Snooker Aiming Technique Vs 8 Ball Pool

Snooker Aiming Technique Vs 8 Ball Pool

playing an 8 Ball Pool game on my
phone got me thinking might it be possible to use computer guidelines to
help you aim in the real world well I believe if you truly understand how to
use this hack then you can this is break from live welcome back and it’s your
first time watching one of our videos then it’s fantastic to have you here
eight pool is a mobile game for iOS and Android made by Miniclip hit the links
in the description if you want to give this a go but I must warn you although
this game has some great features like being able to play eight ball or nine
ball against millions of people across the world
the brilliant simplicity that allows anybody to be moderately good at this
game can get annoying at times most for only of all there’s no option to play
snooker on it and just like everybody else they’re not sponsoring us to make
this or any other video unfortunately but if you’re more interested in being
competitive in the real world and beating your friends on Facebook then
you cannot want to know this it’s impossible to aim like this in real life
well I can tell you if you go about this in a slightly different way not doing it
all at once but taking it step by step then it can feel like you’re lining
shots up with guidelines the vital thing here is you need to be doing the right
things at the right time and step one is really simple all you need to do is
select which shot you’re going to play I’m going to play this one and then work
out its line to the pocket in computer games this is usually the last thing to
do but in the real world you need to know this before you do anything else
and get to step 2 if you play date pool I wonder if you paid much attention to
this circle all this line what’s this showing you well it’s
actually very simply showing you where the cue ball strike the object ball and
the path it’s going to take to get there if you want to improve your IRL game
these are the most vital points to understand and get right it’s vital to
follow the line back from the pocket and work out exactly where the cue ball
would need to be to pop the ball once you understand where the circle needs to
go then you just have to draw the line straight back through this to the center
of the cue ball giving us our target on the object ball step three is very sim
in the game not so much on the snooker table because it’s just simply playing
the shot exactly how you lined it up and I’m sure this is something everybody
would like to consistently be able to get right even Karl Carberry from San
Francisco in the USA so what you have to do to be able to play a short exactly
how you aimed it well to make step three work we need to align where your cues
playing was shot to and where you’re aiming and we can do this by simply
taking the white and a collection of bulls with these there’s a very simple
way to practice playing shots absolutely full line up a shot absolutely dead
straight to a pocket it doesn’t need to be a difficult shot actually it really
helps if it’s a very simple shot then you can just try to play the shot as
straight as you can don’t worry about playing it to the center of the pocket
just try and hit it as straight as possible the best way to play these
short straight is to try and find the reflection in the cue ball you can never
see this with a camera but with your own eyes is obvious and you can actually see
it from quite a distance imagine your tip isn’t going to strike
the cue ball at all then and it’s actually going to just strike the
reflection in the red just continuously play your tip straight at the reflection
until every shot starts going exactly straight but of course we’re not just
going to be playing shots straight we’re going to be playing them at angles as
well so what you can do is this line up a red
directly behind another red making absolutely straight use chalk to mark
the first red move to a position where the first red seems to be striking
exactly half of a second red and then place the cue ball there and take the
first red away this is how you can practice half full shots simply mark
where the cue ball is with a block of chalk
meaning any shot you play from this position will be absolutely identical to
pot the red this time we have to imagine we’re playing our tip not to the center
but to the very edge this will help you understand where the edge of the ball is
as well as building up confidence which will be helpful later on when we put a
routine together that will help you line up shots with increased accuracy but of
course what happens if it’s slightly thinner you also need to practice
playing shots thin you can do it like by trying to strike the object-ball as
thin as possible but why do you need to do this but we’re gonna be using the
edge of the cue ball to line up shots that are thinner than half ball so you
need to know exactly where the edge is and if you want to know more about
lining shots up like this trial video snooker aiming system it’s in the card
right now and on the break from life channel page along with a load of other
videos that help you dominate at the game and make the commitment to becoming
a better player by subscribing to the channel just like Shahrukh Murali who
lives in Tehran Iran once you have an understanding where the tip of your cue
plays the white then you can start lining up shots with it if it were to
travel straight through the cue ball and the target cue ball it would find a
point on the red this is your target what you have to aim for if you want to
pop the ball and all you should be thinking about on the shot is playing
your tip in this direction because this will guarantee you pop the ball this
works on all shots that are thicker than half ball when you get thinner shots you
have to use the edge of the cue ball and line them up to a point on the object
ball this is why we will practising thin shots earlier to make sure we knew where
the edge of the cue ball is so here’s my seventh stage routine that will help you
implement these steps on every single shot stage one before you go to the
table you need to work out which shot you’re going to play and it’s line to
the pocket by standing directly between the object-ball on the pocket you will
see exactly where the cue ball needs to go in order to potted you can then think
about playing the white directly towards the target white giving you stage 3 the
target on the object ball just don’t worry that this will seem to over cut
almost every single shot once you have your target you’re finally ready to walk
in on a straight line between this and the cue ball stage 4 what’s the first
thing you should do when you’re down on the shot
well it’s to make sure that you’re lining the cue ball up in the center and
this seems to be playing the cue ball directly towards your target if this
doesn’t seem to be right you need to get up and try it again because stage 5 is
to stay still on the short and not change your mind forget about where the
object ball needs to go from here it’s very difficult to see if you’re gonna
play the object ball in the right direction or not so don’t try to just
simply remember your target on the object ball
just try to get the cue ball to this exact place focus on the target and
playing the tip to it if it helps because very little tiny movements on
the shot can affect it drastically I thought I was staying completely still
but look how much the doc moves but in what other way we’re moving on the shot
drastically harm your game well over time you build up an idea of what’s
gonna happen on every shot the more consistent and predictable your game is
the quicker you’ll learn new shots and the more confident you’ll be of where
the shots going to go but if you’re making small on short adjustments you
won’t be so consistent because podding a ball may rely on you moving on the shot
if you’re doing this you’re probably found you’re not improving anymore stage
six is by far the hardest to get right why because it’s watching the cue ball
onto the object ball or more precisely watching the cue ball hits your target
on the object ball this is really difficult to do even in slow motion and
that full-speed can be really tricky there are just so many distractions and
things to be worried about but if this is something you can do then this is
really gonna bring your game on stage 7 is to not ruin everything you’ve already
done by jumping up off the shot having your body move around is fairly common
even for some of the best players in the game but it makes snooker so much harder
and less predictable and just as before when we were talking about moving before
you play the shot your consistency will fall and it may leave you feeling like
you have no idea what you’re doing this is something that everybody should
be constantly checking they’re getting right and something I should definitely
be getting right is the location of where Barsky hound lives on the map and
he is in fact the second person we’ve had from New Delhi India all in all I
think eight pools are fairly decent game the last thing you want is games like
this to be over complicated and Apryl definitely isn’t that if you know what
you’re looking for it can really help you understand how to line up shops as
well as string a basic break together however I do find this a little bit of
dicta Vande you could waste so much time playing this game and it’s not just
simple for you it’s simple for everybody meaning that someone usually loses by
way of chance which can be very No however better news is Paul regal is
from Falmouth in the UK and he is there so I hope you remember the seven stages
for improving your game work out which shot you’re gonna play and where it
needs to go where the cue ball needs to go in order to pot it you can then draw
straight lines through the target cue ball and the cue ball to find your
target on the object ball you were then ready to proceed to the shot and stage
for making sure you’re lined up to the center of the cue ball and this matches
up to where your target is on the object ball Stage five is to keep your focus on
this point and assume it is right a hundred percent of the time Stage six
watch the position the cue ball strikes the object ball this is really hard to
do but you can improve your game if you can get it right and stage seven it’s
not ruin it all by jumping up off the shot if you want to find out more about
not ruining your game then try video snooker learn basic techniques quickly
or if you want to know more about side spin then try a video snooker side spin
basic how-to and remember don’t just watch play and make the commitment to
becoming a better player by subscribing to the channel see you later

42 thoughts on “Snooker Aiming Technique Vs 8 Ball Pool

  1. I’ve noticed that I’m always a little out with my aim, I’ve tried to improve for years to no avail , today I tried changing my aiming technique on the white ball to compensate for my bad cueing , much to my surprised it helped , a lot .
    My question is it easier to change my aim or my stance ?

  2. Hello I'm ilyas from casablanca morocco , My problem is dealing with pressure and my skill seems to downgrade or upgrade according to my oppenent's skill . when I am playing someone very bad that I would normally beat I just start making rookie mistakes and it always seams that all my matches are won from the last balls it's always really close. (my highest break is 46)

  3. Nice video that builds on your snooker aiming system video. Interesting to see just how oversized the tip you play with is. It looks like it is 10 or 11 mm. What is the logic behind using such a wide tip, and have you always done so, or just developed a preference for the size over time? Thanks very much

  4. If you want to play snooker on line, try "Snooker Live Pro" on facebook. It's literary the same game as the pool one you show on your video but you have the option to play snooker, and also practice by yourself.

  5. If you can read the table to clear up every time on the computer game this will translate well to playing the real game. Pick the last object ball before the black then work you way backwards through the balls so you'll have a route there. Any cannons should be played as early as possible and always aim for position on a corner pocket rather than center irrespecive of distance involved.

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    If you playing that game you should understand more insight out about this snooker game.. My former coach once told me.. To be good in this psycological game in every aspect are to put always very low expectation, human always making mistake, therefore, in snooker every action human make, will always surprise you with its result. Download the game and give it a try, and im sure you would understand what i mean later on.. 🙂

    To download just google search "isnooker game" create a guess account and give it a try for a week.. Ill bet You will be stressfull once you start to play, and you wi use every knowledge you known on the real table for sure just to play this stressfull games..

  7. I think I'm the first from Switzerland. And I live in a city called Lyss. Greetings from there =)

    ps. I love your videos. They really improved my game!

  8. Great video uploads man, I've seen about every one of these, because made a commitment to be a better player by subscribing to the channel :). About the games, I'm totally addicted to a game called Shooters Pool check a gameplay video out here its from a beta version from the time of beta testing, now it is released.I do mostly play pool but sometimes also snooker (feel free to check out the pool gameplay videos too which I've uploaded)

  9. I have a problem when playing, when i try to hit the cue ball with back spin it tends to always jump, and doesnt matter if i try to point my cue more towards the table or keep it lower, the cue ball jumps every time and i cant get good positional shots. Any tips?

  10. Pro snooker is a brilliant game to play almost very realistic and can be gotten on the App Store

    I also have an app called snooker coach on apple app it’s brilliant and educational gives detailed information how to play perform shots and execute them gives many practice routines and can log your progress with practice etc so can keep track of your progress and improvements etc it’s a very very good app and I recommend it highly try it you will not be disappointed it is fantastic and can be used AR REALITY using camera to map out the table for you and help you to play shots etc

  11. Snooker Coach 147 by Gerard McManus

  12. Pro Snooker & Pool 2018 by iWare Designs Ltd.

  13. And pro snooker and pool is brilliant by the way very realistic lots of different table design which makes game more interesting choosing spin etc power tournament mode etc practice litterally everything u can think of fantasic game all round

  14. Dat tip doe :O Seriously though, step 6 is a good one. Contact between the white and the object ball is not there, as in I am unable to recall the physical contact, as if I'm blinking or something. I'm obviously not paying full attention.

  15. Peshawar, Pakistan. Love your videos. Very informative. Although I need some guidance in aiming still. I do everything right to the best of my knowledge yet still my aim is weak. Placing is perfect, good pre-shot routine, good stance and everything else is just fine but my aim is not great. Any idea what could be the reason?

  16. International Snooker on Steam and Apple Store (original title IS2012) super realistic, way more realistic than Snooker Stars. Very few players in the multiplayer rooms though. Come on people, join us for some realistic 15-reds action!

    PS: I think it is called Pro Snooker 2018 on Apple Store.

  17. As a person who played 8 ball pool, I personally try to use a similar system for playing real pool. Although, I point my stick at the centre of the cue ball contact point, and swivel the cue with the tip as the pivot point.

  18. Love your channel. You are fantastic in making things understandable with lovely graphics. You are great. Thanks from Italy

  19. Interesting I have used a system like this since I was 6 when I first started to play. Most of my aiming is instinctive now but if I am unsure of a shot I will default find myself visualizing the line from the object ball to the pocket

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