Super Heroes vs Game Heroes

Super Heroes vs Game Heroes

[Music] [Music] well hey guys what you got there kid no no you find anything like with something wiki that’s cuz wiki’s are obsolete or jhana what is this what the tesseract how can that be it’s from another commission there’s another dimension well then we should put it somewhere safe no I’ve got a better idea three hell in the hands of mortals the tesseract will only cause great harm you must return it to us at once I’m no mortal the tesseract is ours so be it and we fight this is too easy bring it ya later kill Hitler after this one [Music] [Music] fools Ketchum oh they’re with me buddy [Music] [Music] see what do I do become pleasant but by this fight you gotta you gotta save the world I already did [Music] nope hey thanks for watching the video the guys from buff dudes and vsauce3 were awesome to work with and you should definitely check out their channels also this video is made possible by our patrons if you like our work consider supporting us on patreon and help us make even more epic videos [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Super Heroes vs Game Heroes

  1. Me: cheering with Alyx
    Alyx: dies in the second scene

  2. I really wish they got someone near 7ft for Master Chief. But that would be a long casting call and learning the choreography.

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