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PAPERS, PLEASE – The Short Film (2018) 4K SUBS

Glory to Arstotzka, inspector. Glory to Arstotzka, officer. Elisa will come. What time? I can’t say exactly. Whatever happens, it must be today. Do you understand? Anyway, I’m in your debt. Well, good luck! Work hard for the benefit of our country, inspector! You too, officer… Next. Your papers, please. What’s the purpose of your […]

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Oats Studios – Volume 1 – Rakka

[♪♪♪]We were once mankind.We were humanity.And now…We’re no more than pests.Vermin.They came here to exterminate us.They took our history and culture.They covered our landworks in dying humanity.The wail of the dying carried for miles.They’re building some kind of breeding facilityfor those that survive.People that have defected say it’s worse than Hell,humans becoming some kind of […]

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