Red Dead Online’s New Game Mode “Overrun” Is The Best Game Mode In RDR2 Online

what is up guys and welcome to another
red dead online video today we are talking about the new game mode called overrun
this game mode is absolutely amazing by far the best game mode that has been
added to red dead online if you have been watching my videos you know that I am
NOT a massive fan of showdown series and once they start bringing out those other
stuff the spoils of war plunder I only really enjoyed spoils of war and even
then I did not play that every day every week anything like that I played it for
about two or three weeks and then all a sudden I just got bored it’s very
very boring those showdown modes they are all very similar and I’ve been
saying that ever since they have came out I’ve been saying that each one has
very similar mechanics as always go to this location with this object and then go and blow this place up or go to this location
go and get object and then come back like it’s very similar in a way and
these game modes seem to get very very boring and very quickly for me there’s
new one overrun I have been playing it pretty much non-stop for like the last
24 hours or as soon as I got home from uni yesterday and started playing this
game I have spent the majority of this time playing this new game mode because
it is so quick and it’s just very very fast paced game mode the rounds last
I think round about a minute and 30 seconds and you can make them go even
quicker if your team manages to go and get every single checkpoint with your
other team your opponents not even having one and then that is the round
ended they are extremely quick what I do is I just want just leg it straight away
I don’t even worry about my guns no more I don’t care how many times I die I just
run straight ahead go and get all of these different checkpoints and then try
to get as many as I can some of the overrun maps are a bit weird the one
outside Braithwaite manor where it’s just a straight line and a right in the
middle you have this sort of I guess Rockstar trying to get like a massive gunfight
right in the middle that one gets a bit boring but there’s other ones where they
just randomly doted around the map there’s one in Sisika penitentiary which we
haven’t had a chance to go to on Red Dead Online so that was a pretty cool place
but that one goes right round the prison and that one is a very very fun map
especially if you have dynamite as you’re probably seen from the clips
literally just right straight in go round the corner and every time I go
around that corner I chuck a stick of dynamite and normally I can get at least
one kills sometimes it’s getting two or three people at the exact same time and
I carry on running around getting all of those checkpoints but this game mode if
you haven’t played it definitely go and check out it is by far one of the best
game modes in Red Dead online to date everything else that we’ve had added
some Red Dead online has been very it’s just been lacking something with gun
rush which spoils a war with plunder all of those other stuff the races they just
didn’t have that excitement in the game mode but this one definitely has that
excitement so definitely go and check it out if you have played this new game
mode leave it in the comments down below of whether or not you are enjoying it or
not also with this new update I want to know, are you guys happy with this update for
me personally I am absolutely loving it but leave that in the comments down
below because I am very much interested in what you guys have to say about this
update but anyway guys I hope you guys did enjoy if you did enjoy don’t forget
to Like and subscribe but for now I’m going so see ya

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