Southeast Turkey: Children and online games

My name is Hêlîn l am in fourth year at elementary school Sometimes I play computer games I come home and play a bit Then my mother gets angry And says “Don’t play computer games, it is harmful!” “Do your homework!” When we have a picnic I play computer games with my friends If I don’t know how to play, they show me how to do it. Sometimes, my friends come to my home They come here and we play games at home, too We talk on the computer And sometimes I log into my facebook and we talk there, too But my teacher gets angry at me She wants me to do my homework instead of playing games This situation is clear from my school report I received grade 3 and 4. even 1 When I come home I immediately leave my school bag and start playing games Mahsun, my younger brother, and I fight to play first We spend most of our time on computer I sometimes get on well with my friends and sometimes not We occasionally quarrel and then make peace and reunite Hello! My name is Zeynel I am studying in the 8th class in secondary school My friends and I play football in the school yard Or we go to the football field We also go to internet-cafés as a group We log in to Facebook and play games together We play OK (a type of computer-game) We play as a group We like the photos that our friends take on summer holiday We send photos to each other We like photos We then put some comments on them During school time, we sometimes go to the internet-cafe When there is no class, we go to the internet-cafe At the cafés we play games in groups We also use social media On social media we can make new friends We talk to each other We arrange visits We send each other messages and ask our friends what they are doing “Are you OK?” “I am fine” We send photos to each other We listen to songs We listen to Kurmanji (Kurdish), Turkish and foreign songs. But in general we do listen to Kurmanji songs Our friends from Europe send us foreign music They are friends from Turkey but they listen to foreign songs In return we send them Kurmanji songs that we like It is a nice thing Just a few days ago, my computer got a virus Some obscene links and things like that My relatives and friends all received them And they were angry with me I asked for help from my friends to get rid of the virus We went to a cybercafé together to fix it They understood what was wrong with my account There was a virus My friends indeed love me and vice versa We play with taws and qelemach (local Kurdish child-games) We use the internet and Facebook And we play games

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