Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 234

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about the
brand new Siege mode that has just been launched in the game. We’ll also be having
a look at Ultra Skins, and reviewing the program
for the festive season. Hello tankers. It’s been a crazy
first week for the WAR. During the first couple of days, the Elves and the Snowman
left Santa in the dust. “We were right, the old man’s
too old to keep up,” they laughed. Old man didn’t like that. Not one bit. So he shaped up his forces, whipped
the opposition into the ground, and buried them in reindeer poop,
taking a clear lead in the WAR. Let’s hear the latest developments
from our field correspondent. Santa’s faction didn’t just take the lead, they’ve practically
WRECKED their opposition, and are almost eight times
ahead of their closest pursuers. Even combined, snowmen and elves only have around one
third as many points as Santa’s faction. Santas have conquered most of the territories
and began attacking both rival capitals. At the same time,
instead of joining forces, the elves and snowmen started
attacking each other’s capitals. As a result, the elves slightly stabilized their situation,
recapturing the territory close to their capital, and also advancing into Santa’s territory. But the heat is on for the snowmen, as they see their territory shrink
like a block of ice in the blazing sun. They still have control over their capital, but have lost almost all
of the surrounding territories. If they don’t do something fast,
all that’s gonna be left of Snowman, will be a muddy puddle. And Santa and the Elves
will be quick to mop it up! But a lot can happen in a week. Will the Snowman’s forces recover? Will Santa run out of breath? Will the Elves reach the top shelf
where Santa hides his cookie stash? Follow the news to stay updated! At this point,
anything could happen. The true, undisputed winners
will emerge on December 25th. On the same day,
we’ll be having a livestream where a lucky tanker from each of
the three factions will win a smartphone. We’ll give you the full
details closer to the date. For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about increasing
the number of modifications. And of course, you’ve been
wondering when it’s gonna happen. Well, great news! The plan is to release the
new modifications next week. Here’s a quick review of the facts. The total number of modifications
goes up from four to seven. The overall price of upgrading from
vanilla to maximum remains roughly the same. The increased number of modifications
makes the transition between ranks smoother, because the availability of
gear is distributed better. For a more in-depth explanation,
check out episode 228 of the V-LOG. The link is in the description. We’ve also been talking
about the new Siege mode. In case you missed the news,
this mode is already in the game. Siege is similar to Control Point, but instead of trying to capture
multiple points across the map, only one point will be active at a time. So, big pileups! Once a point is captured, it is turned off,
and a new, random point is activated. The team that captures more points
by the end of the match, wins. Remember the re-designed Viking and
Thunder Prime we launched some time ago? Next up, railgun and hornet,
with rail being first on the list. This line of re-designed
skins is called Ultra. Now here’s the thing. If you used to have the viking or
thunder prime PRIOR to the re-design, they were automatically
replaced with the updated skins, featuring a higher polygon count, better
textures, transparencies and animations. But because of that, your original Viking and Thunder Prime
were no longer in your garage, which sucks for collectors. So we’ve decided to make
the re-designed Viking and Thunder INDEPENDENT from the original Prime skins. Now, they will become part
of the Ultra range of skins. And if you owned the
original Viking and Thunder Prime, you’ll get them back in your garage! Additionally, the original Prime versions will continue to drop randomly from Containers, so you have every chance
of completing your collection. As for Railgun Ultra, for the time being,
it will be a shop-exclusive, so you can only get it from there. This will also apply to all
upcoming Ultra skins. So, to clarify, Ulta skins will
NOT drop from containers. The festive season has kicked off in Tanki. Twenty days of fun, starting with different discounts
every day till December 30th. Make sure you log in every day so you
don’t miss any of the amazing deals. By the way, the final two days of discounts
are for upgrades and speedups. Boost that sweet,
new equipment at half price. It should come in handy during
those hectic Siege battles. Throughout the festivities, we’ll also be having some special events
featuring solo Juggernaut and Deathmatch, as well as double funds and
increased gold drop rates. That’s a buffet a tanker will enjoy,
so get ready to pig out! Last episode, we asked you to share with us —and vote—
for your favorite community-made Tanki videos. You have NOT disappointed. Let’s have a quick look
at your top 5 favorites. First, Ghost Animator creates a… ehm… weird, Tanki-themed motivational tribute. Next, Jay gives us a compilation of
his best Madness map moments. Another Tanki-tribute
by Ghost Animator. An emotional conversation
we can all relate to. And while we’re on the topic
of “Best Videos”, watch this compilation of Shibe’s favorites. To conclude, Taspens gives us this handy
guide of Pro versus Noob players. So, which one are you? 2019 has been a feast of
updates and new features. Now, we’d like to hear
your opinion about them. Which update do you think brought the
most valuable contribution to the game? Was it the reworking of Drone mechanics? Was it the re-designed
Viking and Thunder Skins? Or maybe something else? Tell us in the comments below this video,
vote for your favorite replies, and we’ll have a look at them
together in an upcoming episode. eSports news! The twelfth Clan Championship
is closing in on its final stage. The last few fights of the group stage
will take place on December 24th, giving us the names of the four clans
vying for the title of Clan Champions. All of the matches will be
broadcast on our esports channel. Watch these decisive battles today,
tomorrow and on Monday, and join in the excitement! The link to the channel is in the description. By the way, we’ve prepared something VERY interesting
for you at the end of the tournament.. But… you’ll need to wait
till next week to find out. Cheeky, I know. But seriously, keep your eyes open. You don’t wanna miss it. And that’s all for today. There are only three things left to do: Like, subscribe, and hit that bell to make sure you don’t
miss the last VLOG of this year. See you in a week, Bye! Last time, you had to guess who
would get the critical damage. The correct answer is,
tank number 2 Here are our winners. And here’s the new question. Who will remain on its tracks?
A, B, C: Both, D: None

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