Sex in High School

Sex in High School

Me and my parents, we never really had the official talk like they would start but we’d never finish. This is how it kinda went OK, so… like you have the boy, and then you have the girl, And then… Um… Who wants macaroni? Do you want macaroni? I think dinner’s ready. So my introduction to sex was pretty much my friends at school. (And HBO really late at night) Shhhh Don’t tell my parents! And if your high school was anything like mine that’s all they ever talked about. Even non-sexual stuff was like spun to be sexual. Teacher would be like, ” OK open your textbooks to page 97,” And the person next to me would go, “well I’ll open your book to page 97.” The first one of my friends to lose his virginity when we were in school, he was 12. I know what’s really going on out here in the streets, I ain’t complating, I’m just observating. And most high school relationships don’t last. Some do – don’t get me wrong – but most don’t. You know, a guy gets with a girl, he’s onto the next one. and the next one, and then the next one. You know, some of these girls come at me, and I’m like, “Ummmmmm, I don’t know where you been girl. Show me the Carfax.” And y’all already know you got some of them guys and girls walking around the school, looking like they’re in their 20’s. You know, gorgeous faces, banging bodies, like, “Do you even go here?” We actually had one of these girls, her name was Amy, I can’t even pronounce her last name, she was like Russian, and I had her in English. We get in group assignments, and she’s constantly trying to get in my pants, asking me questions, like, “What kind of music music do you listen to? Did you do the homework last night?” “Yo girl, chill! Why you asking me all these sexual questions? Trying to get up in my pantalones. Coming here talking about some, ‘Did I watch Real World last night?’ I’m just coming here to get my education.” I’m just playing with y’all. I know those aren’t sexual questions. Stop complatin! Yes, I said it. ‘Complatin,’ Complaining slash Hating. Shout out to all y’all complaters out there. I love y’all too. I don’t know. People just talk about it so much to the point where you weren’t cool if you were a virgin. In high school I think one of the main reasons I stayed a virgin in high school was because… um… Yeah, I was just busy. All the time. You worry about you, I’m going to do me. Stop complating. The other thing too, getting down like this in high school like, fellas, we bragging about this stuff. I mean, girls, especially if y’all are cute Please believe this is not going to go un-broadcasted. We had a dude, Mike, in my chemistry class. Every girl he got with, got put on blast. She came to my house, and we did the dang thing. As soon as she left, pssssssst sprayed in the air. You know, she need spray in the air Psssst Cause my mom would come home She’d be like, “I smell booty.” I was just bathroom. Y’all know what you be doing And the next week, Sasha there come to the house, and then we did the dang thing. Phhhhhhht She sprayed it in the air, you know she [???] but that’s all [???] Psssst Spray it in the air, dawg. And here’s the thing: we were talking about sex so much, there’s a billion other things you’re not talking about. All these selling their IP’s for billions of dollars. And all these things started out as ideas. You want to talk about sex while you’re in school? That’s great. All I’m saying is, every once in a while, change the channel.

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  1. Am I the only person who’s like pretty good looking but I literally get fucning 0 pussy like no girls talk to me???

  2. Wow. I guess people were very open back then. Everyone is always beating around the Bush, all wretch, no vomit. Like for example truth or dare. When people play that in my highschool, It's like it's written in stone that any game of that always ends up sexualized. Wierd

  3. Dad: There is a girl and a boy two minutes later that’s how babies are made
    Me: So if a girl and a boy stare at each other for two minutes a baby is made???
    Dad: Yep
    Mom: Yeah but your father made a mistake during a staring contest with me!!!😡😡😡

  4. I’ve been with my girlfriend since 6th grade and I used your videos for inspiration and thank you so much I’m still with her and I’m in 10th grade thank you swoozie

  5. bruh I relate to this so hard, I’m in a rich community and all the kids are selfish. Btw I’m in 8th grade, used to be in 7th when this was happening but it still is. They vape, have sex, drink, smoke weed, etc

  6. 1:20 you can pronounce her name or any other difficult names by reading it slowly or use Google translate it's my method and I hope it's useful

  7. The first friend I knew who lost his virginity he told me when he was 11 and he was a new student and he told me he lost his virginity to his neighbour at 8 years old

    They smashed when his parents left him alone

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