RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998 – 2018

RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998 – 2018

It’s been nearly 21 years. At one point
recognised at the second most popular MMO in history, Runescape have played an important
part in the lives of millions of people. No matter when you started, what path you chose,
which version you play, we each have our story to share. Together, we’ll look at the most
important events and updates in the history of the game. My name is Will Miss It, and
I’m very proud to present the Runescape Historical Timeline. It’s 1998. With the incredible increase
of public internet use, online games would become more and more popular. Text-based games
like Nanvaent were extremely popular due to them not requiring any downloading, was free,
and available at any time, day or night. One big fan was 20-year old Andrew Christopher
Gower, a computer science student at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge, who wanted to create
something unique by combining graphics and the text-based games, much like Ultima Online
at the time. Like this, DeviousMUD was created for the first time. It took 7 months before Andrew had it working.
In 1999, he made an open beta, which only about 20 people would ever play. Some from
the website GamesDomain, a gaming portal he was part-time developing for. Several familiar
elements were already in the game at this point, like Varrock, Falador, Port Sarim and
Al Kharid. After a weeks time, he’d have enough feedback and closed down the beta. For the second version of the game, Andrew
got his brothers Ian and Paul Gower on to the team to continue the development of DeviousMUD.
The game was re-written with the experience they had from the first version of their game,
as they realised it wasn’t working the way they wanted to. During this time, When naming their new game,
the brothers threw around some words and combined them, eventually combining the words “Runes”
and “Landscape”. As such, RuneScape was born. Alpha testing for this new game began in March
of 2000, where they invited Rab, someone Andrew had been working with on GamesDomain, to try
out the game. Rab brought along some of his friends as well, being players Lightning,
Gugge and Merlin. Rab would later on proceed to moderate the game as a volunteer as a player
with J-Mod powers. Together, these four players would be the first alpha testers of Runescape. And on the 4th of January 2001 the game was
launched. Ironically, the game would be released as a beta, a stage it never would officially
leave, but rather transition in to what it is today. When creating an account, a player had to
choose one of five classes: Adventurer, Necromancer, Ranged, Warrior and Wizard. A sixth class,
Miner, was added later as well. These classes decided which stats would be slightly boosted
when arriving in the game and which items that player would receive to help them on
their way. For example, a miner was given a bronze pickaxe. Back then there was a 3-round system in place
where each part had to attack 3 times before being allowed to eat food or run away. At
the time, the hitpoint skill, today called constitution, had a different XP system, where
level 10 required 1000 xp, but all other stats required 1154 xp for the same level, as it
is today. Banks wasn’t released before January 23rd,
at which point they would only accept coins. Because pkers had to carry all their items
around, they would collaborate with the few skillers that existed to keep it safe. In february, new players in Runescape classic
had to choose between a set of modes. A pker could only kill other pkers, whereas skillers
couldn’t attack or be attacked by others. Being a pker was the most popular option,
though you could switch twice back and forth from pker to non-pker before you’d get stuck
to one of the modes. In the beginning, Misthalin was the only place
available. Asgarnia was released on the 6th of April. That is also when the friends list
and the different privacy options were added to the game. On the 10th of may 2001, the quest points
system was released. Prior to this update, player would receive influence when completing
a quest, which would grant the player perks such as buying silk from a silk trader for
a cheaper price. In the same month, the two skills Evil Magic
and Good Magic were merged into Magic, and the two skills Evil Prayer and Good Prayer
were merged as well. On 11th of June, Karamja was released, where
Karamja would function as a fishing hub. These areas today form most of the free to play
area. On the same day, the fishing skill was released,
which revolutionised how food was gathered. Food had been hard to obtain up to this point,
as the only available food sources was dough-based or things like cabbage, raw meat or chicken,
which is more tedious to make and obtain than what fishing would be, making food in general
very scarce before this skill release. Especially as doug-based food was the most popular, it
meant the pkers was heavily reliable on skillers. In july of 2001, Runescape already had 600,000
players. The extreme number of players made hosting the servers very expensive, but advertisers
didn’t want to make deals with the Gowers as Runescape wasn’t considered a large brand,
making the advertising revenue they received not substansial to support the cost of servers.
Because of this, in order to save money, the Gowers moved back in with their parents and
hosted Runescape from their kitchen. Around the same time, less people started
choosing the PKer role as the risk of losing your items was far too high. The Gowers realised
the PKing and mode system wasn’t ideal, and started designing a new system. On the
26th of july 2001, the Gowers updated banks to allow all items rather than only coins,
and on August 13th 2001, the Wilderness was released which removed the pker and non-pk
modes as well as world-wide PvP, which made pvp a Wilderness only activity.
A large number of clans was not happy with this, and would in later years refer to the
pre-Wilderness months as the Golden Era of Runescape. On 28th of August 2001, Everdred became the
first player to ever achieve any 99, being Woodcutting. On the 23rd of September 2001, Dragon Slayer
and the Rune platebody was released, which would be the best armour in-game for the next
three years. With the rising success of the game, the Gowers
had no time to look in to all the minor issues in the game, and established a secr et team
of players who would moderate parts of the game for them. As no form of moderator crown
was in the game at the time, there was no way to tell if these players were moderators.
They also acted on free will with no set guidelines to follow, and could even disconnect players
from the game. When the banning system was released in early 2002, these players could
also temporarily ban other players. Some of these secret player moderators included Lightning
and Bluerose13x. 21 October 2001, Bluerose13x achieved 99 magic,
using runes she would take as payment to smith high-level gear for others. On the 13th of
december, she also achieved 99 smithing, both times as the first player to reach 99 in the
skills, and becoming the first player to have two 99s. On the 15th of November 2001, the Gowers announced
the release of the hiscores, which was released a few days later. This introduced a competitive
aspect to the game, as players would compete to be on the top. Some time in 2001, a player called ‘rsguide’
approached the Gowers offering to buy Runescape. The deal didn’t get very far before the
Gowers realised it was a fraud, and cut contact with rsguide.
However, when he initially approached the Gowers, he seemed very legitemate, and managed
to convince the Gowers to give him J-mod powers on his account. He would use it to teleport
bots and impersonators to the Black Hole, a dark location where players would be abandoned
as punishment for breaking the game rules, as well as he would offer players to change
their characters before the release of the Makeover Mage. His powers was revoked in december
2001. Around the same time, player Rab would resign
from his volunteer J-Mod position due to the stress it involved. In the end of 2001, Jagex was officially founded
as a company, though the name had been in use by the Gowers since 1999. The company
name as an abbreviation of Java Audio-Graphics Extension, but later became known as Java
Gaming Experts and in 2009 to Just About the Gaming Experience. Jagex would drop christmas crackers in the
game world as a christmas event. Using the cracker on a different player would reward
one of them with a partyhat of a random colour. At the time they were very common and would
often be given away or sold to general stores. On the 8th of January 2002, player tks was
first to 99 Cooking. In February 2002, Runescape had hit 1 million
accounts created. With the playerbase that kept rising in such an incredible speed, Jagex
had to implement a way to receive more revenue for server hosting and hire staff. With little
experience in running a company and taking revenue from their playerbase, they worked
with the recently hired CEO, Constant Tedder, to release pay-to-play content through membership
on 27th of february 2002. With this addition, they released the north-eastern areas of the
Kandarin kingdom and several quests, such as Hero’s Quest and Lost City. This also
released dragon weaponry, being the dragon battleaxe and longsword. Far more players subscribed than what they
initially expected. On the 18th of March 2002, Jagex hired their first two Jagex moderators,
being Mod Ian, not to be confused with Ian Gower, and sirmodsteve. Fletching and Theving was released in march
and april of 2002 together with East Ardougne. On the 5th of April, Cowchicken was first
to 99 Firemaking. On 16th of may 2002, player Tks was first
to 99 Fishing while Zonghui was first to 99 Attack. In June, Jagex consisted of 11 employees. In the same month, Ladykilljoy was first to
99 strength, while Zonghui was first to 99 hitpoints and 99 defence, and player Tks takes
rank one on the hiscores from L6vi. She would hold it for a year, until the summer of 2003. In July 2002, the system of classes was removed,
as it forced people to make an uninformed choice. On the 3rd of august, Swedemike was first
to 99 Thieving, while in september, Joe Bill64 achieved 99 Mining. On the 11th of September, the in-game report
button was released. On the 24th of September, King Black Dragon
and Tutorial Island was released. The KBD was the only piece of PvM-related content
that would be released in the early version of Runescape, as the PvM community was very
small at this point. Runescape was already having a problem with
bots. In order to counter this, Jagex released the first update that was designed to fight
them, on the 13th of November 2002, being the fatigue system.
Doing any activity in Runescape your character would gradually become tired. Once you hit
100% you would no longer gain resources or xp. In order to reset this you had to locate
and rest in a bed. On the 17th of November 2002, russian player
Snake Slava was first to 99 Ranged, but was banned due to supposedly using a translator
to play the game, which Jagex confused for a bot Snake Slava had at the time spent 7 to 8 months
on 99, which was much faster than anyone else. Because of this, a lot of players accused
him for botting. When he was banned, his clanmates in the russian clan BOS thought it was because
of the hate for the Russian Runescape community, together with the high number of accusations
towards him. In his defense, he proceeded to achieve 99
ranged again on a secondary account called Snake Slavik, with the help from his friends
who would craft arrows for him. This account managed to be the second account in Runescape
to ever achieve 99 ranged. Having closely monitored his process, Jagex
ended up unbanning the original account. 2002 ended with the release of the Agility
skill on december 12th. This update also removed the Carpentry skill, which up until this point
had been listed on the skill list but was untrainable, as the game engine at the time
didn’t support the game mechanic a house-building skill required.
Still, a few player managed to gain xp in the skill through an unknown bug, gaining
level 3 at best. On 23rd of march, player thehate achieved
99 Agility, only 4 months after skill release. He spent 17 hours a day at Yanille agility
dungeon for 17k xp an hour, and eventually the Wilderness course when it was released
in January. He was in the lead to 99 from level 80, and
at some point trained so efficiently that Mod Cloughie teleported him to the Black Hole
in suspection of botting, despite its supposed removal in 2001, at the time just known as
the jmod office. On 30th of March, Ltangel was first to 99
Crafting, which she’d obtain nearly for free due to the assistance she would provide
other players. As a high crafting level was rare, players would charge huge sums of money
to craft other players dragonstone amulets. Ltangel would provide the same service for
just 100 silver ores, which was a bargain at the time. She would craft these to holy
amulets, eventually achieving 99 crafting faster than other competitors. Around this time in 2003, player Gearshifter
becomes the first player to reach the maximum combat level of 123. On the 3rd of april, Chilipeppers was first
to 99 Fletching. In may 2003, players were getting fed up with
the fatigue system in place, as it required you to find a bed to sleep in every so often.
The community didn’t like that you had to relocate, so in at this point, the Gowers
added sleeping bags instead, but players had to type in a CAPTCHA verification code, as
an attempt to disrupt bots. 9th June: Halw Gnun reached 99 Herblore, then
called Herblaw. In July of 2003, Bwareofmef takes rank one
in the hiscores from Tks. Over time since 2002, the team of secret moderators
had slowly been removed one by one, as the need for extra moderation was no longer needed
with the increasing number of Jagex staff. The very last one, Lightning, lost the moderator
powers in the summer of 2003. Legends Quest, being the 50th quest was released
on 20th of August 2003. It was the last quest that Jagex released in the RS1 era. Some time in August or September, Bonebreaker6
takes rank one in the hiscores from Bwareofmef. In october 2003 Jagex reported 5 million created
accounts. And on the 7th of November 2003, a glitch
was found that allowed players to duplicate any non-stackable item in the game. This was
abused to duplicate the most expensive items available, at the time being the pink partyhat,
later re-named to the purple partyhat. The partyhat quickly went from being the rarest
to the most common one. After the bug was fixed, Jagex refused to perform a server rollback,
calling such a thing for ‘overreacting’. Because of this decision, all duplicated items
and partyhats that were traded away are still in the game today, making what was supposed
to be the rarest phat, the most common and cheapest one.
However, more phats were removed from the game between 2002 and 2003 than the number
of phats added through the glitch. On 11th of November 2003 the Runescape forums
were released, which also introduced an official moderator system. Players were selected to
voluntarily moderate the forums and were called player moderators. They served no power in
the game, however. On december 1st, all members were invited
to beta test the upcoming Runescape 2. This version was an entire re-write of the game,
which mainly served as a clean-up project for Jagex to fix everything they didn’t
like with the old version. The game would also include updated 3D graphics, though this
was mainly seen as a bonus at the time. In the same month, rank 1 in Runescape, Bonebreaker6
quit the game with a total level of 1625. The player Zezima would be the first to pass
him and take rank 1 on the hiscores. Towards the end of the year, the PvP community
was still the largest one, though they started to notice the importance of skillers, and
would open up their clans for skillers to join.
Skill-service communities formed and became more popular, such as Bluerose13x smithing
service or Ltangels Crafting and Enchanting service. With the introduction of Runescape 2, the
game experienced a range of large changes. In combat, you no longer had to remain in
a fight for 3 moves before you could eat or escape, but rather do what you pleased, when
you pleased, much like today. The combat triangle was added, which gave your character better
or worse stats depending on what equipment you worn to each combat style, and PvM was
rebalanced to allow higher level monsters to drop more XP. A new co mbat formula made the highest combat
level go from 123 to 126. Only 3 players had achieved max combat level in the first three
years of Runescape, being Gearshifter, Lilyuffie88 and S A X. Hitpoints was changed to follow the same XP
curve as other stats, which means new accounts would start with 1154 xp rather than 1000.
Players with XP below 1154 would have level 9 hitpoints instead. Duel Arena was also added, allowing safe PvP
where you could only lose items you put in stakes. The fatigue system was replaced with random
events, banks received the option to note items, and inventory space went from 30 to
28, mainly because Andrew Gower thought it looked better. In return, armour could now
be worn in an equipment tab rather than the inventory. Finally, Runecrafting was released, making
magic a lot more accessible, seeing runes previously could only be obtained from NPC
stores and monster drops. Official release of Runescape 2 was on the
29th of march 2004. The game was named Runescape to make it clear as the main game, where the
original version would be re-named Runescape classic, and continue unmoderated as a seperate
game. Zezima lost rank 1 on the hiscore after the
release of Runecrafting, overtaken by the player Choppermad. He would remain rank 1
until his Runecrafting level was 73, when Zezima would start training the skill and
beat Choppermad in matter of 3 days. A lot of PvP clans had trouble adapting to
new strategies and had to disband. Skillers would thrive in the new community, and together
with PvM getting several updates. The PVP community would however still remain as the
largest community. On 17th of May 2004, Lilyuffie88 was the first
player to achieve 99 Prayer. With the games rising popularity, Jagex considered
the idea of adding in player moderators to the game. There were several concerns, such
as if there would be players out there who would even want to moderate the game. It was
also discussed if being a moderator would be all about having a cool crown.
However Jagex decided to introduce the system, and on 14th of June 2004 the Player Moderator
system was added to the game, with 14 players being invited. This update also showed the
introduction of the moderator crown of both player and Jagex moderators. The moderator
system on the forums were re-named forum moderators. In the summer of 2004, Runescape was added
to and quickly became the most popular game on the gaming portal Miniclip, which boosted
its success greatly. In half a year the playerbase tripled in size, though a lot of those players
were bots. 7th of september 2004 the PvM community received
their second big update; the Kalphite Queen. With it, the dragon chainbody, which became
the most sought-after piece of equipment at the time. On the 15th of september, Kale Stille was
the first player to achieve 99 Runecrafting. Player Larryr would be second to 99, achieving
it on the 23rd, and took rank 1 on the Runecrafting hiscores with that. She would dominate the
Runecrafting hiscores from this point on, thanks to her highly popular nature rune service. On the 27th of September the “make X”
option was released, during a week where Jagex initially had no other content to put out.
Ian Gower offered to release the make X-option as one of several quality of life fixes at
the time. Up until this point, everything was crafted or cooked one by one. On the 26th of January 2005, the Slayer skill
was released, which blew life in to otherwise unpopular areas. Abyssal whip was also released
which at the time became the best weapon in the game. April 2005 was nicknamed the desert month
due to the addition of content to the desert, amongst it Desert Treasure quest with the
ancient magic spell book. Ice barrage would become one of the most popular magic spells
in PvP. On the 9th of may 2005, Barrows was released
with each respective armour set, which became the best armours for all combat styles. On the 13th of June, the Abyss was released
which quickly became the most popular Runecrafting training method for higher levels as it became
a lot more convenient to train. It would also be a popular mage training area due to their
high count of NPCs. On the 9th of July, Zezima reached 99 slayer
and became the first player to achieve 99 in all skills, with a total level of 1980. On the 11th of July, Farming was released,
but no player knew how to train it as they didn’t know what to do after a seed had
been planted, and would wait around for it to grow. On the 3rd of August, Runescape classic was
closed off for new players, only allowing members who had logged in to the classic servers
for the past 6 months to log back on to them. On the 27th of September, 0xpx0 was the first
player to achieve 99 Farming, getting it just over two months after release, through a series
of well-timed farming runs. On 4th of October, Jad was released with the
firecape, which would be an item of prestige for players to prove they were skilled in
combat. On 1st of january 2006, Xxx_Neo_xxx7 was the
first player to reach 200 million xp in a skill, being fletching, which he obtained
through fletching magic longbows and alch them for profit. With the money he would proceed
to buy more logs and eventually a partyhat set. As he obtained 200 million xp he thought
it was a bug and reported on the forums that he could no longer gain XP, and was worried
second place on the hiscore was going to overtake him because of it. On the 20th of January 2006, Eve340 was first
to 200 million cooking xp. Two days later, Zezima becomes the first player to reach 500m
total xp. On the 15th of march 2006, the 100th quest
was released being Recipe for Disaster. On the 27th of March 2006, Runescape hit a
new player record with 197,000 players online at the same time. In the same month, one of the top players
at the time, The Old Nite, maxed his account. However, the month after, in April, he passed
away due to cancer. On the 31st of may 2006, Construction was
released, which also functioned as a re-release and rework of the Carpentry skill from 2002.
This was also one of the largest updates to that date, maybe only topped by Runescape
2, due to the massive engine rework the update required, which before this point hadn’t
been possible to do. However, on the 6th of June 2006, Cursed You
was the first player to achieve 99 Construction which also uncovered a devastating bug leading
in to the infamous Falador Massacre, where some players were able to kill others anywhere
in the game. The most known pker, Durial321, was banned after a 30-minute rampage. Mod
Ash was called in the middle of the night to fix the bug, and the event is noted as
the most infamous bug in Runescape history. Cursed You was also banned shortly after the
event due to real world trading. Around this time, player Larryr quit Runescape
with 157 million runecrafting xp, 5 times the number of XP rank 2 had. She had up until
this point gained XP in an incredible rate compared to everyone else, as she would craft
nature runes for free for players who brought rune essence to her. On the 27th of september 2006, the Lumbridge
home teleport was released where players could use it for free with a cooldown on 30 minutes.
The Lumbridge bank was also released with this update, overall making Lumbridge more
friendly for new players. 18th of October 2006 released skillcapes which
motivated players to get 99s, as having a 99 was uncommon at the time making skillcapes
a notable item of prestige. This boosted the skilling community, and the peak year for
PvP. On the 21st of November, the Hunter skill
was released, which also released red chinchompas as the best and most expensive range training
method, exceeding the dwarf cannon, and already on the 2nd of december 2006, Darkforest67
was first to achieve 99. On the 12th of december 2006, the Clan Support
Rally took place in world 101. The event gathered a large number of players who would spam and
create fuzz in attempt to get Jagex attention, and is seen as an early version of what would
become the typical Runescape riot. This type of riot was all about clans getting
the support they needed from Jagex, especially seeing the way clans were a direct cause for
Runescapes success in 2001. The riot was eventually moved to world 96,
where they crashed an ongoing Player Moderator meeting, attended by Mod Hulme and eventually
Mod James H. The riot was stopped when the jmods would force-spawn a series of random
events, teleporting everyone away. However, a clan leader called Robtokill was manually
unmuted to talk with the jmods, opening a discussion with Jagex on the forums on ways
to improve the support for clans in the game. On the 14th of February 2007, Runescape was
released in German, with dedicated German servers. On the 18th of April 2007, the Wilderness
ditch was released to stop lurers from luring players in to the Wilderness with all their
money. On 13th of June, Zezima was the first player
to achieve 1 billion total xp. As a result of the Clan Support Rally in December
2006, clan chats were introduced on the 6th of August 2007, which made it easier for clans
to establish themselves. This was also a big change in social activity, as it let groups
talk to each other without being in the same location in-game. On 10th of August 2007, Jagex created a final
complete copy of Runescape before re-designing the Jagex backup systems, no longer saving
viable copies of the game in the Jagex backup files. On 28th of august God Wars Dungeon was released
together with the god swords, which would become the strongest weapons in the game for
quite a long time.The armadyl and saradomin godswords was also the first weapons that
would settle with a price of over 100 million gp, which brought a massive boost to the pvm
community. Up until the 9th of September, all herbs in
Runescape was simply called unidentified herbs until cleaned, but on this date the grimy
and clean herb system was introduced to defeat scammers. On the 18th of September that year, the ZMI
altar was released, boosting runecrafting from 25k xp per hour to 50k xp per hour, which
was a massive change in XP rates for the skill. On the 26h of November, the Grand Exchange
was released, changing the core trading system of the game. This massively changed the way
trading worked in Runescape, as players no longer had to stand around spamming in Falador
and Varrock. The update was also extremely controversial, as players could no longer
flip items by buying it for one price and sell it for more. Since the very start of Runescape, botting
and goldfarming had been a large issue in the game. Banks and companies around the world
would report that a high number of stolen credit cards would trace back to Runescape,
showing the real world trading community would be responsible for not only selling gold,
but also real life theft. They gave Jagex an addendum; either make steps to prevent
the abuse, or banks would no longer accept card payment from Jagex and its players. As a result, Jagex introduced one of the most
controversial updates of all time on the 10th of December 2007, being the removal of Wilderness
pvp, making the area completely safe from other players. This was disastrous for the
PvP community, making several players quit. PvP clans would fall apart as a result, destroying
their community. Bounty hunter in the Wilderness crater was
released as a replacement, but wasn’t enough. This launched one of the largest riots in
Runescapes history, which lasted for about a week before quieting down. On the 29th of December, Halw Gnun achieved
200 million xp in Herblore, being the only player to be first to both 99 and 200 million
xp in the same skill. On the 2nd of January 2008, Jagex changed
the trading system, restricting trades so that they had to be within a range of 3k to
30k gp depending on the players quest points. This meant no one could donate or give away
free items any more. By January 2008 player Syzygy had overtaken
Mendark 9 as the best free to play player after Mendark quit in 2006, and on the 26th
became the first pure free to play player to get 99 in all available stats to free to
play. He would however soon be passed by S Diamant Y. The summoning skill was released on the 15th
of January 2008 together with the Chaos Tunnels. This was also the end era of Zezima, who chose
not to train Summoning to 99, supposedly because the wasn’t happy with the evolution of Runescape.
Others would gain rank 1 after Zezima stopped playing as actively as he had, where the rank
1 switched between green098, Yogosun and as the hiscores stabilised, Kingduffy1, who topped
the hiscore as the man who finally beat Zezima. On the 8th of February 2008, Nercychlidae
was first to achieve 99 summoning, 3 weeks after release. On the 1st of July 2008, Runescape HD was
released, meaning the entire game was graphically updated. To this date, this was one of the
largest updates to hit Runescape. On the 14th of July 2008, the then-iconic
Tutorial Island was removed as the new player tutorial, replaced with the quest ‘Learning
the ropes’. It would however not last long, as just a few months later, Tutorial Island
was reintroduced as the tutorial. The PvM community received the Corporeal Beast
on the 15th of september 2008, becoming extremely popular due to the Divine shield which would
become first non-holiday item to reach 1 billion gp in cost. On the 15h of October of 2008, Jagex released
the PvP worlds in attempt to revive PvP. On the 22nd of November 2008 Gertjaars took
rank 1 on the hiscores after his XP gains were much more efficient than his competitors. And on the 26th of November the first Grandmaster
quest was released; While Guthix Sleeps, which also released the dragon platebody. Dragon
claws were also released making it the best special attack in the game and highly sought
after. On the 11th of December, RuneScape is released
in French with its own French servers, as a third available language. On the 9th of February 2009, Mark Gerhard
or Mod MMG was introduced as the new Jagex CEO. He implemented a much more social aspect
from Jagex, where Jagex would come out from an anonymous side and become public faces.
This was also a step for more transparency at Jagex as MMG wanted the players to feel
more involved in the games development. As a result for this several things were put
in place, such as Runescape on social media, the clan cup and a machinima competition.
Two weeks after him joining there would be blog posts about future updates nearly weekly,
transitioning in to behind the scenes videos and articles. On the 14th of February 2009, Lover Romeo
became the first player to reach 200 million xp in Agility and Mining, which he achieved
at the same time, using the quarry in the desert and Ape Atol agility course. Bounty hunter worlds was released on 6th of
may 2009 as a Bounty Hunter and pvp world rework. On the 24th of July, Runescape was released
in its fourth language; Brazilian portugese. On 7th of September 2009, the player Unknownlevs
became the first combat 3 player to achieve 99 Slayer, this though the Soul Wars minigame. 14th of september 2009, Phoenix Odin overtakes
Larryr on the Runecrafting hiscores, just over two years after Larryr quit. 17th of September saw the introduction of
what would become a new era of Runescape skilling. Up until this point, the best XP rates in
the game required high-intensity training, such as powermining, sawmill, barbarian heavy
rod fishing and so on. Then Ivy was released as a new woodcutting method, becoming the
fastest woodcutting xp which also was AFK. This day also introduced a new tutorial, Unstable
Foundations, removing Tutorial Island once again as the game tutorial, though the island
would still remain in the game, inaccessible by players. Just a week later on the 23rd of September,
Jagex released Living Rock Caverns, allowing for fast and AFK mining and fishing XP. The
same month, the quarry mining method was nerfed when Jagex removed a rock that would’ve
allowed faster XP gains than in the living rock caverns, symbolising the start of the
social skilling era. On the 1st of October 2009, Jagex released
the display name system which allowed players to change their in-game name. This was also
a huge step towards better account security, as a lot of players in-game names would be
different to the login name. However, this also created a black market for name trading. On the 23rd of January 2010, all players online
at the time were forced to perform an emote called the ‘Strange Power’, giving the
text box message “You feel a strange power unleash itself upon you.” The emote would
also automatically turn players to face the Wilderness.
The event causing a large conspiracy hunt for its purpose. At the time, this started
the largest mystery in the games lore, where the forums would be packed with people trying
to find its cause. On the 22nd of February, Daemonheim was released,
which was also revealed to be the location all players affected by the Strange Power
would turn to face. Around this time in 2010, Jagex were looking
in to the way hitpoints worked. Due to the system at the time, Jagex ex perienced that
some players would feel demotivated due to seeing zeros or splash hits, when in reality
you would hit below 1, but not a zero. To showcase hits with more accuracy, Jagex decided
to increase the number of hitpoints by ten, where a player could now have a maximum of
990 hitpoints in combat. To avoid confusion with this change, hitpoints were renamed lifepoints,
and the skill changed its name from Hitpoints to Constitution.
This change was added to Runescape on the 3rd of March 2010, together with the addition
of the lobby, allowing players to hop worlds without having to log in all over again. The
Hitpoints change caused a riot on world 66 due to Jagex seemingly making the change without
a reason, in addition to being very vague when answering to it. On the 12th of March, the first bonus XP weekend
was announced, which caused panic in the Runescape community as the players thought this would
crash the Runescape economy. Gertjaars was first to 2 billion xp, which
he achieved on April 11th 2010, but his rank 1 supremacy did not last long, as the day
after, on the 12th of April, Dungeoneering was released and he decided to quit the game.
Dungeoneering was also the first skill one could level up to 120.
Also S Diamant Y era as the best free to play player came to an end as she decided not to
train the new skill, and would be overtaken by the player El popo1 a few months later. On the 14th of April 2010, a huge bug occured
which allowed players to gain extremely fast runecrafting XP in Dungeoneering, causing
Jagex to shut down the servers and proceed with a full game rollback to an earlier moment.
This was the first time in the games history which caused Jagex to roll the game back due
to a bug. On the 7th of May 2010, Skiller 703 achieved
99 Dungeoneering and was at this point the rank 1 player in Runescape. On the way to
120 he was passed by a number of players who would achieve the top of the hiscores, amongst
them Mintella, Fredmcgarry and Elias, until the dust settled on Telmomarques. On the 25th of May 2010, Jagex launched their
first game client, allowing players to play the game in a client rather than in the browser,
which Runescape had been known for since its origins in 2001. On the 15th of June 2010 Jagex released the
Ancient Effigies which would have a large negative outcome on skilling competitions
as players could save up as many as they wanted in their banks, some players having 200 effigies.
Various assist services had to shut down as players would come to them and use the volunteer
players assists to use effigies, meaning they could no longer help players with a low levels
due to this kind of griefing. XP records were also no longer legit as players
couldn’t tell the difference between efficient skilling and who had just saved up their effigies
over time. In august 2010 Jagex hosted the first ever
real life event being Runefest. Close to the event, Jagex made the decision to refund every
attendee for their ticket money, worried that the event was going to disappoint. Instead,
it was a major success. On the 22nd of August 2010, Temomarques achieved
120 Dungeoneering and became rank 1 on the hiscores, a position that would be switching
with Elias for quite some time. On the 24th of November 2010, Jagex changed
the login system to where new players now had to log in with email instead of their
username. On the 1st of December, Phoenix Odin achieves
200 million runecrafting xp, being the second longest time in between the skill release
and somebody getting 200 million xp with 7 years. The the skill that took longest between
release and 200 million xp was magic, where nobody maxed it out before in 2009, 8 years
after its release. In december 2010, founder of Runescape Andrew
Gower sold his stakes in Jagex and left the board of directors, as he no longer wanted
the stress of being responsible for a large company. He would however attempt to continue
as an advisor of sorts, though he was no longer officially a part of Jagex. Because he was
no longer in charge, his word and advise wouldn’t be taken as much in to consideration for the
game, eventually leading to him not being as involved with Jagex any more. In later
years, he would regret selling his stakes, calling it a mistake. On the 21st of December 2010, Jdelacroix acheived
120 Dungeoneering and takes the number 1 spot on the hiscores. On the same day, Jagex announced a vote where
people could have their say in the return of the Wilderness and free trade.
The poll was highly controversial as there was only an option to vote “yes”, where
Jagex stated that there was no need for a no option as those who didn’t want it could
simply just not vote. An other issue was that players didn’t have to log in to vote, but
could simply write in any account name which would count towards a vote. Due to these major
issues for abusing the polls, confusing aspects and overall poor execution, Jagex released
a new poll on the 24th of December 2010, re-counting the votes with various safeguards put in place. On the 10th of January, the Nex boss was released.
This was the very first boss with a combat level of 1000. It was also advertised as the
first non-soloable boss. The poll closed on January 14th with 1,2 million
votes and 91% of them being yes. On the 17th of January Jagex announced the return of Wilderness
and free trade. Bounty hunter worlds was removed on 1 february
2011 when Wilderness PvP returned. 12th of April 2011, Clans were introduced
with a new and improved system. The old clan chat system was re-named to friends chat. On the 3rd of May the Max and Completionist
capes were released; Castle Wars was the first player to obtain the trimmed completionist
cape as he suggested several of the requirements, an achievement he got no more than 20 minutes
after the update and was alone with that for nearly 3 months. On the 28th of June 2011, the Loyalty programme
was introduced together with auras and the aura slot. On the 26th of July, Clan Citadels was introduced. On the 6th of August 2011, bug abusers managed
to obtain a J-Mod only tool for a short period of time through pickpocketing Mod Chrisso
in Stealing Creation. The item, called rotten potato, had been revealed through Runefest
the year before and served nothing but cosmetic powers, but this was the first time in 10
years since a normal player had in one way or another managed to get J-mod powers on
a regular account. On the 25th of October 2011, the bot-nuke
event called ClusterFlutterer was announced, being a massive update to the Runescape servers
in order to fight botting. Its massive success removed 99,9% of bots
from the game, where 12 million bots were banned in matter of 5 days. Popular gold-farming
countries had gone from hundreds of thousands of accounts a month to as few as 953.
Mark Gerhard stated that banned accounts amde up for 40% of the player base. In September 2011, Suomi would take the rank
1 spot on the hiscores. On the 7th of November 2011; One Piercing
Note was released as the first voice-acted quest in Runescape. On the 22nd of November, Jagex removed free
players from the hiscore in an attempt to hide bots and inactive players from the hiscores.
This removed all competition for the free to play community, which caused several top-ranked
free to play players to either quit or subscribe. This was the end for El popo1, the best free
to play player, who subscribed after this update. On the 28th of February, Squeal of Fortune
was released but without the MTX perspective, at the time seeming like an innocent update. On the 13th of march 2012, Lodestones was
added to the game, allowing players to teleport for free around the surface world. On the 2nd of April 2012, Jagex introduced
microtransactions through buyable spins. Major riots ensued where the question of gambling
and the topic of real world trading was brought up. Behind the scenes, several Jagex moderators
were not happy with the addition of microtransactions, which also caused Paul Gower to leave the
company, as he did not stand for an addition he had promised not to implement as far back
as in 2001. On the 30th of April 2012, the Runespan was
released, making it the fastest runecrafting XP in the game. On the 4th of May 2012, CEO Mark Gerhard released
a statement claiming the Squeal of Fortune was appreciated by 90% of the community and
therefore the most successful piece of content in the history of Runescape. He also claimed
no players bought their way to success and said it was not possible with its design. Around this time, Jagex looked at ways to
improve the gameplay experience. By talking to the players who left Runescape, the largest
piece of feedback they received was that combat was boring. After planning and development,
Jagex announced the upcoming evolution of combat beta on the 11th of May 2012, and on
the 26th of June the beta was launched for 50,000 runescape players. On the 10th of May 2012, Bonfires are released,
which was the end of the traditional line firemaking, and a step towards the social
skilling aspect. On the 17th of july 2012, the Solomon’s
General Store was released, allowing players to buy cosmetic outfits with real life money,
expanding Jagex’ approach to microtransactions. On the 19th of July, Jagex passed 200 million
registered accounts. On the 26th of September 2012, Jagex released
a new bot-catching system called Botwatch, which was designed to automatically detect
and ban bots. The program was designed by previous bot-creator and owner of RSbuddy,
Jacmob . However, the day after on the 27th of September,
a tweak in its code accidentally catched around 40,000 innocent players. Thousands received
permanent bans, where some would be teleported to random locations. Some would receive stat
resets, where others were unable to trade and drop items. The bug was fixed after an
hour, and Jagex started unbanning all affected players. After this, the system proved to
be highly efficient. On the 20th of November 2012, the Evolution
of Combat was launched, being the most controversial and damaging update since the removal of Wilderness
pvp in December of 2007, as the system had several issues and ultimately killed what
pvp community that had returned after Wilderness returned in 2011. Following the update, a
large number of player rioted and quit the game. In short time, a private server called
2006scape gained popularity with over 500,000 registered accounts. However, it was shut
down on the 2nd of January 2013 due to legal engagement from Jagex. On January 24th 2013, player and Youtuber
So Wreck3d created a video challenging Jagex decision to release the EOC, asking players
to sign a petition to release pre-EOC servers back in to Runescape. On the 1st of february 2013 Mod Mark released
a forum thread talking about the community’s energic engagement in the way Runescape was
presented in 2006. When mentioning the idea of opening oldschool servers of Runescape
to Andrew Gower, he supported the idea profoundly. In the following days, Jagex would attempt
to restore old backup files at the company, looking for old snapshots of the game. After
finding a viable version from the 10th of August 2007, a poll was released on February
13th allowing the community to vote for the return of a pre-EOC server. The polls quickly gained votes, and already
on the 18th of February it was announced that Oldschool Runescape would be released. At the time, Jagex had no hopes the se rvers
would be any successful and estimated its lifespan to be around 6 months. With this
in mind, the very first thing the new Oldschool J-Mod team decided to do was to break the
unwritten rules of Runescape and drop rare items, tell players everything and kill players
in the Wilderness. Then finally on the 22nd of February 2013,
Oldschool Runescape was released, ending the poll on march 1st with 449,351 votes. The old Runescape servers was simply a copy
of the game as it was in 2007. With the same code and same game, it also included the same
bugs. In the actual year 2007, a major bug was in the game that allowed players to disconnect
others through the use of an alt-code. As this was patched at a later date in 2007,
the bug was still active when the oldschool servers opened. Because of this, players would
disconnect each other when fighting in the Wilderness or Duel Arena. The bug was quickly
patched, however. Already on the 28th of February 2013, player
Atrate would be the first in the game to achieve a 99, being Thieving, followed by 10th Vongola
on march 1st getting 99 cooking. On the 4th of March, Runescape released The
World Wakes, a quest which would introduce a new age in Runescape lore. The game had
previously taken place in the 5th age following the lore, which now would transition in to
the 6th age, where all previously released quests would have taken place in the supposed
past. On the 18th of March 2013, Suomi became the
first player to achieve 5 billion xp in Runescape, and all stats to 200 million xp, being 600
million xp over rank 2. On the 22nd of March 2013, Jagex announced
the upcoming release of Runescape 3, a game version that would be much more immerse with
the use of HTML5 graphics. Following that, on the 29th of March registration
for the Runescape 3 beta was opened, which allowed players to test and provide feedback. On the 24th of April, RuneScape is released
in Spanish as its fifth language. The Spanish version would not survive very long though
as it was shut down in November the next year. On the 3rd of July 2013, Vorago was released,
making it the toughest boss in the game at the time. On the 18th of July, Oldschool player Jebrim
achieved 92 attack and with this beat player Jabberwonky to rank 1 overall on the Oldschool
Runescape hiscores. On the 22nd of July 2013 Runescape 3 was released
together with the first world event as a new event-type update where players would contribute
to a massive ongoing battle in Lumbridge. The results would have lasting impact on the
design of the city area. The update did not include the previously announced HTML5 as
this was not ready. Around this time, local moderators was introduced
to Runescape. Having a purple crown, they would represent foreign partners with Jagex
and act as community management members for other language servers. Much like a player
moderator, they could also use specific tools to organize and run in-game events. On the 16th of August 2013, the player behind
the original engagement to open up Oldschool Runescape, So Wreck3d, was hired by Jagex
together with two other video makers. His moderator name would be Mod Wreck3d, hired
to manage various social media channels with the two others.
Just two days later, on the 18th of August, a video was uploaded to YouTube with a voice
recording from a skype call where what sounded like So Wreck3d saying outrageous things about
other Jagex moderators, how he will abuse his powers and admits to various rulebreaking,
causing So Wreck3d to get dismissed from his role at Jagex. On the 20th of August 2013, Divination was
released and Suomi would start competing to keep his position of rank 1 on the hiscores. 29th of August 2013, Im Choice was first to
achieve 99 Divination. Already on the 30th of August, player Drumgun
would achieve 99 Divination and temporarily hold the rank 1 spot on the hiscores, competing
with players Jake and Suomi. Jake would over the next week take over the top spot of the
hiscores when he maxed. On the 5th of September 2013, Oldschool Runescape
received its first original update being the Nightmare Zone. After research from Jagex, they found that
over 50% of the active player base had purchased gold from real world traders at some point
in their Runescape careers. Seeing this as an issue, Jagex decided to act on it, and
on the 25th of September 2013, bonds was introduced to Runescape as a method of defeating gold
farming. Following their statistics, this decreased real world trading by 61%, and gold
transferred through real world trading went down by 81%. On the 27th of October 2013, Jebrim IV was
the first player to achieve 99 in all skills on Oldschool Runescape. On the 2nd of November 2013, at Runefest 3,
Jagex announced that the HTML5 client was not going to be available on browser.
On the same date, Jake would win a Golden Gnome for being the best player in Runescape
3. At the very same point this was announced live on Twitch, Suomi re-gained rank 1 on
the hiscores. On the 12th of December 2013, CEO Mark Gerhard
or Mod MMG was forced to resign from the Jagex board of directors after the board wanted
to increase MTX in Runescape, something MMG tried to fight. Due to his contract, he would
remain CEO for another year after the decision to remove MMG was made. The day after on 13th of December 2013, Drumgun
was the first player to achieve 200 million xp in Divination but would still be rank 2
under Suomi, who would be millions xp ahead. Suomi did however stop training Divination
after 20 million xp. On december 28th 2013, player Vestfold would
achieve rank 1 on the Oldschool hiscores, beating player User who had held rank 1 for
about a month at that time, and would establish himself as the best Oldschool player for a
long period of time. On the 20th of January 2014, Jagex reworked
Squeal of Fortune by renaming it and giving it a new design, now calling it Treasure Hunter. On the 28th April, master capes are released
for skills at virtual level 120. This made skilling past level 99 more interesting as
each skill now a new reward to unlock past level 99. On the 1st of May 2014, Jagex released portable
skill stations to Runescape, revolutionising the way skilling would work as this would
allow players to skill directly next to banks in large groups, being a huge step in the
social skilling era. On the 14th of May 2014, Drumgun passed Suomi
on the Runescape 3 hiscores, becoming the new rank 1 overall.
Already on the 2nd of July 2014, Drumgun achieved 200 million xp in Farming and with that 5.2
billion xp, making him permanently rank 1 until a new skill would eventually be released. 14th of July 2014, Legacy Mode was released
to reinstate the old combat feel. On the 22th of September 2014, Runescape 3
released Prifddinas after it’s been visible on the world map for the previous 10 years,
being one of the most anticipated updates in Runescape history. In october 2014 during RuneFest, Jagex announced
that the upcoming HTML5 client which was supposed to be released with Runescape 3 was scrapped
due to lacking support from browsers, and the team now worked on a different client
to improve the games graphics and performance due to the difficulty and aging of Java. On the 13th of October 2014, both Runescape
3 and Oldschool released the Ironman mode, allowing players to start the game as self-sufficient
players without the possibility to trade others. An additional mode, Hardcore ironman, made
it so the player only had one “life”, and by that would lose their account if they
died in-game. The modes were heavily inspired by live streaming content from players such
as B0aty and Faux Freedom. On the 18th of December 2014, player and content
creator Sick Nerd hit rank 1 on the Oldschool hiscores, beating Vestfold after an entire
year. On the 8th of January 2015, Oldschool runescape
received its first boss, being the snake Zulrah. On the 26th of February 2015, Oldschool introduced
Grand Exchange after the community voted to bring it in. On the 13th of March 2015, the first Runescape
3 ironman would achieve 99 in all skills, being the player Dreyri. On the 23rd of March, Dimension of Disaster
was released as the 200th quest. On 30th of march 2015, Oldschool received
bonds, meaning players could get membership for in-game gp, aswell as bonds for real life
cash. Though this was an introduction to microtransactions in Oldschool, it allowed the game to open
up for free to play servers. On the 21st of April 2015, Mod Reach was fired
from Jagex for unknown reasons, though it is suspected he attempted to implement a bug
in the game that would’ve caused serious damage to the Oldschool economy. On the 13th of July, Raids was released with
its bosses, Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru. On the 14th of August 2015, player Lynx Titan,
formerly known as Forsberg888, achieved 99 range and hit rank 1 on the Oldschool hiscores.
Being rank 2 in Runescape 3 for a period of time, just losing to Drumgun, he was almost
the only person to achieve rank 1 in both game versions. On the 16th of September Jagex released a
third game version, Darkscape, attempting a free-to-play open world pvp kinda Runescape. Around this time, the Local moderators wearing
purple crowns were removed from the game. On the 5th of October, Runescape 3 received
virtual levelling, allowing players to get cosmetic levels up to 120, though 99 is still
the max level in most skills. On the 13th of October 2015, the first Oldschool
Ironman achieved 99 in all skills, being Lezley. On the 29th of October 2015 Oldschool released
the Deadman mode, a game mode where pvp would be enabled all over the game world. In september 2015, Oldschool Runescape passed
Runescape 3 in average players online, becoming the most popular game of the two. On the 14th of September, Runescape 3 player
Llama Ore was the first normal ironman to achieve trimmed completionist cape. On the 7th of January 2016, Oldschool released
Zeah, a new continent. This was the largest map-extension added that was not a part of
Runescape 3. On the 21st of January, Runescape 3 player
Sausage was the first hardcore ironman to trimmed completionist cape. On the 25th of January 2016. Runescape 3 released
Invention, introducing a new XP curve in the form of an elite skill.
On 26th of January 2016, not 24 hours after release, Scuzzy achieved 99 Invention followed
by 120 on the 27th, 48 hours after release. Scuzzy would be racing for the final 200 million
xp, but would lose to player “le me” after an intense race. Le me would gain insane amount
of xp over the first few days by using handcannons, which he had several thousands of after a
bad investment when legacy mode was announced in 2014. On the 31st of January 2016, he would
gain rank 1 on the hiscores with 5,4 billion xp, being the first player to achieve that
amount of xp. On march 9th 2016 Jagex announced the Deadman
Invitational for Oldschool, a tournament where only the 2000 best Deadman mode players could
compete for 10,000 dollars. On the 21st the tournament servers opened, and after its ending,
YaNeverLearn ran off with the first victory as announced on march 29th. On the 28th of March 2016, Darkscape was closed
due to lack of interest. Players who had spent over 10 hours on it would receive an XP cache
which would grant them half the xp they had achieved in Darkscape, over to the real game.
They would also receive a special cape. On the 6th of June 2016, both Runescape 3
and Oldschool Runescape released an event to commemorate the Falador Massacre by releasing
each their Durial321. Runescape 3 would in addition to this add in Cursed You, a player
spoof of the first player to gain 99 Construction, and a replica of his player owned house at
the time of the event in 2006. On the 25th of July 2016, Runescape 3 received
the Eastern Lands, a continent that had been rumored in game content as far back as in
2005. This update included several pieces of high-level skilling content. On the 22nd August, skilling pets are released. And on the 12th of September 2016, Jagex passed
250 million created accounts. On the 17th of September, Jagex announced
expansions as their new update formula, where the release of Menaphos would be their first. On the 25th of October 2016, Ian Gower would
leave Jagex, being the final Runescape founder to leave the company. 11th of November 2016, player Iron Seto was
the first hardcore ironman to achieve the final boss title, requiring him to have killed
every boss 100 times and not die a single time. On the 1st of June 2017, Oldschool Runescape
received the Inferno, a hardcore PvM challenge similar to the fight caves, together with
a new city called Mor Ul Rek. On the 5th of June 2017, Runescape 3 received
Menaphos as their first expansion; a huge city with mid-level tier skilling options
and quests. Menaphos had been available on the world map since 2005, but had not been
accessible until then. With the update, the slayer skill was increased to level 120. The
Soul Altar was also released, which for the first time made it possible to craft soul
runes outside the ZMI altar. On the 14th of June, player FinDerp was the
first Runescape 3 ironman to the Insane Final Boss title, requiring him to kill every boss
100 times, and obtain all boss pets. On the 7th of July 2017, Jagex cancelled future
expansions for Runescape 3 due to them taking up too much time. In return, they announced
the start of unfinished business; an update strategy where Jagex would start working on
unfinished content and bugs in the game, updating Runescape to a better state and releasing
previously promised content. On the 17th of July 2017 Jagex announced the
upcoming Runescape apps on mobile, which would allow players to play on their iOS and Android
devices. On the 20th of August 2017, Runescape 3 player
Meneer Naab was the first free to play player to achieve 200 million xp in all free to play
stats. On the 9th of October, the Fletching skill
was made accessible for free to play players after having been a pay to play since its
release in 2002. On the 27th of October 2017, Oldschool announced
a new game mode competition named King of the Skill, where players would have 24 hours
of play time over the course a month to gain the most XP in a skill. On 15th of November 2017, Oldschool published
an article about protecting game integrity, announcing a set of changes which would be
made in order to defeat or challenge bots. This was changes such as adding quest requirements
to use popular tools. Jagex also requested feedback and ideas from the community to what
changes should be made. On November 29th 2017, a video was uploaded
by players Total Terror, Take and Chris through the Oldschool clan Frontline, exposing Jagex
moderator Mod Jed of abusing his position of power for the clan Reign of Terror, such
as releasing player IP addresses while in Duel Arena or during Deadman mode tournaments,
or leaking information for upcoming Oldschool updates as far back as in march 2016. On the morning after, on the 30th of November,
Mod Jed was moved in to a meeting with company seniors at Jagex HQ, where he was questioned
about the allegations. Jeds defense consisted of him claiming the evidence provided in the
exposing was faked or manipulated to make him look guilty. During Jagex investigations, not enough evidence
was found to fire him, though enough was found to raise suspicion. A decision was made to
claim they found no evidence of wrongdoing, and let Jed continue as normal, whilst closely
monitoring his behaviour. He was moved to the Oldschool mobile team, where he could
do less damage. On december first, Jagex put out a statement
saying the rumors were investigated and proven false. However, Mod Jed did tweet saying he
would no longer be a member with Reign of Terror. A few days later, on the 4th of December 2017,
a new deadman mode seasonal finale took place, and Reign of Terror lost after having 6 wins
prior to Mod Jed being moved from the deadman mode team. In the following weeks after the video was
uploaded, several players from the clan that exposed Mod Jed would get hijacked, where
up to 17 accounts would lose all their wealth; some which would be hijacked twice. When in
addition the usernames would be changed to ROT-related terms, there was no doubt who
was behind the series of revenge-hackings. Several of the accounts would be banned for
botting as the hijacker would bot the accounts in order for them to get banned. An anonymous
J-Mod source was working closely with Frontline clan member Total Terror, and unbanned their
accounts. Through a new internal investigation of these
events, Mod Jed was again not found guilty, as he did not personally perform the account
hijackings. On the 3rd of february 2018, local moderators
were re-introduced to Runescape 3 with a new name, being community partners. Their new
roles involved in managing the forum moderators. In march 2018, the average player count on
Oldschool would be twice the average player count on Runescape 3. On the 24th of April 2018, an error occurred
when Jagex switched the Deadman designated world, causing a free-for-all PKing option
to suddenly become available on world 347. When you die in Deadman mode, you lose some
of your XP, making the error potentially extremely damaging.
Only three players were killed during the two minutes the pvp option was available,
most notably player Deyomash, who due to the XP loss now holds level 98 herblore with a
herblore skill cape, having achieved 99 herblore a short time before he got killed. The first batch of integrity changes would
be implemented to Oldschool on June 1st 2018, which would make it more difficult for bots
to abuse popular content in the game. On july 12th of 2018, oldschool player Mazrim
lol posted a thread to the Oldschool reddit claiming Jagex had an uncovered security breach
regarding their accounts, as several players with high wealth were getting hacked despite
good account security. The total wealth stolen from accounts at the time would translate
to over 100,000 US dollars, underlining the severity of the situation. The players responding
to the thread would call Mazrim paranoid, claiming his account security had to be lacking. On 6th of August 2018, Jagex closed down the
Runescape classic servers once and for all, making it no longer accessible. When the system
update countdown started, streamer and classic veteran Titus Furious broke down crying while
livestreaming on Twitch. Jagex, moved by Titus’ engagement for the game, cancelled the update
and delayed the closing for a little while, allowing Titus to finish Legend’s Quest,
the final Runescape classic quest, before shutting down the servers. This was the first
time Jagex cancelled a system update timer, let alone for a single player. Oldschool moderator Mod Jed was in the same
month connected to a series of hijackings and information leaks through IP addresses
that would match with affected accounts. On the 20th of September 2018, Jagex made
a statement announcing the dismissing of Mod Jed, despite claiming hi s innocence 10 months
prior. Jagex proceeded to return wealth to accounts who had been compromised by Jed,
causing several billion gp to return to a range of high-wealth players. Police got involved
in the situation, as Mod Jeds actions rigged several competitions with thousands of dollars
involved, leaked player information and have broken the Jagex non disclosure agreement
contract, all crimes that together would equal theft of several hundred thousand dollars.
This is to date the largest in-house scandal at Jagex. On October 30th, Oldschool Runescape was released
on mobile phones, and player counts hit records numbers up to 150,000 players online at one
point. With nearly 100,000 average players online in November 2018, Oldschool Runescape
had four times the average playerbase than Runescape 3. All of this brings us to today. It’s been
an exciting journey through the past two decades, and there is no reason to suggest Runescape
will be going anywhere soon, with an exciting future to come. Le me still holds the top of the hiscores
in Runescape 3, currently going for various achievements and titles, though he will likely
lose rank 1 once a new skill is released. At the time of making this video, there are
still no hardcore ironmen who have claimed the Insane Final Boss title. Lynx Titan is after 3 years still rank 1 on
Oldschool Runescape, and as of this video is extremely close to be the first player
to achieve 200 million xp in all skills, with a whooping 4,6 billion xp with no sign of
slowing down after this. Oldschool thrives after the release of mobile,
with an incredible rise in new and returning players, where Runescape 3 is set to receive
mobile in the near future, which might boost their playerbase as well. As of this video, the game is yet to officially
leave its beta stage, as Jagex never announced that Runescape was fully released. Though,
one can think Runescape 2 was supposed to be just that. I have to say this have been an extremely
exciting trip for me as well. Researching the history of Runescape have been incredible.
I’ve learned a lot I didn’t know about the game, and I truly hope you enjoyed the
timeline as much as I did making it. Runescape have been a part of my life since
2004, and as cliché as it might sound, playing this game is the best thing I have ever done,
and I hope I am right to predict a bright future for the brand that is Runescape, both
for the sake of the game that I love, and because it’d be sad to see I’ve wasted
14 years of my life. But you know. I want to give a final huge shoutout to all
the sources for the video. A month of interviews and research have gone in to this project,
and I’m very happy to have worked with such a huge diversity of people. A list of all
sources can be found in the description below. My name is Will Miss It, and thanks for watching.

23 thoughts on “RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998 – 2018

  1. I think I joined RS around 2003. My username contained "host" which for you young people was a common name for mods in other websites or chatroom. This comment has aged me.

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