Rockstar Sale, FREE Games & Apex Legends Season 1

Rockstar Sale, FREE Games & Apex Legends Season 1

Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
so I’ve got a few things to cover today so I thought I’d make a quick video we
have a couple of free games some sales on grand theft auto and other rockstar
games on Humble a couple of deals on Steam and I’ve also wanted to mostly
talk about the season 1 wild frontier coming to Apex legends today later today
so the battle pass so yeah so let’s quickly have a look at a few deals and
then we will talk about that so first we have the Rockstar sale on humble so you
have all your games published by Rockstar Grand Theft Auto all those
games and they are quite reasonable here so you have GTA 5 $14.99 the premium
online edition $14.99 then you have the collection of all the previous GTA games
so you have grand theft auto 3, vice city san andreas, IV, tales from Liberty City
all of that Niko and Roman then you have the criminal enterprise pack which
is a bit more expensive now remember you’ll also get another 10% on top if
you are humble monthly subscribers so this will be even cheaper $13.49 roughly so
you can consider that you have LA noire which is only $7 not bad I guess GTA 5
is also $7 max payne, max payne 2, yeah so mostly its the GTA 5 bundles that
should be interesting to people and I would say maybe something like this the
premium online edition I don’t know what else do they give you with all of this
but seems like a good deal so yeah have a look at this if you want to pick up
GTA or any of the other rockstar games the Humble Indie bundle is going to end
today so if you are still interested have a look as I mentioned when this
bundle came out I think only the $1 tier makes sense but the second one can also
be justified if you want tooth and tail or getting over it with Bennett Foddy because
it’s not too expensive at $4.18 but yeah pick up the $1 tier if you are
interested it ends today and there’ll be another bundle and if it’s really good
then I’ll make a separate video on it on fanatical we have a nice deal on
deadlight only one dollar and four cents 93% of so this is a nice game two and a
half D platformer type set in a zombie apocalypse in 1986 I really like
this game and also this game is also in the humble trove so if you are a monthly
subscriber you can download it for free from there and save the money oh yeah its
only $1 but there’s also a Director’s Cut version so this is the
original version I don’t think there’s much difference apart from some
graphical changes but it was barely noticeable so anyway check this out yeah
now the free game this game is called Estranged Act II early access
exploration indie action game and I mentioned this on discord yesterday
how did not know if this was big enough to make a separate video so this I
believe is a half-life 2 mod and as you can see is free I don’t know how long
this is for if this is permanently free that is also an Act one obviously and
that is a free to play game and you can install that and then get the second one
if you want it and yeah it looks alright it’s free so if you are a fan of
half-life and you want to see what this looks like
it does look ok to be honest and have a look it’s got positive reviews as well
so both these are free one and two check them out if you’re interested
we have one deal on Steam that was interesting and it is the Bioshock
collection 436 rupees $14.99 75% off so pick this up if you don’t have any other
Bioshock games because these are a great set of games and you can have a look at
I did recently play Bioshock Infinite
one of the annoying things here is that if you have the game let’s say I have
BioShock Infinite I still have to buy the whole bundle I
don’t know how that works I’ll probably still buy it and if they give me a
second copy I can gift the BioShock Infinite game to somebody but they don’t
give you like a discount if you already have something because a lot of bundles
do that this one doesn’t and finally wanted to share my thoughts
on the season one battle pass coming to Apex legends today 10:00 a.m. Pacific
time 19th of March so basically you have the pass for nine hundred and fifty
coins so not too bad I guess that’s $10 for thousand coins and yeah I
actually had a thousand coins when I started playing the game because I was
an origin access member so they had given me her thousand coins
I used the 750 or so to buy Mirage but yeah so that’s the main thing I don’t
really know what the difference is unleash your inner beast so this is the
battle pass and for 2800 you unlock the 25 that was okay that’s a bit annoying
but yeah if you want to skip the grind let’s say so what you get is sort of
first and foremost you get these skins the
what is this wraith survivor skin Mirage outlaw skin and Lifeline Revolutionary
skin so these are the three skins and I think in my opinion in my honest opinion
these are absolutely terrible now look look at these skins like is this
something you would give as a reward because I don’t consider this as a
reward it just makes messed up their faces a bit and apparently this is
something so special that you people should spend money or know these look
terrible so anyway so you’ll get these and if you
are not buying the pass you still get some free stuff you’ll get one wild
frontier skin for the new legend oh by the way there’s a new legend dropping
Octane five apex packs and 18 wild frontier stat trackers okay sure enough
so yeah they also had the there are some whereby I could see what the reward
tiers were so yeah so first up you’ll get a new legend now you can buy him
using the tokens I hope they haven’t increased the price because the previous
guys they were 12,000 tokens each Mirage and Caustic so I had used the 12000
to pick up caustic but I haven’t used him at all the yeah so 12000 would be
fine because I’ve been playing a lot I have like well over 20,000 so should be
fine and there’s only one legend so Octane and I guess most people can
grind and get that there was a breakdown for the battle pass where they
showed you are you here so 1 to 6 you get these skins and yeah I get one you
get the skins season 1 killing some skins in true 7 to 14
you get coins I think I don’t know how many I got a skin XP banner none of
these look good or maybe they should have made them a bit bigger the skins
of the guns there are not many skins that actually look good if I am honest
some more coins I guess they were it must be like 10-20 coins they’re
probably not going to give more than that there you get something
like this so I’m guessing you’ll get some purple tier rewards nice rewards
Mozambique skin who uses the Mozambique to be better then what else do we have more XP
more coins I don’t know nothing looks good enough em I mean I’m mostly
interested in gun skins and at level 44 we have skills for alternators so again
nothing and see here yeah they really need to do something about this it’s
okay this one might look okay okay and I’m not really impressed by the
gun skins again so you have these things here yeah
I’m honestly skins look very bad even here in the 90s we have nothing
particularly then we have skin for a Havoc again nothing special it looks okay
this one part it’s only okay it’s not great so yeah I guess when it launches
later today we’ll see if we can see the skins more closely and see if I said
well about these skins are horrible these look terrible it’s like kids are
just messed up their faces but anyway let me know your thoughts are you going
to pick this up I might pick it up because I like to support free-to-play
games and this is a good game I did the same thing with warframe because when I
played a lot of it I decided to spend some money and buy some of the stuff
just to show my support to the dev so that they keep going and yeah I’ll do
the same for this as well I did spend $5.00 and pick up the founders pack was
it – nothing yeah just just to get some just to show
some support basically so I might do that as well although I think the
rewards are absolutely horrible but yeah I don’t mind supporting the devs of a
good game but yeah that’s it for this one pick up the free games let me know
what you think about the season one pass I’m more excited about the new Legend
and see what kind of guy he is but yeah other than that yeah thank you
for watching see you at the next one

28 thoughts on “Rockstar Sale, FREE Games & Apex Legends Season 1

  1. ⭐ Humble Rockstar Games Sale:

    ⭐ Deadlight On Sale for one $1.04 (Fanatical):
    (Affiliate Links)
    ⭐Estranged Act II: FREE on Steam:

  2. kinda sucks that on humble when the game devs have their own platform you get the code for their platform and not steam

  3. Oh , that's a nice offer from rockstar games , but you know what , I have already torrented Vice city , liberty city and san Andreas 2 years ago . So. ……… Uh yeah

  4. Seems to be a method of getting 1000 free apex coins, so you can get the battle pass for free, couple of youtubers have uploaded about it, gaming Taylor is the main one. Might be worth making a video on if it doesn’t get patched

  5. I really wanted to buy Bioshock Collection but I already have Infinite.. Why can't I buy the bundle without it?? 😠😡

  6. Hey, just to let you know, there are some free games being given away on indie gala every two weeks, but they aren't steam games nor do they look very promising, but they're free, so you might want to check out

  7. Those Apex skins were indeed terrible. The sad part about it is that people will still spend money on ugly skins like that, simply because they feel special or unique using them. In my not so humble opinion. 😜
    Btw, steam differentiates between "packages" and "bundles." The price for packages doesn't change according to what you own and you do not get extra copies or keys for the games you already own. Bundles are the ones that change in price according to what you own. So if you own one of the games in a bundle, the price of that game is deducted from the bundle's price.

  8. In a previous video you mentioned you were trying to increase the length if your videos to comply with YouTube’s ad program. May I suggest a minute or two of gameplay on your shorter videos? (Obviously not necessary on a larger video such as this) but on the single free game videos, it would be cool to see the game being played.

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