Purge Trooper Star Wars Black Series GameStop Exclusive Jedi Fallen Order Purge Stormtrooper Review

it’s time to review the purge trooper
hey sweetie who supersorrell thank you very much it’s a purge trooper I am
stupidly excited to have this in my collection
it’s the bird trooper or perch stormtroopers on his butt pusher and he
looks badass so this is a Gamestop exclusive figure that comes with the
Jedi fallen or the game I believe if you do a certain pre-order you get a figure
that hasn’t been announced in the UK so I know a pile of people out here over
the UK I get a little bit panicky because we’re not sure where we’re gonna
get it and hopefully game store Oh probably get it in the UK but it looks
like how a good online retail friends will be grubbing them as well like said
Cod little in demand toys sorry if I sound a little bit our breath I am
literally recovering from a call and it is killing me right now I’m dying but
I’m pushing on some of this review out for you guys because it is so awesome so
General Orders will find this guy but let’s take a look at the packaging first
of all and see where this bad guy come from
alright guys let’s do a look at the bird true but he looks epic i’m loving this
the star wars emmalin blocks here across the top there then we’ve got the
see-through box we can see the goodies inside we can’t see the calls in two
different guns it’s also got cloth goods as well nice
I like the black on red it reminds me of the battlefield 2 game just looks so
badass loving the helmet design can’t wait to break this guy ahold of the
packaging so we’re so I’m destroying the set up then we turn this to the side you
can see that isn’t exclusive so there is no number on this one and if we take it
to the back we do have a nice little reader there hand-picked from the
stormtrooper legions from their aptitude and loyalty purge troopers our company
inquisitors on especially dangerous missions these troopers receive
additional training to make them a cohesive unit formidable against the
Jedi threat so we have purge troopers we have Sith troopers and we have the death
troopers now leave they’re all like elite style troopers and you’ll see this
guy accompanying the second sister on Jedi fallen order so I can’t wait to
play that game this is to be a Gamestop exclusive way does come
out I managed to get my name from in demand toys as a bit import wave I
believe boo-yeah is an awesome figure and I can’t wait to bring this guy out
of a bargain alright guys I also want to give these people and I subscribe a
shout out thank you for leaving me awesome comments if you want a shout out
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alright so put Ruben he’s badass let’s break him out the box guys here we
go so yeah guys purge trooper gonna be a
part of the jedis fallen order video game accompanies the second sister while
trying to find pal hopefully my am I’ve got a lot of stuff
on order from false Friday cuz as you know guys force Friday hours have been
ever Buster in the UK so a lot of our online orders awaiting to come through
now I’ve got stuff waiting on from whom waiting on I’ve got star action figures
I’ve got my key ties and I’m waiting on order from okay how many ma from order
for a few retailers I’m just waiting for them to if they’ve the goodies to arrive
as soon as they do I’m gonna do a haul video cuz I did pick up sort of stuff as
well from Forbidden Planet so I want to do a whole video as well so hopefully
and this week there should be a whole video and then a boatload more stuff
don’t worry about the Halloween stuff by the way a lot of people are questioning
about the Halloween content it will be coming back we knew we were gonna take a
short break from the Halloween content I know it is very the very beginning of
October but I knew we’re gonna start and then stop for Star Wars and then restart
again so I’ve got a few fingers to review and back back to back kind of
thing and then we’ll get back on with the Halloween
stuff hopefully I might be able to fit a few Halloween videos in between here and
that but anyway here is guys the purge trooper and he looks awesome with the
black on red it’s kind of like the death trooper mixed with the what was the name
of the trooper from battlefield to the video game there Oh Carol where they
were called that I saw him yeah I remember they were like like a proper
elite unit kind of thing this is what this kind of feels like and also we’ve
got this we’ve got this set troopers as well and they’re in the next movie so
one of these anything to do with that or this is this where they started maybe
who knows a lot of different star troopers though now you know I love my
trooper variants I always try and pick up one of every trooper but for display
purposes guys I am still looking to order another one of these bad boys when
I can because I would like a second one so actors not gonna have to flanking the
second sister speaking of the Star Wars databank guys let’s check out the Stars
databank about the purge trooper and see what it says alright guys let’s see what
it says about the purge tube here purge troopers are a specialized class of
imperial soldier trained and equipped to assist the inquisitors in hunting down
Jedi and other force sensitive beings who threaten the Empire borrowing
tactics and methods first used by the Republic soldiers that accompany Jedi
generals during the Clone Wars these elite group is enough isn’t a few number
sorry’s in few in number and keeps out of public eye most citizens of the
Empire unaware they even exist right so let’s look at articulation on this
figure guys so that is our board rice you can look up and down as well as left
and right the arms do lift up all the way although there’s a stop by the
pauldron here and these shoulder plate here the shoulder plate is a saw file
material and should slide over the top right does go underneath the shoulder
blades well so it can leave massive scar feature on the actual our piece which is
a real shame you can’t rotate though at that bicep and there is a double hinged
elbow there on the hands are on board rights you can rotate him there at the
waist a little bit I’m crunching forwards and backwards
I’m loving the cloth good by the way nice awesome and
let’s take a look underneath got a top fight I think here yeah top I got still
there and let’s kind of lift outwards as well as forwards as much as the armored
peas will allow and backwards does have these little red things hanging off I
don’t want that for should wear those be attached to where you see the little red
things going around the thighs I’m not sure where they’re meant to be attached
to but it does get covered up by the cloth anyway interesting with and but we
do have a double hinged knee here as well as well as a rotate in there I
think at the knee oh no no no taejun just double him your knee sorry no boot
good but the foot is on a rocker and pivot okey-dokey
guys so that’s a lot of articulation really very nice figure yeah real light this guy what do you
guys think are you a fan of this figure let us know in the comments but for now
let’s go to the desk amp so you guys can get a close personal look at this action
figure alright guys so here’s our / 2 / out of the bag looking badass I love
this figure love the way it looks he is super awesome struggling to pick you up
on this back home cuz it is a little bit black behind so he’s having a little bit
of trouble let’s see if we can introduce a little bit more of a grey theme it
might just like it a little bit more there we go cool as a pop a little bit
more now yeah so guys here he is out of the packaging looking awesome like said
got a minute classic storm tree proposal dude y’all holding the regular rifle my
except that cloth goods he’s very nice I’m loving the way it looks that big red
pole dry wells nice well I said I would like a second one cuz he does come with
a secondary gun as well we do have this so it would be nice to have a second
trooper that we couldn’t you know hold this one rather than the usual that’d be
cool to have one of each loving the design and then though the black on the
red makes with a proper stealthy Union agent later with a proper a badass
without red so you know sorry the red insignia there
as well for the empire and he’s got two of those markings there and they’re not
sure what rank that would be if everything that’s the rank isn’t it kind
of stuff sure somebody out there who’s more into that stuff than me will be
able to comment and let me know exactly what that means if anything I think it
does identify a certain rank yeah he’s a stupidly awesome and I’m really happy to
have this in my collection guys are you gonna be picking up the Jedi Fallen
Hornet video game because I know I will they can’t wait to play cow on his
adventures and see the second sister speaking of second sister these troopers
are meant to flunk our Inquisitor so let’s bring her back into the mix yeah they look badass together cameras in my
review the second sister Carbonite Inquisitor is the carbonite exclusive
version from Gamestop let us know in the comments let me have it that’ll be
awesome and if you haven’t please go check it out I’ll leave a link at the
end of the video it will take you to that one but guys thank you very much
for watching let’s go back the main come and finish it off in this video so guys
what are your thoughts on this purge trooper let me know in the comments down
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awesome videos but guys I want to thank you all very much for watching I hope
you had an awesome fast Friday and I hope y’all stuff starts arriving in the
mail as well today and going for it who’s gonna be cool to see all these
reviews popping up all of a sudden yeah seeing everyone’s awesome stuff online
so let us know what you ordered in the comments down below and as always guys
I’ll see you in the next one may the force be with you you

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