Shoppen in Duitsland (Gamestop) !

Shoppen in Duitsland (Gamestop) !

hi everyone, thanks for watcing im amanda and ive bought something fun today i went to bocholt today, thats in germany i like germany i like to shop there they mostly have cooler stuff and they have gamestop that a really positive point from germany, they have cool merchandising, so i bought this it was in sale, it was like 13 euros cutiefly is so adorable so im gonna get it out of this box lets take a closer look there is a zipper in the back so you can close and open it and oh its still stuck here lets cut it loose and its stuck here too cause we want to see him

3 thoughts on “Shoppen in Duitsland (Gamestop) !

  1. Ik vind die Leafeon trui helemaal geweldig xD, maar zekers leuk die cutiefly in de premier ball,
    en arme noodle xD ook niet zo van de camera's 😛

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