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How Four Friends Made Untitled Goose Game by Accident

What in the world is Untitled Goose Game? Where did it come from? Who made such a bizarre game, and how did it explode in popularity seemingly overnight? If you’ve been following Untitled Goose Game’s development for a while, it might not surprise you that such a charming title has gained such widespread acclaim so […]

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I Bought EVERY Console at GameStop…

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and we just bought every console from GameStop. And it only cost us… (crinkling receipt) $1,283. (cash register dings) Dude, what do they pack these things with? So shall we begin with the oldest, which was our DSi, and it cost us 49.99. I didn’t realize it was going […]

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The Rarest of Games – Scott The Woz

Hey all, Scott here, and DAMMIT! I own Sonic Jam! It’s a pretty rare game, but I don’t to be known as the guy who owned Sonic Jam when I’m dead. If you tell somebody you collect video games, you are most definitely going to get the question, “what’s the rarest game you own?” Come […]

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