Samara Comes to You – The Ring (8/8) Movie CLIP (2002) HD

Samara Comes to You – The Ring (8/8) Movie CLIP (2002) HD

(static stops) (static hissing) (ringing) (ringing through) Pick up the phone, noah. Come on, pick up. (phone ringing) (static hissing) (ringing continuing) ♪ ♪ (ringing continuing) (eerie whirring) (ringing continuing) (tires squealing) Rachel:
Come on, noah! Pick up the goddamn phone! (horn honking) (tires squealing) (trickling) (phone ringing) (gasping) (ringing continuing) (gasping) (grunting) (ringing continuing) (grunting) (screaming) (static blaring)

100 thoughts on “Samara Comes to You – The Ring (8/8) Movie CLIP (2002) HD

  1. What kind of ghost or person is she? American ghost? Japanese ghost? Chinese ghost? 😂 I just wanna know. (She kinda looks like a Japan ghost)

  2. Excuse me. Hi, Terrible – Editor here. Quick question. With your permission, may I respectably use your clips of the rings for my new video idea I'm whipping up? Please? And of course I'll give you a shout out from these scenes

  3. 1.28 how the heck did Noah end up sat on his bum? He was literally stood up walking awaY when that tv came on

  4. Reminds me of my old TV, that would keep turning on by itself on channel 9, which had nothing programmed and that grain.

    After some investigation, we found out it was the broken button on remote, and had to always put it backwards to block the infrared

    But, what was creepy, the sattelite box would cause ghosting on channel 9.

  5. For me this scene was a culmination of my fear. I just not waiting that. I thought when Rachel woke up after they grave Samara that is the happy end and the crudge of the tape is won!And im finished in my mind that here now captions way. How i shok,when showd Noah and …i never before and never again sooo scary. Nightmares the while year,and im got a nerve and after i was obsessed with her

  6. I watched this movie in 2012 with all my Family and when the ghost come out through the TV the all family scream one time which made me didn't sleep the whole night

  7. Isn't this still sadako just in the remake in American version just name changes up,and another actor .With just facial features being shown in more face than hair.

  8. The Japanese movie was better this just sucked compared to Sadako, ok CGI but the Japanese version was way more creepy this didn't even scare me once it sucked.

  9. This whole time I was yelling at the screen saying Boi you just stand their what the hell, RUN you idiot

  10. What if you had no tv.
    Only your phone and samara comes out of it
    She's gonna be a 5" dead girl crawling all over you 🤣…😭

  11. Moral lesson: if she start appear on tv, put the tv screen into the floor, that should close her gateway.

    Or break the tv glass

  12. I am the ONLY person that she won’t kill but everyone else well good luck I seen the tapes a lot and She doesn’t care and slender man he tries to kill me but samara help me escape slendly and Jeff the killer, the rake, beehive the killer, the night killer, The skull face, and the others so I’m lucky to have samara on my side

  13. the dude at 1:34 was so stupid he could have just stood up and ran. why are movies always like this?? samara is the one supposed to fall down every second because of her being in their so long why u just lay on the floor?????????????????????????????

  14. so weird lol… why is it everyone else rots by looking into her eyes but the lady gets dragged in to play a game and if she can climb out she doesnt rot ? So did everyone just fail right away lol

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