to the sponsors of the TV channel Welcome dizzy cheetah whole train yo halfs Captain Crunch and Gladius and of course Thank you, all of the old sponsors You were always more than welcome fridge in and tonic in the GTA geographic TV studios now it’s time for comments by the fire our first comment for this episode comes from Dixon cider 43 who said a noob stepped into one of my mansions What shall I do you must be gentle and not make any sudden moves or you may startle the noob and frighten him off Try offering him a small sum of money and softly caress his face, and you may have secured a loyal companion for life Our next comment is from Bruce who responded to Alfred Pennyworth from the last episode’s comments by the fire and said Alfred you are mistaken I missed nothing I let it slide as this is such a great show you sir, Bruce are a kind-hearted person Personally I would have horsewhipped my Butler if I were to have caught him watching a documentary Without my consent our third comment comes from Sergeant skydiver who asked? My Butler refused to go anywhere near the like button what appropriate action should I take? Disciplining a butler is down to the buckets owner Personally I find 20 lashes of a bamboo cane to the knuckles works wonders next we have a comment from Ryan button burg who asked I noticed the cameraman John was born and died in 2018 does this mean you have children working for you Yes, Ryan, we have child laborers But our officers are out of the country so we are not breaking any local laws by having unpaid child laborers on the show finally We have crab bisque us who said you said you hit him in the left eyeball But the knife hit him in the right eyeball I think you are being terribly misleading and proving GTA geographic to be a deplorable source of information to you sir I say I drank one too many gin and tonics before voicing the episode it was an honest mistake though It is a sign of a finally made gin and tonic and that’s it for this episode’s comments by the fire Please remember to leave your comments in the section below to have a chance of having your comments read out on the show you can also submit tweets by the fire – at Sunny F and Evans And we will also be starting a new segment named clips by the fire you can submit clips of the species you have found around los santos – sonny on twitter and We will look at the creatures in depth and showcase our favorites Please be sure that your clips are no longer than 30 seconds in length before you submit a clip Thank you for watching Please remember to stroke the like’ button And tickle the bell below to be kept informed of new episodes and share the episode with your friends Be safe on your travels and take care dear viewers

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