Sesame Street: The Hungry Games- Catching Fur (Hunger Games: Catching Fire Parody)

Sesame Street: The Hungry Games- Catching Fur (Hunger Games: Catching Fire Parody)

ANNOUNCER: The following
preview has been rated G for Games. COOKIE MONSTER: [CHEWING SOUNDS] EFFIE: The time has come to
choose who will play in the Hungry Games. And may the cookies be
ever in your flavor. COOKIE MONSTER: Cookies? ANNOUNCER: First, she
risked it all. COOKIE MONSTER: Me volunteer! Whoa. Me volunteer to play. ANNOUNCER: But it was not
as easy as she thought. EFFIE: And the winner
of the Hungry Games is Cookiness Evereat. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, thank
goodness, that over, and me never have to play that again. ANNOUNCER: Now she’s
back to play again. COOKIE MONSTER: Wait, what. ANNOUNCER: In The Hungry
Games, Catching Fur. COOKIE MONSTER: OK, we all
know what we got to do. Eat food to win Hungry Games. FINNICK: The question is
which foods are we supposed to eat to win? COOKIE MONSTER: Me don’t know. What you think, Peeta? PEETA: How should I know? I’m just a piece of bread. WIRESS: Tick tock. Tick tock. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
yeah, yeah. You right, Tick Tock lady. Let’s get started. What this? FINNICK: Monkeys! They’re blocking our path. COOKIE MONSTER: Well, how we
going to get past them. FINNICK: Cookiness, look! COOKIE MONSTER: Ohhh, snacks. Nom, nom, nom. Oh, me got to eat, so nom nom. MONKEYS: [SQUAWKING] COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, why these
monkeys poking me? FINNICK: Ow. I don’t think that’s what
we’re supposed to eat. Put it back. COOKIE MONSTER: Ah. Well, if we not supposed to eat
this food in Hungry Games, what we supposed to eat? PEETA: Look! There’s an empty plate. Maybe you’re supposed to
eat what goes there. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, but how
we know what that is? FINNICK: We better
stop and think. Oh, maybe it’s a pattern. Let’s see. Banana, apple, banana, apple,
banana, what comes next? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh let’s see. Banana, apple, banana,
apple, banana. If it pattern, what comes
next is apple! Yeah, oh, your apple. MONKEYS: [SQUAWKING] COOKIE MONSTER: Oh yes,
you want to eat it? FINNICK: Eww, no. COOKIE MONSTER: Ugh. Why you so finicky, Finnicky? Me eat it. [GNAWING] MONKEYS: [SQUAWKING] FINNICK: Cookiness, we got
rid of the monkeys. WIRESS: Tick tock. COOKIE MONSTER: You right. Time running out. Let’s go. FINNICK: Oh! COOKIE MONSTER: Thick
fog in our way. How we get through it? FINNICK: Look! COOKIE MONSTER: Oh
what we got here? [GASPS] Cookie! ALL: [LAUGHING] COOKIE MONSTER: Nom, nom, nom. Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. Oh, this tickle fog. PEETA: Cookiness, if you want
to win the Hungry Games, you got to control yourself and
not eat that cookie. ALL: Whew. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, boy. Being strong heroine of entire
franchise hard work. OK, what we do again. FINNICK: We better
stop and think. Maybe it’s another pattern. Let’s see, we have
cheese, cookie, sandwich, pizza, cracker. PEETA: Guys, I don’t
see a pattern here. FINNICK: Oh no! We’re not going to
win this game. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, me better
stop and think. OK. Where that pattern. Wait. Maybe rule changed. Maybe it not just about food,
it about food shape. Yeah, look. Square, circle, square,
circle, square. FINNICK: You’re right. So next must be– COOKIE MONSTER: Circle. Yeah, we got to find something
to eat shaped like a circle. FINNICK: Yeah! COOKIE MONSTER: OK but
shaped likes circle. PEETA: But I’m your friend! ANNOUNCER: Oh, yeah, sorry. You right, Peeta. What we thinking. Me got to find something else
round to eat, but what? WIRESS: Tick tock, tick tock. COOKIE MONSTER: Hey, that
clock is round. Excuse me. No chance you want
to eat that? FINNICK: No. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. Me thought so. Nom, nom, nom. PEETA: We did it! We won the Hungry Games again! COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
boy oh boy. And thankfully, me no have to
ever, ever play that again. FINNICK: You know they’re making
a third one, right? COOKIE MONSTER: Nooooo! ANNOUNCER: The Hungry Games. Catching Fur. Eat it up soon at a
theater near you.

10 thoughts on “Sesame Street: The Hungry Games- Catching Fur (Hunger Games: Catching Fire Parody)

  1. why do I feel like this isn't targeted towards sesame streets usual age group but a much older one. Some of the jokes are dark y'all

  2. I saw this on Sesame Street when I was like seven and I had heard of the bye games and I was like “wut?” Now after reading the hunger games and watching the movies I’m laughing and screaming

  3. I don’t even know who this is for! Like, it’s obviously for kids but I don’t think they’ll appreciate the level of Witt and detail that goes into these parody’s!

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