Retard prank calls GameStop

thanks for calling game stop jeff speaking
how can i help you. hello? hello? Is batman lego? uh what? batman lego? lego batman? yes
haha yes. Can I have it?? Its not out yet. Its out january 23?? wait hold on a minute.
hello waiting for the lego batman game? oh yes haha lego batman game. lego batman game.
If you are looking for the game it comes out in the 23rd. we are still taking reserves
on it.and you can trade in games towards the cost of it. yes i want to ,
i want the game can i have it already?? you
can come into the store and leave a 5$ deposit on it. and we will have a copy for you on
tuesday when it releases. Does it come out today? it does not come today it comes out
tuesday, you can reserve it today. if i reserve it today i will get it today? no you cant
get it today it is not yet out. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want it today. If you would like to reserve
it, come on in. Ahhhh noooo . i got to go , my mom said no. she said no to reserve it.
i cant hear what you are saying . my mom does not want to reserve it. well the best way
to get the game is to reserve it. we will have it if you reserve it , if you dont we
will not have spare copies. NO SPARE COPIES? i want it, i want batman lego… beep beep

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