Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Lost Not Found

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Lost Not Found

Burnie: I also remember the first time we ever got a check from GameStop when they started selling our DVDs retail and Geoff lost it. I handed him the check becuase it was like, the biggest check either of us had ever seen in person, turn around, do a full revolution and go “Where’s the check go?” and he goes “I dunno” Gavin and Gus: *laughs* Burnie: “Where’s the check? Where is it?” I mean, we hunted up and down the street looking for that check we were going to lunch to celebrate. Gavin: You handed it to him in the street? Burnie: I handed it to him in the car. And then we get out of the car and I go, “I need the check back” and he goes “I don’t have it” Gavin: *laughs* Burnie: My kid does that! Like Teddy, my youngest, who is the most irresponsible kid on the planet He takes off his shoes and then he loses them and then he puts it on you like, “Where are my shoes? Where are my shoes?” and I’d be like “I don’t know where your damn shoes are, they’re your shoes!” So one time, he had one shoe on at the end of a movie and we hunted up and down the rows for his other goddamn shoe and finally we found it, not down three rows, up three rows. Gus: How does that happen? Burnie: I don’t even know, I don’t even know. So I put down, tie his shoe, then we go walking, we walked three steps down, he’s crying so I turn around and go “why?” and he goes “I lost my shoes!” He literally– this is not a joke! We went 40 feet and then he didn’t have his shoes anymore; he didn’t know where they were. Gus and Gavin: *laughs*

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  1. The thing about losing stuff is that it always ends up in strange places. I remember once a few years ago I was at my parent's office with my two sisters and we were all trading Pokémon on our 3DS's. We were doing that for about an hour, and then I went to the bathroom and when I came back my 3DS was gone. I asked my sisters where it was, and they had no idea. We searched for about 20 minutes and didn't find it, so we just gave up and eventually went home. I thought "okay, next time I go to my parents' office I will look for it.

    Fast forward two days, and I still haven't been back at the office, I was at my house, and my parents told me to gather the trash. I went up to my younger sister's room, and in her room was my 3DS. I figured maybe she found it and forgot to give it back, but where I found it was under a pile of all her old school stuff from a previous year. So, when I got it, I went down to my younger sister and asked "when did you find my 3DS? It was under all your old school supplies!" She replied "I don't remember ever having it."

    How does that even happen?

  2. Story time: we were almost late for school on one occasion because my little brother (about 4 then) hid his shoe and some car keys in our playmobile castle dungeon…worst excuse ever, no one believed us. It took forever to find his shoe of course and we were late

  3. That reminds me of when I was a kid and I was in a car with my parents, what happened was the window was down and I guess I was mad and I took a shoe off and threw it out the window and my parents didn't notice until we got to a rest stop and my dad literally went up and down the whole road to find my other shoe XD

    Btw I was like 3 so I wasn't in TO much trouble XD

  4. Used to do the same thing. Lost my shoes at my friends church and her mom was freaking out bc she was could not find them. The pastor got back on stage and asked if anyone had seen a little girls shoes. No one said anything, but outside the door on the bench they were sitting perfectly side by side, we found them that way after we gave up looking.

  5. I would tell him that loosing his shoes is his own fault and he has to make do walking with no shoes on maybe purposefully take him on paths that have gravel and large pebbles to teach him a lesson XD

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