Resident Evil 2 Remake Ghost Survivors NEW Game Info Finally Released! FREE DLC FRIDAY!

Resident Evil 2 Remake Ghost Survivors NEW Game Info Finally Released! FREE DLC FRIDAY!

Resident Evil 2 Remake has been out less than
a month, but that isn’t stopping Capcom from keeping the buzz alive by releasing the
highly anticipated FREE downloadable content called Ghost Survivors this Friday, February
15th. It should come as an automatic game update
without having to go to the store to download, and looking at the past may not be available
right away at midnight possibly not until the afternoon. Capcom is touting the high replayability of
this mode and has been since E3. Let’s take a look at some more new info
that Capcom let us know about today. According to Capcom, Ghost Survivors is a
“what if” alternate reality scenario featuring characters that died in the original game,
and now have a 2nd chance at escaping the horrors of Raccoon City. It appears to be similar to 4th survivor’s
escape mission, but will allow you to add to your inventory in game through finding
items in zombie backpacks and vending machines with items where you’ll have to make a choice
of which one to take and which other 2 to lose. Also Each character will face a new special
zombie enemy and There is no word on the length of these 3 stories will be. In No Time To Mourn, players will take control
of the Gun Shop owner, Robert Kendo, who couldn’t go on living without his infected daughter. His mission is to escape via helicopter. We’ve seen a screen shot of his special
enemy, the poison zombies. In Runaway, players will control The Mayor’s
Daughter, Katherine Warren, who was kidnapped and then turned into a prize by Chief Irons. Her mission is to escape town with what Capcom
calls a “certain someone”, that can’t be Irons right? Her special enemy is described as “a strangely
mutated type of zombie that can only be stopped with particularly powerful ammunition” a
similar mechanic to the “new” mold creatures in RE7’s Not a Hero. And In Forgotten Soldier, players will control
one of Hunk’s buddies, an Umbrella Security Service mercenary who was most likely taken
out by a raging William Birkin. His mission is just to escape. His special enemy are armor covered zombies. The game will have 2 difficulties. Standard and a special easy mode called Training. However, while not confirmed, we won’t be
surprised if beating the game on standard unlocks a harder difficulty level. The games will have trophies, you’ll have
to find some Mr. Raccoon’s, and there’s some challenges that when completed will unlock
bonus goofy items like hats and masks. We are unsure if you will earn points or in
game money and get to purchase the perks, or if you have to unlock the specific ones
with a specific action. The rumor is that there will be multiple ghost
survivor characters released throughout the year. Some other potential candidates: The Gas Station Sherriff
Lieutenant Marvin Branagh Of Course The Newspaper Reporter Ben
Umbrella Mad Scientist Annette Birkin William Birkin The Human
Psychotic Police Chief Brian Irons Kendo’s Daughter Emma
Why Didn’t He Bite Me Trucker and Officer Elliott Edwards We are expecting a few more surprises than
the ones announced today by Capcom, so we will see you all on Friday as we tackle these
fun what if stories in Resident Evil 2 REmake Ghost Survivors. PS On Friday you can also download from the
online store, 2 free cosutmes. Claire & Leon’s classic ps1 thick polygon
models. Sherry, Ada, Zombies and bosses are NOT skinned,
just the 2 main characters. Crimson Army, which character are you most
excited about playing as? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
to like and subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2 Remake Ghost Survivors NEW Game Info Finally Released! FREE DLC FRIDAY!

  1. Capcom is doing a good job, the only thing I really wish we can do is use other character skins over characters.
    Like Ada over Claire and Hunk Over Leon kinda thing. I would want the same with these new characters to.
    They don't have to be gender locked either. Sorta like the thing they did with characters in Lost Planet 2 after you beat the game.

  2. Katherine’s story is going to have a dark ending…. seeing her fight her way to survive, only to end by the hands of the police chiefs sick perverted mind…

  3. Would like propper A & B scenarios instead of same cut scenes for the main characters. No excitement.. would be cool to play as Kendo or Billy coen in the city.

  4. It would have been nice to play as ada again and see how she survived the fall and see how she escapes raccoon City something similar to umbrella Chronicles 2 for Wii for those who remember that game.

  5. I think it sounds neat, but I think there's a missed opportunity here. I don't like that it's a what if scenario. I want it to actually be canon and tie into the game. I want to know exactly what canon thing happened to the mayor's daughter leading up to her death. I want to see how Kendo really escapes, or fails to escape from Raccoon City. I want this to be canon, not what if. But whatever. Still looks fine.

  6. Mutated Birkin. That would be awesome. And, if I remember correctly, there has already been an attempt in similar direction.

  7. I don't wanna play a Dead people's stories.. !! Noo !!
    What about Ada's Survival story !! How she survive the fall, get the virus sample, bring Leon the rocket launcher & Escaping Raccoon city !! How bout that, Capcom !?!?

  8. Am I the only one who wants a story based dlc and not excape zombies everywhere like seriously Capcom how about an ada and Marvin story mode please I'd pay for it too

  9. The fact that the real original claire low poly costume is coming into the game
    Only makes me angrier about the 'classic' vest outfit in the game

  10. If they would offer a co op mode id def purchase it. It would be awseme as f to play with a buddy. Even if it wasnt online. It would still be awesome split screen. Revelations style

  11. Ok ok so we get a near perfect game. With so much replayability it is insane. With amazing deluxe edition. And now… were getting 3 free story dlc. Capcom is back on godamn track

  12. Zombie lickers. Thats what we need for re3 crimision zombies mid transformation to a licker. They would walk fast and deal damage with their claw hands and tounge. They can lounge and kill one shot like the ivys but they bite into with their tounge going through u. Also when u knock them down they could do that backwards crawl like from the grudge. Head shots should be only way to kill them. Either that or grenades or fire.

  13. So cool, they not only came back strong they're killing it love it R.E cant wait for re3 remake and nemises. Don't drop the ball on re8 tho lol

  14. I don't think it will be a good dlc.

    The gunhsop looked almost empty.Wouldn't a gunshop owner side story be an interesting mod ( first half before the encounter with Leon and the second after ) ?
    Or is that already the story of the gunshop owner in the upcoming dlc?

  15. It's the utmost of garbage. It's hardly a "scenario" or a story at all. It's just another speed run simulator like HUNK's 4th survivor/Tofu.

  16. Ghost Survivors would've been better, if you could unlock stuff for the main story, just like in The Mercenaries from Resident Evil 3.

  17. This is great but I'm going to tell you what they need to do still……. Just remake RESIDENT EVIL OUTBREAK!!! Please!!!! Capcom

  18. Capcom can definitely use DLCs to release a semi-remaster of RE Outbreak files or RE ORC as a what if scenario DLC like this DLC

  19. I have some questions… So, what did the S.T.A.R.S say to the rest of the R.P.R after the events in the mansion? Like, wtf, they just said nothing when literally a team and half died in the Arklay Mountains? And the R.P.D didn't ask them about what happened? And what about the cases they were working on?
    In RE2make Marvin doesn't know what happened in the Spencer Mansion, so, I guess they said nothing about it and kept it as a secret, but like, they didn't warn people or advised to get the f out of town or IDK, something like they did in RE2??
    (even tho people didn't believe them, but still, they tried?)

  20. They should add a mode where you play as an enemy and try to kill leon/claire like there was in re6. I wanna play as Mr x and try to kill leon

  21. I really loved RE2 on my first playthrough.. And I also loved RE7. I know 7 was kind of polarizing, but I really loved that game. RE2 was the best remake, and RE7 was a needed new game with 1st person, which I really loved.

  22. Thank you Capcom for restoring my faith in big publishers, even just a little bit. Free, high quality DLC for a game that already shows it has a ton of genuine love and effort put into it. This proves to EA, Activision and other such companies that you can release a great game with awesome, free DLC to the players and be astonishingly successful for it. Hopefully this is another nail in the coffins of those other, scummy triple AAAAYYY publishers.

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