Should You Buy a PS3 in 2018?

Should You Buy a PS3 in 2018?

– [JAMES] Should you buy a PlayStation 3 in 2018? The PS3 was released originally back in 2006 and since then has had a ton of games, peripherals, and even console redesigns, but should you buy one nowadays? Well that’s what we’re going to discuss in today’s video! Welcome to Stuff We Play, where I unfortunately do not have 3 PS3s, but if that’s okay with you, why not subscribe? So today we’re talking about the PlayStation 3. Everything and anything about it. A buying guide of sorts. It’s much in the same vein as my other buying guides, such as my 3DS buying guide, it’s somewhere up there. So without further ado, let’s get right into it! The PlayStation 3 was released back in 2006, and it was a strange console that could support this new format called “Blu-Ray”, ooooh! And I ultimately didn’t get one until a few years later because it was nearly $700USD in its original form! Gah, it was probably going to be more expensive originally especially with that funky looking controller that it had when it was announced, but the first model had some flaws and if I remember correctly it had some reliability issues. So they later release a redesigned Slim model. That was the version that I ultimately got. Those are supposedly more reliable though funnily enough I ended up having one’s disc drive die on me. Granted, I got the infamous Street Figther X Tekken and upon popping that game disc into my PS3 Slim, the disc drive just died immediately. I think it’s Street Fighter X Tekken’s fault for killing it. So years go by and finally the PS4 comes out and around that time they release this: the PS3 Super Slim. In this model, what’s nice is that while the earlier models had a motorized disc tray, this one doesn’t. Oooh, it has Sonic Generations in there! But yeah, this one has a spring-loaded disc tray. It’s definitely the cheapest looking PS3 but like all of them it feel very solid and well built. PS3s are pretty cheap nowadays. I bought my PS3 Super Slim, that’s the 3rd revision, back in 2016 for a whopping $90CAD. However, if you want one of the original launch model PS3s, that might run you around $150 or so and that’s for one reason: backwards compatibility. Every model of PS3, along with being able to play PS3 games off of discs and download games from the PlayStation Network, can play PlayStation 1 games off the disc. “But what about the PlayStation 2?” I hear some of you asking. The very 1st model of the PS3 had hardware emulated PS2 compatibility. The system would be able to play PS2 games because it literally had an actual PS2 shoved inside it. And after that, they took it out entirely! And you can’t play PS2 games. But if you really just want to play PS3 games, then ignore all of what I just said and get a PS3 Super Slim. I feel that especially if you get a later model PS3 you should have no issues, PSN is still live, and there’s a ton of great games for it! One of the best things about the PS3 was the games. The beautiful thing about PS3 games is that, at the making of this video, you can still buy them at your local EB Games/GAME/GameStop or whatever you local major game retail chain is and of course at any Mom and Pop game store. And they’re cheap! The most expensive PS3 game that I’ve come across that’s not a special edition, as this was the generation when special editions became huge and, yeah, I’m not getting into those, but the most expensive game that I’ve gotten in the past year was this, which is Persona 5. And why was that? Because this was a late release PS3 game. As such, I actually found my copy new. Well what games would I specifically recommend for the PS3? Well I can safely say that there’s something for everyone here. You have your shooters, of course, you have your platformers, your racers, and in fact, the main reason I originally wanted a PS3 was for Gran Turismo 5. It’s unfortunately not a game that I have anymore, but I do have Gran Turismo 6 and it’s such a great game. You can’t go wrong with Gran Turismo, especially with a force feedback steering wheel and it’s such a solid racing experience that I just can’t recommend it enough. But there are 5 more games that I have here with me to go over. Persona 5. I already brought this up. But, this game is also on PlayStation 4. In fact, it’s probably better on that system. Pretty much the plot is you’re part of a group called the Phantom Thieves living in Japan, you’re high school students, and the soundtrack is amazing. Then there’s Akiba Strip. It’s not a great game, okay. Pretty much, there are these vampire-like guys going about and the best way to kill them is you actually have to strip them. Like, there’s no nudity here, but you literally strip them down and the sunlight burns their skin up and stuff. It’s such a silly, stupid game but I bought it for a whopping $6 and you know what, at that price yeah, I’d love to go around Akihabara ripping clothes off of people to make them burn up in the sun and then to also play weird arcade games and stuff. The next game I’m going to recommend is a multiplatform game. But, it’s one that I feel obligated to mention as I’m a Sonic fanboy. That’s Sonic Generations. You can play as either Modern Sonic, playing much as he did in the daytime stages of Sonic Unleashed, or Classic Sonic, who here tries to replicate how he played in the classic games on the Sega Genesis. He’s not 1:1 but it’s very solid. The stages are all fun and based off of previous titles up to this point in the series and features bosses such as Metal Sonic or Perfect Chaos for you to fight with again. And, it’s an absolute blast. The next game I’m going to recommend is a horror game. It’s another one that’s on other system and another one that apparently has performance problems on the PS3, though I haven’t noticed a ton, and that’s Alien: Isolation. You’re playing as Amanda Ripley and you’re going through this ship. It’s been 15 years after the 1st Alien film. So, there’s an actual xenomorph that’s lurking around and what’s incredible about the xenomorph here is its adaptive AI. For example, there are vents scattered around the ship and if the AI realizes that “Oh, you aren’t hiding in the vents” or whatnot, well then it’s going to start hiding there so it can attack you. I loved this game for the entirety of my playthrough. And the final game that I’m going to mention of these recommendations is a game that’s the best Zelda game that’s not a Zelda game. That’s 3D Dot Game Heroes. It’s everything that a Zelda 4 should’ve been. Y’know, like a “Link to the Past”-style Zelda 4. Pretty much, you’re going through this medieval world that’s made up of pixel-y graphics but in 3D of course and you have a giant sword that takes up half the screen when you’re at full health! So you go through dungeons and various towns and you collect hearts and stuff like that but one of the coolest things here in 3D Dot Game Heroes, though, is you! Instead of having a static character, though there is a base character that you can use, you can actually create your own character! If you want, you can play a Zelda game essentially as a tank! It’s great. It’s fun. You’re doing yourself a disservice by not buying 3D Dot Game Heroes. So that’s cool and all but what else can you do besides games? Well let’s get into that in the next section! What can the PS3 do besides your traditional-style games? Well of course you can use like Netflix and Hulu and whatnot, and there were a variety of peripherals. There were several versions of the controller. The first one was called the “Sixaxis” but, don’t get that, get the Dualshock 3! It’s more prolific and the only difference is the original Sixaxis PS3 controller didn’t have rumble features. Along with that, there was your stuff like DDR pads RockBand instruments, but one that I’d quickly like to bring up here is this: the PlayStation Move. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar, this thing right here is essentially a Wiimote but with a glowing ball on the top. It’s compatible with the PlayStation Camera and there’s also a little wireless nunchuck-like-thing that you can use for your non-dominant hand. Not a ton of games use this. I have one, but it’s Sports Champions, which is pretty much just a more boring version of Wii Sports. I know there’s a version for the PS4 now that goes along with the PSVR and a lot of games there use it, but, but is there really any reason to use the PS3’s version of PlayStation Move? No. Now, these peripherals are great and all and a lot of you YouTubers out there may be like “Wow this is a great budget console that I could get!” Perhaps not. One issue I have had with the PlayStation 3 is its HDMI-out. Mainly, it has HDCP encoding, and unlike on the PlayStation 4, you can’t turn it off. What does that mean? Essentially, if you use the PS3’s HDMI-out with a capture card to try to capture gameplay footage from a PlayStation 3, all you’ll get is a black screen with no audio. For mine, to get around that, I had to get component cables. But, as I know some TVs nowadays don’t even have component inputs, then if you aren’t able to use component cables then maybe this isn’t great for you if you’re a YouTuber. However, something that I will bring up as well which I think is important to bring up because I know this was actually a selling point for a few people is that the PS3 can function as a Blu-Ray player. I remember that when I got mine and I found that out that it was crazy! Especially because my parents were actually wanting to get a Blu-Ray player! But then I was like “No! Mom! Dad! My PlayStation can play Blu-Rays!” Seriously, if you want a great Blu-Ray player, get… well get a PS3. Well, if you don’t own a Blu-Ray player, or a PS4, or, if you want to play 4K Blu-Rays, maybe you’re better off getting an Xbox One S, but unlike an Xbox One this actually has games for you to play on it. But anyways, before I go off snarking other consoles for a bit, do you think you should buy a PlayStation 3 in 2018? I personally think that if you have the money for one and if you want a new PlayStation console to add to your collection this is the one to get! I’ll be honest, for probably about $100 you could get a PS3 Super Slim, a controller or 2, and a few great games. And that sounds awesome! And, it’s something that is well built and will last you for years to come. So, should you buy a PS3 in 2018? If you haven’t, yeah, do it. But anyways, leave your thoughts on this console down in the comment section below but more than that, leave me your memories with the PlayStation 3 or any PlayStation console down there as well and while you’re at it, why don’t you subscribe to Stuff We Play for more great content like this. If you enjoyed this video, why not support us on Patreon, so with that, thank you very much for watching, stay classy, and I will see you… next time!

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  2. PS3 is still great with tons of quality titles. Just stay away from Dragon Age Inquisition on PS3, it's choppy and laggy as heck. Make sure you do research on a PS4 title that was ported to the PS3 before purchasing so you're not wasting money.

  3. Bought my Super Slim some time before the PS4 released. Used it until January 2018. I recently dug it up and i'm using it a ton.

  4. Yes.
    Unlike Xbox 360, the system can play blu-rays, has a far more robust online experience for the time in comparison, and has just aged really well compared to 360. Though I still like the Xbox 360, the PS3 is definitely the best game console of the generation. (Wii is a close second)

  5. I just bought one today.Best thing about it? A lot of options to play and its cheaper nowadays. I can afford ps4, but it feels like im missing something if I skip playing the games in ps3

  6. The first PS3 costed so much because its backwards compatibility was SOC (system on a chip) which mean it had the PS2 system in it. Not the same thing as emulating, which is hard to do.

  7. You have to be completely delusional to think that having a PS3 is better than having an Xbox One S. Even without exclusives, current gen has all the new games. NieR Automata, RE2, Fortnite, etc.

  8. Best playstation imo.
    I just loved how the graphics and gameplay kept evolving during the years until the very last game.
    The ps4 is great two but I think it's power was maxed up to quickly by programmers(order 1886, uncharted 4, drive club… ) and therefore I was not as amazed, surprised or wandering what's next.

  9. I still have mine's 4 7yrs and it still kick ass Ps3 still the best and I have every PlayStation consoles thumb's up 😉👍🏆

  10. i just bought a ps3 online from gamestop for $89. just to play afrosamurai and fight night because they never made any more boxing games

  11. I have the PS3 slim (not super slim) and I fucking hate it especially I'm in 2019 so apex legends and fortnite is a thing so i fucking hate my ps3

  12. My PS3 account username is MahdiRules with some numbers and the pic is a guy with white hood and I play Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

  13. What the hell dude you didn't recommend of the greatest game of the New Generation The Last of Us this game is amazing

  14. But here’s the problem if I go to eb games (GameStop) and buy a ps3 people will be looking at me and be thinking I’m to poor to get a PS4 since it’s 2019

  15. If u have a ps3 get these games bo1,bo2,sly collection,god of war collection,Borderlands 1,mw3,mw2,

  16. I have considered buying PS3 or PS4. Not sure which. I can afford both but I don't know. I have all Xbox consoles except Xbox One X. My latest console is Xbox One S. It is great. But Uncharted – games are the reason why I consider PS3. But I guess it would have to be PS4 because it has remastered versions of Uncharted – games plus the new games. I don't have 4K tv yet. I decided to let my full hd tv last as long as it does (7 years currently) and when it goes THEN I get 4K. And maybe then I get PS4 Pro.. I don't know. PS3 is cheap and has great games like Killzone HD compilation etc. Yeah. Have to think. Now I am playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey on Xbox One S. Awesome game!

  17. I sold my PS3 a couple of years ago. I still regret it and plan to fix my mistake on payday. I can't wait to dive into the fun of God of War.

  18. You didnt mention the best GTA 5 The reason why i want to upgrade my ps2 to a Ps3 .
    And i have played more than 100+ game on ps2 and never paid a dollar for them . Thanks to Free Mcboot .

  19. When I actually got a PS3, I bought a PS3 Super Slim new in the box. Been a while but it either didn't turn on at all, or gave me a YLOD right out of the box. Returned it and got a regular slim model that I still use to this day, switching between it, the PS4, and the PS2. The PS3 Ratchet and Clank games are still great to look at for me. Kind of hard to believe "A Crack in Time" was made in 2009, most of it holds up well enough to have easily been a late PS3 game rather than an early one.

  20. You mentioned in this and your PS2 video that only the launch PS3s are only backward compatible with PS2 disc based games. That's only half correct. While it's true the 20GB and 60GB PS3s did have the built-in Emotion Engine for PS2 games, one of the later 80GB PS3 versions had software emulation built in to run PS2 discs. It was the 80GB that was bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4. I should know…I bought that one. One more bit to remember, the way to tell if a PS3 is BC with PS2 discs is by looking at how many USB ports are in the front and if it had memory card readers. Simply put, if it had the memory card readers and four USB ports, it was backwards compatible, be it by hardware or software emulated. Any PS3 that had no memory card readers and two USB ports were not, and there were some 80GB versions that were like the aforementioned.

  21. I’m looking to buy a ps3 but I don’t know what version console is the best can someone help me out here because my old ps3 has got the yellow light of death if I’m wanting to buy a new one witch one is the best

    Someone help I just wanna play skate 3 HAHAHA

  22. Im a cfw user (modder) but i love my ps3… Free online playing great games and for my opinion is better than a ps4 exept the graphics and the people playing it

  23. I have a launch 60gb PAL model, got it last week, brilliant for playing PS2 games. Given the PS3 will probably die out online soon it might be a decent idea to try to get the update files off Sony’s servers for certain games eg GT5

  24. Im here having a hard day at work and this man hits me with the TENGU MAN song?! You deserve a trophy for that

  25. Im actually using the ps3 for the first time properly, im having a lot of fun with the play store tbh.
    The deals are quite fair, although being somewhat new to this I have found my hard drive too small for things like persona 😑 but the Jak trilogy for 8 bucks ff7 for 8 bucks and god of war 1/2 for 10 I cant complain.
    Also enjoying metro (even thoo some ass wipe at kotaku put a spoiler in his review first sentence in).
    All in all works well for someone wanting to 'arcade unit' the console with classics you had as a child or in general games you enjoy.
    Also, a good unit for your kids first console. Plenty of games at a good price and if downloaded cant be scratched.

  26. The only way I would buy a PS3 is if I knew it supported all of my PS2 games. I'm struggling to let go of my PS2, she's my baby. I need more proof to move on (also I had an XBox 1 and a PS4, didn't care for either) I need more reassurance that I can play all my PS2 games on a PS3

  27. I bought my slim ps3 a couple days ago at a yardsale for 30 bucks . It's cool to be able to buy and play games for super cheap now. Especially the exclusives I've missed.

  28. Right now its a great time to buy Ps1 thru ps3, games are cheap and there's tons of them. You can find these consoles 30-50 dollars.

  29. I'm buying a Ps3 un 2019 just to play exclusives that are not on Ps4, inFamous, God of War and Ni No Kuni, any other exclusives that you recommend?

  30. Ways i lost my playstations.
    Ps1: broke
    Ps2: parents sold it for a ps3
    Ps3: parents took it away because i killed too many peopole on gta 4
    Ps4: i still have it

  31. This was a very helpful video as I was debating whether to get a Playstation 4 off Ebay or a Playstation 3 for my sister and I and I think it might be worth getting a PS3. Is a 500GB enough or a 1TB? And is the lastest Playstation 3 the best exactly these days?

  32. I got a PS3 in September of 2018 and it was well worth it. It is now my favourite console I love the games I got Little Big Planet 1 and 2 for £15. I got Sonic Generations for £10. I got inFAMOUS 1 and 2 for £15. I love the PS3. Thanks for convincing me into buying a PS3.

  33. i have a ps4 but i am gonna get a ps3 because the games and equipment it has i like my ps4 but i want a ps3 super slim

  34. I've been playing with my ps2 for 7 years and my aunt got me a jailbroken ps3 2 month ago but i was too stupid for it i updated the system and the new update wont install and i have no backup for my old jailbrake system so i call my dad at the office to ask him WHERE IS THE PENDRIVE! I NEED IT TO INSTALL A NEW SYSTEM ON MY PS3 and i started install it and after i install it i was like where go all my built in games?? And that is the end of my story and i regret it till this day

  35. I want to buy the original model PS3 because I had that back in 2010 but I also want the PS3 slim because it’s more convenient. Which one should I go for?

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