Re-write this challenge! 8 ballpool miniclip

yo sup hello turn on subtitle here and
it will appear on here ok let’s start from william stoner ,hi Rama Santos! can
you do Trickshot on Venice table? yes of course let’s try this one
music starts! What is that? okay here is the plan! this is simple kiss for beginner, target ball and Cueball will crushing to pot the ball, okay! music What a perfect shot!? Ok, it’s time to serious now! this is my first kiss shot on venice table! The shot may old but I thought it’s the most possible
shot when I only have limited time played On venice a few months ago I take this shot from my latest video okay let’s start from my opponent shot oh my god! Ok, last question! Is that weird if I using Japanese song for 8 ballpool Sound track? Hi Mr. will can i change your question?
so it will be looking like this hi Rama Santos! can you do kiss shot
using your opponent ball on venice table?

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