Rock of Ages 3 – Make Mode Gameplay Trailer

[ XBOX SOUND ] – Rock of Ages 3 is made
of two core components, making and breaking. The making aspect, you could always place your
defensive units, your walls, and your catapults and everything. Now in Rock of Ages 3, the make component is you
can make the entire track. Like, the whole mountain,
branching paths, and everything. The whole level, you
can create it yourself. – Whenever you see a game that
introduces fan-made content, you never can anticipate
exactly what’s the extent of the content that’s gonna
be produced, so maybe, I think they’re gonna do
something in this direction, and they end up doing
something completely different with a specific tool, maybe the cannon can
be used with a purpose that we didn’t anticipate. (explosion) – We’re trying to give the
players as much freedom as they can to make their levels as unique and different as possible. (intense orchestral music) [ XBOX SOUND ]

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