Squared Circle Box August 2019   Wrestling Subscription Mystery Box Review

Squared Circle Box August 2019 Wrestling Subscription Mystery Box Review

hey squirt sickle box time
hey guys we host supersorrell thank you very much children look what I got
it’s the squared circle box box for wrestling fans this month I’m hoping
we’ve got an AW stuff in here with a UWB in the biggest thing on them in the UK
in the u.s. right now let’s let’s hope to me II W much but it is the August box
for circle for squared circle box which is a monthly wrestling subscription
based in the UK and covers all forms of wrestling from WWE to TNA to WCW right
through to Japan wrestling and everything else in between in the UK
wrestling scene so it’s a good box let’s see what we’ve got this month let’s
break it open I say by aew because I’m excited for Sunday
IEW remember open the box another aew event and ITV and only streaming in this
time except the ITV box office I’m definitely gonna be watching the cheap
we don’t know straight away huh I said about aw and guess what we’ve got an AE
W pin that’s nice PM Evan p.m. the pin off to the back
stops it’s a shame that pin back as a pink the last aew event was amazing the
thing between Cody Rhodes and dusty was amazing Cody and Goldust and the dad dusty would
have been very proud of that fight that matter was amazing I’m thinking about
straight after that it’s gonna be this is gonna be one I’m gonna be wearing
this today just because it’s a double in this weekend that’s sick I really like it
so a II do believe World Championship is based on the belt which is really cool
yeah awesome okay next up is the t-shirt it didn’t ever be a teacher in these
boxers t-shirts give you about between 10 to 20 pounds of while you sometimes
so they’re usually the good deal when they won the good items in the box you
can always guarantee a good shirt let’s see who’s on the show though I
might need my heg back with this because there’s gonna be someone I don’t
recognize okay so this is gonna be jacked sex myth do something you love so
much it hurts to say goodbye so this is the back of the shirt this is the back
of the shirt sexually frivolous boy something do something you love so much
it’s a good buy so we’ve got that on the back Jack Sexsmith but on the front it
just has that little pink logo which just says the same thing I don’t know I
think I would have just preferred the shirt like that I think that’s a pretty
cool share with just a little logo on it the big logo on the backs of it yeah
well yeah easy Mike size you can never go wrong when you find shirts when
you’re my size hard to find clothes in chunky-monkey
says but yeah thank you very much for the air for the new ship so that’s and
celebrate the career of Jack sex myth by sporting his retirement shirt so he’s
not restaurant familiar with might be from the UK see us and weather and next
item in the box is a can cooler I love these this is a profit to be
doubling the merchandising and it’s the Viper Randy Orton is one
those can cozy things and suppose that I wait you are a Florida and plays like
that wait it’s really humid you BA get worn really fast
however if you put it inside one of these stops you’re drinking warm from
the Sun diving suit material keeps it nice and cold for longer it’s got a
Viper on there yeah I put that away from my trip to Florida makes you know he’s
used ten coolers in Florida next up we’ve got some autographs and so this is
sugar Duncan get down with the flavor this box rocks stay flat as a sugar
Duncan said assignment one that’s pretty cool we’ve got another autograph here as
well this is Marty scroll exclusive signed out work from the villain
Enterprise leader like that cool that’s like a cartoon artwork as well pretty
sick see that’s nice yeah exclusive sign that work from villain and surprise
leader Marty scroll I know how would y’all just go for like that but yeah all
I’m value to the box and then the final item of the box this month nice is a
copy of SSM and all the wrestling and fighting spirit magazine is the ladies
the ladies never issue of the popular wrestling publication and gives us all
the information we want on from w ee and all the wrestling and everything else in
between so if you’re a wrestling fan it’s a magazine you’re gonna wanna have
a flick through let’s have a look what we got it’s got some stuff in here about
Brock Lesnar and Louie Dewie advertisement from rowdy Piper’s new DVD
and they’ve got a bunch of stuff are all the different wrestling
company’s independent scenes a lot of stuff about the new aw all the wrestling
fight for the fallen you’ve all the 10th anniversary show Impact Wrestling
Slammiversary Ring of Honor’s best in the world so all the big events are
coming up and then it’s got video of all which takes us through like the truth
about Alexa blessing gives you a URL to the video if you want to go watch it Faye Jackson that so yeah it’s just a
nice error these magnets this nice I thought this was really like one of them
little cheap magazines you sometimes get that just kind of like make you one like
give you a little taster and then make you go by the full thing now this is a
full-fledged magazine there’s even a nice little spot with stone cold at the
back where you know no matter that’s cool box so yes we’ve got the magazine
which is a proper you know full magazine as well it probably has a good retail
value what it yeah for forty five if you buy it on the shops that’s a good fiber
in value right there we’ve got two signs autographs an ADW pin which with a UW be
as popular is right now quite a good thing to have the can cozy they easily
go for about six seven pounds and then it’s sure
like I said shirts always give you a good 10 20 miles of value so decent box
its mom guys I really appreciate you sending in that for review and so thank
you to the people at Square Circle box if you want to grab yours guys I’ll
leave a link in the description don’t forget to use my discount code as well
which I believe is super ten and however it will be in the link below in the
description please do check them out and if you do grab a box make sure you tell
them that supersorrell send ya yes guys that was a squared circle box I hope you
enjoyed this review coming up this weekend they do have some new stuff for
review in fact I allow keep a secret right here I’m a box buy me a lot of
stuff so stay tuned guys also still cooler this week ending you’re not gonna
want to miss thank you very much watching as always I’m your host
supersorrell I’ll see you in the next video may the force be with you

7 thoughts on “Squared Circle Box August 2019 Wrestling Subscription Mystery Box Review

  1. Aww man. That was the final issue of FSM (says it on the front) I got my picture in there with miz and morrison many years ago. There's some great stuff in there for the hardcore wrestling fan.

    I'm also looking forward to aew on Sunday 🙂

    Great video man!!

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