Spider-Man Announcements from This Week in Marvel @ NYCC!

Spider-Man Announcements from This Week in Marvel @ NYCC!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey everybody I’m Ryan. And I’m Lorraine. And we just got out of the
This Week in Marvel panel. And boy, oh boy, was
there some excitement. It is a Spider-Man
spectacular. And we had some really cool
people on there with us. Nick Lowe, who’s editor of
so many Spider-Man titles. And we have Frank
Tieri, who just today was announced that he’s
writing a whole bunch of Ravencroft books. So he talked about those. Yeah, and then we had
Seanan Maguire, who is writing Ghost-Spider currently. As well as Leah Williams, who
is the writer of Amazing Mary Jane, the first ever
solo series for Mary Jane Watson, which I am
personally super stoked about. Yeah and three, we
had breaking news. You were able to fwee fwee fwee. Fwee fwee fwee. And we had the breaking news
there of a brand new title, Marvel’s Spider-Man
Black Cat Strikes. Yeah. If you guys like Marvel’s
Spider-Man for PS4, this title might
just be for you. It will definitely
be for them. It might just be
if they’re cool. You’re all cool. You’re watching this. It is going to be really cool. It takes you and
gives you more story in the universe of
Marvel’s Spider-Man, exclusively for Playstation 4. That was really fun. Yeah, it was super fun. And there were some really
cool things, I think, that got revealed
during that panel. Mary Jane Watson is
going to be going west, and she’s going to be talking
with her bf, Peter Parker. She’s also going
to be pursuing some interesting acting
endeavors with some super interesting people. Yeah. For Ghost-Spider, we learned
about the two jackals that Gwen will
have to deal with. But kind of, they’ll have
to deal with each other. Yeah that was really neat. Yeah, because Ghost-Spider
is going to be swinging between Earth 616, which is the
main Marvel universe, and Earth 65 which
is her original universe in the Spider-Verse. Yeah. Frank Tieri talked
about Ravencroft, which for some people
may be a new thing in the Marvel Universe. But we actually learned
the Ravencroft has history going back hundreds of years. It’s so cool, and it’s going to
be a really creepy, weird, dark book in the Marvel universe. And I think Frank’s
perfect for writing this. He can get
psychological, he can get weird and get dirty and scary. It’s going to be good. Yeah, and plus
it’s going to really look at interesting decades. We going to have the 1600s,
the 1800s, and the 1900s. So it’s going to be really cool
to see how he dives into those. All the 100s. All the 100s. And speaking of the 100s,
we talked about a ton of one shots that are coming to 2099. As it turns out, we’re having
Marvel’s 80th anniversary. We kicked off in 1939. And 80 years from this year is– – What?
– 2099. 2099.
Ryan. Oh, yeah. Math, y’all. Yeah, didn’t get
you on that one. Yeah, we talked about a
lot of stuff with 2099. We have one shots and
an alpha and omega and really cool things
happening with that. Oh, my god, there’s so many
people out here right now. You guys, we also
made a lot of our fans give us their best J.
Jonah Jameson impressions. Oh man, and there were
some real cute kids just really giving it their all. It was such a delight for us. We always love getting
to talk to the people who love Marvel because it
is truly your universe. Yeah. I think that’s a perfect note. That’s all from Lorraine
and I here on the floor of the New York Comic Con. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. 0:36 Not true. "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" was the 1st ever Mary jane Stand alone series. it was all in her persecutive and she drove the story.

  2. Hello! I'm looking for the complete video of the Spiderman Panel on day 1. My son was "Hat Kid" at the end, and would love for the rest of the family to see the video if possible. Everything I can find cuts out the Q&A at the end of the panel.

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