Second Sister Inquisitor Star Wars Black Series Carbonized GameStop Exclusive Action Figure Review

it’s time to review the Carbonite and
graphite second sister hey guys me host supersorrell thank you very much
cheering oh my god it’s the second sister and it’s the
graphite Carbonite the division was an eventful fast Friday we managed
to get a nice hookup from the guys over at in-demand toys and I managed to get
this so I’m really happy to be reviewing this guys is the second sister
Inquisitor number 95 in the collection but let’s go ahead straight to the desk
come and take a look at this box cause it is so nice and shiny it’s different
to the other boxes so let’s go check out the packaging first of all so guys this
is the second sister from the star wars black series lion as I hide her fallen
Jedi Order sorry kid I followed order and it’s the second sister Inquisitor
and this is the carbonized graphic version which means it’s extra shiny and
if we turn on inside you can see she’s number 95 in the collection and on the
back again you see a nice holographic 95 the box has got a nice shiny gloss feel
to it this time again that’s because the graphite version we’ve got a little
story on the back here that goes with the character explains more about a a
vengeful warrior of the Empire tasked with tracking down the Jedi survivors
the second sister Inquisitor is driven by her all-encompassing hatred of the
order awesome so this is an awesome looking figure I come wayde’s I’ve
already got her out of the packaging there is all the this on this side
actually which is pretty cool yes you see you got a second s there and then in
red second sister in goodness that’s pretty nice
these graphite boxes are pretty cool but I can’t wait to break out so let’s get
around on the packaging guys all right guys he’s probably wondering who is the
second sister who is the second sister let’s take a look at Star Wars data man
can have a quick look on that as well so here is these Star Wars dates Bank that
states ambitious and cruel the second sister is one of the deadliest members
of the Imperial Inquisition she relishes hunting down both for sensitive and
political dissent so dissidents for the Empire although she is an expert
lightsaber duelist and adept with the dark side of the force
the second sisters great weapon is her brilliant ability to deduce and predict
the behavior of her prey awesome so guys I want to give these people a shout-out
this week thank you very much for watching all my videos and commenting I
really made so these guys are awesome thank you for watching as well guys if
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shout-out let’s break around the packaging super happy right where my
trusty scissors I’m so excited I haven’t got Kalia I’m still waiting on cow can’t
wait to get him but we do have a purge trooper it’s a perch troopers they get
reviewed next because after reading all that obviously the purge troopers of
what what we’ve seen in the trailer for the video game the first group was
looked to be like her troopers that helped her put it down the Jedi ooh what
are they for we’ve got two of the little things over there she just come with the
awesome Inquisitor blade as well why would you do that oh no I don’t like
that do these come out as well yes they do so the little red blades will come
out as well it does not spin though shameful come on Hasbro would have taken
you everything to make that so you could hold it and spin it come on
that’s the main thing about the inquisitors oh as well with the return
of Clone Wars I wonder if we’ll finish off Darth Maul’s back from where the
left it cuz the left a small arc where he’d been captured by the Emperor and
told that he would have a new purpose and he wouldn’t just kill the despair
because he had a master the first time we Thomas does relate to find out that
he’s is trying to find the holocrons or something but I’m not sure if it’s still
the Emperor at that point where they still working for the Emperor when it
gets there rebels I’d like a little bit of an in salute story from the people
from the Clone Wars how cool would it be if Darth Maul
trained all the quizzes in 200 saber combat
oh my god how how much is she tied in here this is insane my god that tiny
weights being held in by a little tiny light rope tightening you couldn’t
barely see cuz of the cloak Oh nearly broke the figure in half then right she’s free okay so the second
sister II quiz that bear mind this is the graphite version like I said I don’t
have the original version to compare her to so I am sorry about that first of all
I only have this version over there oh that’s where they go so if you did come
with some black pauldron pieces that look like they’re just gonna clip into
her neck there one and two I wouldn’t maybe fit from the box series without
the cloak I don’t have the original version to compare it to so I’m not sure
the difference between this one and the graph I would just yeah but this is the
graphic version of her um and she’s awesome
we’ll go ahead and get cloak back on ah because you wouldn’t have the pole
trapeze with the cloak I see why now so you’d have those pulled room pieces if
she wasn’t wearing the cloak but if we’re wearing the cloak which why
wouldn’t you be wearing the cloak you need to take those pieces off to clip
the cloak back on awesome figure that I’m really liking this look she’s so
cool I’m liking the red on the silvery block as well he just pops real nice
yeah the big cloak and stuff articulation so let’s take a look at
that as well so a head is on a ball joint so you can take a look up and down
as well as left right you can move our arms up at the top hinge there as well
as rotate elbow hinge there as well it’s that new fancy elbow hinge that just
slides into place and also rotates hands are on board reins she has got the waist
saw swivel here not too fond of using it though it feels very hmm is there a way
a swivel I’m not sure if there is without generally breaking a what’s
going on in that hinge and the legs do lift out though pretty far as this skirt
piece does lift up a little bit to allow more extra movement and as well as
forwards with a top fight cut double hinge knee no boot cut but the foot is
on a rocker and pivot awesome she does come back sit with her twisted – Kramden
Sabre an inquisitor style Sabre if they’ve made the second system where I
know she’s kind of one of the main characters from the video game but
because now they’ve got the mold can we expect other inquisitors now to become a
part of wine like we would like the glove the Grand Master Inquisitor that’s
just such an iconic character but also the 5th brother the ninth says there’s
so many versions we could do and the 7th sister
it’s so cool to include some of them oh yeah she looked badass guys let’s get
over to the desk and we’re you guys know girls getting proper real close personal
look at this finger because this camera is not doing it justice let’s get over
to the desk count or guys here she is it’s this sorry ii says there is a
the second-ever and she looks badass I am loving this figure what I’m not
living too much in these feet nights oh my god
I have to heat these bad boys up together to stand properly she’s
currently bit cockeyed the legs are a bit weird the feet don’t want to move on
their hinges so anyway got the heat those bad boys up just to get it to
stand properly but I’m using a little stand here just together to stand for
the review so the actual cloak I love the design of it and I can’t look some
living insignia on the arm and the style have gone for a helmet has that Darth
Vader kind of look to it and with a bit of like kylo Ren maybe a bit of even
Darth Revan kind of in there love the design of it again I wish would have
gotten on masthead as well but maybe that’s a spoiler for the game so they
don’t want to give that away just yet a lot of people have a lot of different
theories but whose under the mask I doubt any of little bit true I think
it’ll be an original character well you never know but she just looks badass in
this nice graphite look as well there’s a silver is like a bit shiny and pops
same with the helmet it’s got like a silver sheen to it that just makes it
look really awesome I think I think the second sister is gonna be one of
everyone’s favourite characters when that game comes out she just looks like
an absolute badass hunting down Jedi with an Inquisitor lightsaber which by
the way is super long with shame it has a spin but that’s a different story for
a different day don’t forget guys I have already reviewed the Sith trooper from
earlier on when we got the comic-con releases so I do already have that one
review – please do go check out that review as well guys and during these
releases I did manage to get my hands on an early release of the Emperor and we
have reviewed him as well – please check him out as well Araya seconds yeah so
cool looks so awesome we can’t have weeds bringing Vader most excellent my
master yeah you think she’s gonna be a popular
character guys when they get when the whole story comes out are you looking
forward to playing the game yourself let me know in the comments below
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sister cute on the corner seventh second sister and there’s the purge trooper so
real happy about that guys but until next time guys thank you very much for
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