Power Rangers Lightning Collection MMPR Goldar Review GameStop Exclusive

hey everybody
OmegaRiderDX video review today review is Power Rangers likely
collection Mighty Morphin Goldar By Hasbro 2019 Goldar figured this
is Gamestop exclusive I already psycho blue it’s Gamestop
exclusive Goldar from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers a.k.a. Griffozer from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger yep the Japanese name of Goldar the figure
not not shiny go show you this look like this or you do customizing customized
goldar also goldar voice Power Rangers battle of the grid they video game yep the
original Goldar voice Kerrigan Mahan is back also here the same my vintage Magna
Defender I don’t yeah i’ll buy new one did like this my
vintage Magna Defender also the same voice Kerrigan Mahan also an Jeb the talking
dog from VR troopers too same voice let’s open up shall we alright
he’s out a package let’s close detail the head sculpt in look snarly face oh I
hate Power Rangers yeah look his snarly face Goldar in suit actor yeah nice
painting had tails toe ShartimusPrime love toe Shatimusprime yeah
also the wing he’d pop him out to like his show yeah late comer says purse no here’s
this same voice actor Goldar Magna Magna defender Kerrigan Mahan yet the same
voice i know i’ll buy new one it will review – and here in SH Figuarts armor red
ranger that was ok ok also I’m not gonna buy it lightning collection this one I
mean the helmet not right I don’t like helmet this SH Figuarts better the
Hasbro version helmet is terrible along White Ranger and I’m not to buy also I’m not gonna
buy lightning collection Gold Ranger Beast Morphers in the body not right like this
look like bulky I’m not gonna buy along Blue Ranger and one villain blaze a.k.a. Dark Red Buster I’m not gonna buy it’s too bulky
not accurate a show and Power Rangers Super Sentai suit actor I know the
suits not accurate i’ll buy Gold Ranger Silver Ranger figure beast morphers I’m
not gonna buy Lightning collection believe me Goldar figure articulation the head
could with city cream because they teased hair call the hair to move it
can’t up and down a little bit the onset degree it got in and out so robber also
he tucked hey take about just like Green Ranger the are look did is bend the
elbow the fist rotate this science I waste the crunch trouble
you go up and down Oh double – that’s it the let’s front it bad it got in and now
rotate this bend the knee the ankle concern say it can up and down
fortunately also the wing he come from say he caught any now because front and
back to he could also not all free in and out to that’s it articulation Goldar
the accessory have Sword use this excuse me sorry
background noise he alternate fist open and then closed fist
they have effect lightning effect uses sword this sorry the light this figure is great
yeah I recommend it is figure also the SH Figuarts Goldar a.k.a. Griffozer
never release SH Figuarts unfortunately yeah it’s a stop motion the gold are
using super robot chogokin Dino Megazord a.k.a. DaiZyuJin yeah the scale are
fine use a stop motion fighting figure use using stop motion yeah by super
robot chogokin Dino Megazord you use this a stop motion cold or fight
yeah Red Ranger here Red Ranger again fighting Goldar enemy
I know Geki rivalry Griffozer I know both are rival rival yeah this figure are
recommended I got GameStop for $22 shipping
I can’t wait the Lightning collection Zeo Blue Ranger coming along along with
Lightning collection let’s see SPD Red I’ll buy SH Figuarts
Deka Red I’ll buy Shadow Ranger too SPD yeah oh yeah Blaze yeah I remember Blaze i’m not by Blaze along Blue Ranger – it’s too bulky like this it’s too bulky I
know I’ll buy the 6 inch Beast Morphers
that’s it I’ll buy like a collection Blue Ranger
Zeo I have a legacy collection I have it i’ll buy Lightning Collection version Blue Ranger Zeo is coming Gold Ranger I know is
Exclusive it including Red Ranger Mighty Morphin same this including i’ll buy
Lightning Collection i’ll buy Lord Zedd yeah oh dedicated Lord Zedd for the late
Robert Axelod sadly passed away I’ll dedicate for Lord Zedd figure i’ll buy the
lightning colletion Manga defender Magna defender yep I want that yeah also by lord drakkon – lord drakkon
is stop-motion you say I said you figure Mighty Morphine Red along Ryuuranger from Dairanger team up is use a stop motion fight Lord drakkon yeah this
figure I recommend a from Gamestop exclusive yeah I’ll be more figure
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