Sports Analogies – feat. Scott Michael Foster & Vincent Rodriguez III – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Look, you and I are very different. But really, we speak the same language. We do? Yeah, we do. (music starts) Shadoodababadadooda We’re down for the count
It’s down to the wire We can’t drop the ball
We gotta aim a little higher ‘Cause when we’re on the ropes And it’s our turn at bat We gotta throw a Hail Mary Gotta go to the mat Sports analogies
Sports analogies We found the common ground
In all men’s personalities We talk a big game
That’s how we relate It’s the easiest way for men to
Communicate Hike! Shabababadabadoodow It’s par for the course When you’re in the home stretch To swing for the fences With a full court press We’re on the one yard line Inches to go So you’ll pitch and I’ll catch ‘Cause it’s our lead to blow Let’s use more
Sports analogies Sports analogies They help men cope with life’s Harsh realities Let’s spew more clichés ‘Til we run out the clock Just keep your eye on the ball The puck And my shuttlecock Hey! Let’s get these shots, come on. Ready come on here, 1 2 3 here we go Ready? Come on!
We can do it we can do it Sometimes when we watch sports we get sad And we make it seem like we’re sad about the sports But we’re not really crying about the game at all Who really cares about a game of basketball? We’re sad about our dads We couldn’t talk to our dads Unless we used Sports analogies
Sports analogies Men feel safe with these empty generalities Let’s go for the gold And then we’ll hit the lockers We’re American men we like all sports except for soccer ‘Cause soccer’s just a bunch of foreigners running around Yeah! What’d you think, Dad? Come on! Please? Yes!

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