Super Mario Waffle Iron from GameStop! | These WAFFLES ARE AMAZING! (2020)

Oh a mushroom waffle very delicious Oh
Mamma Mia I think I will have a bite (chomp chomp) Jayce: Hey Mario! Mario: What? Jayce: But we just made it. Mario: Oh you do a very nice job with this a waffle. It looks a very good. Jayce: Bye Bye Mario: But a wait. I haven’t had a bite of this waffle I need a bite of this waffle (Okay) Here I go mama mia (chomp chomp) Jayce: Wow big Mario! Mama Mia! Look at me I’m so Big! It’s delicious so what do you say Jayce
is that a good waffle or what Jayce: But we made 1 and 2. Mario: But this one was a really good cause it made me really big mama mia!!!! (Jayce laughs) Hi Youtube! We have a big surprise! A big surprise! I think you’re going to like this one. We’re gonna make a mushroom! We have a very cool mystery box! Let’s open it! Alright let’s see Jayce Wow!!!!! Our big surprise is in here. What do we got? A Yoshi egg! (No that ain’t it) It’s Pikachu! (Pikachu? No that ain’t it) And we got a turtle shell! No that ain’t it And we got Toad! (A Toad? No that ain’t it) (Laughing) And we’ve got a star! It’s a bob-omb! A bob-omb? AHHHH!!!!!!! (explosion) It’s not real! (Dad laughs) I think the final thing is in here.. What do you think it is? Let’s see! Bring it out! It’s a super mario waffle iron!!!! booom! How cool is this guys? It’s a Mario waffle maker!!! Look, see this? This is a mushroom. But is it a toad or a mushroom? Can you lift the lid up? It goes like this Very cool. Look! We have the stuff inside. You spray inside so it doesn’t stick. (yup!) And you have to close it gently. Watch… WATCH! Good job! Hey guys! Check out over here. We made my snowman at my school Oh is that your snowman? Pretty cool! So should we make it? Alright, let’s make a waffle! OK!!!!! First dude, we have to make the waffle batter. Are you ready? Look over here! Look at yours That’s going to be like our bellies. Only ours will be full of waffles Alright dude. Let’s make some waffle batter! (OK!) Can you bring all the ingredients over here? I sure can! So for our waffle batter, we’re just using the standard Bisquick recipe that’s on the back of the box. That’s 2 cups of mix. 1 and 1/3rd cups of milk. 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil And one egg. I also like to use some maple extract. Because it makes the waffle taste a little more mapley It tastes really good. You should try it out. Mmm that smells good! Wow it’s dropping!

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