Show and Tell: Fallout Pip-Boy Bluetooth Speaker Kit

everybody no one from the tested here
and for today’s show-and-tell got a quick little fun project earlier this
year I put together this beautiful pip-boy kit it comes from the fine folks
at the one company and when I favorite parts about this is that it was well a
kick something that you could assemble even though they do sell a preassembled
one a lot of fun putting this together or friends in the prop community also
made one builder and made one and whether his up and while the one company
has now also started putting out some accessories still in universe for the
pip-boy and the first one that’s out is what
makes a lot of sense a display stand it is manufactured by robco or vault-tec
and one of the things I love about the what the one company does is they build
everything kind of in universe so this is the kind of display stand replica
that you would find in a vault and not only does it work as a stand for the
pip-boy but also is a Bluetooth speaker and also has a microphone so you can
make phone calls on it let’s open this up and take a look at what looks like
inside and oh yes already you got some cool world building love just the way
they’re packaging things like the manual for buildings beautiful beautiful design
manual like they’re one of their co-founders is a designer by trade and
loves putting together all these wonderful graphics it comes in a couple
boxes these are all numbered so for example box
one two three four as well as I believe all the tools come with the kit and so
this is a USBC so it’s powered over a USB C cable I do have some extra tools
just in case I want to use my own but let’s break open these boxes null
everything out and get to assembling and take a look at how it looks and sounds well there you have it a super simple
build took about 35 minutes or so to put it all together really helps to know all
the parts out especially all the hardware and it is a perfect little
display for the pip-boy replica kit as well didn’t even need to use my tools
here the tiny screwdriver that comes with it as well as that allen wrench
worked perfectly to make sure I tighten everything the manual was super clear
again love the design of all this stuff I did think that they could have done a
sleigh better job with the component guides the screws in always perfectly
match up so again really helpful of you know about all the pieces you know
exactly which screws go where read all through all the instructions first
before start assembling and it has very nice Bluetooth functionality very easy
to pair with your phone or any other device it also has little microphone so
it works as a speakerphone speaker isn’t very loud but one of the nice features
that even if you’re not using it to play music you could also use the jog dial in
the back to tap into some pre-programmed sound bites from the wasteland you have
been tasked with nothing less than the rebuilding of America yeah really fun
satisfying kit I think their song it for $80 available now at the Bethesda store
and I think also be the GameStop website as well if you have
the pip-boy replica already I think this one is a no-brainer and of course
there’ll be some other upgrades as well to add FM radio as well as a flickering
light behind the display here but that’s a quick show-and-tell
I really enjoyed putting this together I hope you enjoyed it as well and we’ll
see you next time just know that vaulteq is proud of you I
am proud of you

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