Power Rangers Legacy Armored Red Ranger Review & Lightning Collection Discussion

Power Rangers Legacy Armored Red Ranger Review & Lightning Collection Discussion

Hey guys, the Red Mighty Morphin GameStop Exclusive Ranger is out and my Facebook feed looks a little bit like this at the moment Armored Red Ranger Legacy Collection. Let’s take a look Armored Red Ranger comes with everything you see here What do you guys think? Is this the most exciting figure ever? It does happen to be a nice figure The box is okay It doesn’t match the original Mighty Morphin and it’s a little plain But I don’t really care so much about the box, personally If you guys do, they did change it and it does say down here, “Only at GameStop” Jason’s shield is nice and golden Same way Tommy’s was. Alright, kind of changing the subject and speaking of… by now you guys have all seen what appears to be upcoming Lightning Collection listings on Amazon from Hasbro From Power Morphicon we all knew that White Ranger was coming. The Amazon listings also include Lord Zedd, Shadow Ranger, Magna Defender and Pink Ranger as well as, I think, Red Ranger from Dino Charge Off the top of my head, I think that’s it outside of Beasts Morpher figures. I think Red and Gold, they’re doing for the… I think for the Lightning Collection Alright, where am I going with this? Like a couple different things I wanted to address Alright, maybe start with Lord Zedd. We’ve got a lot of Lord Zedd figures, and this isn’t even all of them Despite a year of shelf-warming Lord Zedds, I see a lot of people really excited that the Lord Zedd is coming So, what would you guys like to see in a new Lord Zedd that would make you actually want to buy Lord Zedd? For me personally, well, I think Super Legends is the best Lord Zedd we’ve ever had I liked the first one that lit up, but I think the Super Legends looked way more screen- Well, looks exactly like he did on TV I guess step one is just having Lord Zedd be in that scale with more articulation Maybe part two would be having one of those growth balls, you know The little thingy that he would throw and make his monster grow, before he used the staff Would it be cool if he had, like, a snake? You know how his staff used to turn into a snake? And needless to say, a nice paint job I don’t know. What would you guys add? In response to the Amazon news on Facebook, somebody had written, “Finally! An MMPR Pink Ranger!” And I’m like, “You guys see these too, right?” They ever do two heads? Maybe they can do… He’s kind of actually got two extra heads What if they did like a Katherine head in an addition to Kimberly? Can they do that? I don’t know Hopefully not doing the Build-A-Megazord with these will allow them to put more into either the figure or their accessories Also note, we haven’t seen an image of the new Pink Ranger So it seems very premature to be saying “Finally” when Legacy Kimberly spent the last year or two shelf-warming All right. I drifted a little, but same question with Kimberly: What would you like to see for Kimberly? I hope they’ll do multiple versions of the Blade Blaster Magna Defender got a pretty good figure for Lost Galaxy It had a talking feature, which wasn’t great, but it talked. And then, Gingaman had a version with a cloth cape, and I think he looked a little bit nicer in general For improvements on Magna Defender Hopefully the chest, I don’t know Can they do like a jewel? Make it a little shinier, a little more 3D? What I think would be really cool for Magna Defender, it would be cool if he could have a replaceable head and maybe that 3D chest thing I was just talking about, and do like damaged versions You guys know the scene I’m thinking of in Lost Galaxy. And speaking of that scene It could be really cool to have a figure of his son as well This was really a pretty nice figure. If it could look like this with just some better articulation and painted weapons and shiny chest thing, that would be really cool Shadow Ranger came with lights in the helmet He had nice paint. This was a pretty nice figure. Again, just, I guess… Actually, he had pretty good articulation, didn’t he? Wow, look at that Yeah, he did. You can even turn the head, despite having lights in it. This was a pretty nice figure How would you guys improve upon it? Could he have a Judgment Scanner that he could hold or something? There was a conclusion to all this, but at least you guys got to see The new Red Ranger figure, and I don’t think I really figured out what I was trying to say in this video Just, I guess I really hope that Hasbro will put out really cool stuff and that it’ll get a lot of support even when it’s not just Mighty Morphin and stuff that we’ve had so many times before. You guys know what I’m saying? I’m honestly only exaggerating a little bit when I say this is my entire Facebook news feed It just seems like there’s a lot of excitement for figures that we’ve had a lot before but, you know We haven’t had a good Rita Repulsa, or Scorpina, or Pumpkin Rapper I don’t know. Pick any monster of the day, or general, or lead bad guy, or Udonna, Solaris Knight We didn’t have a Red Koragg, minus that Disney Store exclusive that I still never found At Power Morphicon, it sounded more like they were just gonna do a handful of figures from you know, various seasons, but like, I’m really hoping there’s gonna be support for them And that Hasbro is gonna keep putting out more stuff You guys can let me know in the comments, like, what you’re hoping to see More accessories? What about Dino Charge Red? I didn’t really talk about him How many Dino Charge Red figures did we get? A lot, right? So… Hopefully more and better accessories, and if they did a civilian head that would really be a huge plus If they’re doing civilian heads for all the Rangers, that would be awesome Alright, I’m gonna end here Thank you guys for watching. Please subscribe if you haven’t I’ll always be back soon many good videos And goodnight

79 thoughts on “Power Rangers Legacy Armored Red Ranger Review & Lightning Collection Discussion

  1. Given the number of times Bandai of America made collectors line, abandoned it and then tried again in a different scale, I get why people are saying "finally." Hasbro's reputation for consistency and accuracy (in most cases) might make a lot of people more comfortable buying these figures. That White Ranger prototype showed us they aren't going to go down the road of giant muscles and cheeto colored paint jobs, which are some of the weaknesses of the current line.

  2. I didn't even know that the armored red ranger was coming. But i am so hyped for Magna Defender, i don't have a figure and it's my favorite Ranger character of all time. Also i don't own a Zed and shadow ranger so really looking forward to those (and don't let me start on beast Morphers 'cause I'm cautiously hyped)

  3. I'm all for accessories. I want to see Hasbro make Astronema, divatox, eclipter and a proper Rita of the tv show basically a good line villains in addition to the rangers, also make either 5 or 6 pack of henchmen for each season. I also hope they will make zords/megazords and keep making ranger helmets and more weapons like the legacy power sword and also morphers. A little off topic but I hope Hasbro will give us a good power rangers video game I have ideas for one too

  4. I would love to have these figures:
    Astronoma with purple and red wigs
    Machine empire family
    Rita Repulsa
    Dark Specter
    Solaris Knight
    Phantom ranger
    Mega force team with the proper scale. Same goes for Samurai, Dino charge, Ninja steel and Super Megaforce
    Turbo rangers team
    Alien rangers team

  5. We need a fully articulated Goldar with removable wings in the 1:12 scale. He, along with Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa would be awesome. Oh and the skeleton guy from Season 3. I forget his name, I believe he was Rita's brother or cousin. Oh and putties and the birds. Those guys would make great figures. Imagine a 2-pack of vanilla putties and 2-pack of Zed putties!? That'd be dope.

  6. I’m sad you don’t care 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. the reason i want a lord zedd figure is because i feel we haven't go a perfect on yet. I feel that scale and the articulation would make this on the best yet. Also if we get a civilian head for the shadow ranger i would definitely use it

  8. Does the visor on your Armored Red Ranger figure have white teeth or silver teeth around it? The teeth look white in the video.

  9. I’m excited for the Lighting Collection’s first lineup. Shadow Ranger and Magna Defender are some personal favorites of mine. I’ll definitely get the Lord Zedd as well. I just hope we can get some more villains in later waves.

  10. As funny as most of the original monsters art from MMPR but they do not compare to the monsters of later seasons. Lord Zedd, Goldar and the MAIN crew for Rita are exceptions but in my opinion the best monster has to be Diabolico. If they make a lightning collection figure if him I will lose my mind same if they made Olympius or even Trecheron. They need to make Trecheron now that Magna Defender is on his way.

  11. I would buy Magna Defender if it came with his swords two modes and a cloth cape. I agree with a 3D Jewel. I would buy Zedd if his articulation was good and they made all his silver paint chrome or at least Chrome-ish. Pink Ranger as long as they make her figure proportionate and not ridiculously slim like the Legacy figures.

  12. I’m excited for the Lord Zedd above all as they’re suppose to be heavily detailed, and most Lord Zedd figures look like bumpy plastic
    This could really capture the idea of a man with his skin blown off

  13. I'd love to see a Zika figure! He was so adorable!

    I would love to see, also, civilian heads (ex. Zack and Adam, Kendrix and Karone, etc.), weapons (multiple modes/versions) able to combine into blasters (Power, Zeo, Quadro, Vortex, Jungle Sword, etc.), hands, and normal-sized muscles (not gross, ripply body builder s***). Most importantly, for me: better female representation!

  14. I like the multiple heads idea, like have Kat/Kim for Pink, like you said then do the same for Red, Yellow and Black respectively, maybe even for Billy, too (Glasses/No Glasses). With the Villains and other Rangers, maybe Hasbro will keep the Build-a-Figure system, for example, complete a wave, then your able to build Pumpkin Rapper, like you mentioned or a Megazord comes together from them

  15. I hope the MMPR Pink figure comes with a Kat head as well as with a Kim head. Doesn’t have real bad skirt restricting problems and Obviously weapons lol but I hope she comes with an arrow along with her bow because I was watching some reviews of some Marvel Legends Hawkeye figures and he only came with a bow and an EMPTY quiver, couldn’t even mold some sticking out of that. Lol And he’s even from one of the big budget Marvel movies and Hasbro short-changed his figure like that?
    Anyways, back to Rangers lol, for Lord Zedd just hope for some good detail, staff, and maybe even some lightning effects parts that can fit onto it. Magna Defender, a Mike head, and good articulation and cape. DC Red, a Tyler head, his weapons (Smasher, saber, & Morpher) with a combined saber & morpher & a swappable spiked right arm too for when he holds his Smasher (to be “correct” you know), maybe even an energy effect to put on his leg for when he does his T-Rex tail kick. Shadow, a Cruger head would be amazing, a hand with his morpher/badge open in it and like some blue lightning effects for his shadow strike would be cool. Beast Morphers Red and Gold, just as many cool details & weapons they can give them, maybe also if they can replicate the green energy that glows around them when they did their “it’s time for Buster” attacks as effect parts, speed effects for Red, actors’ heads. Oh and I guess MMPR White too lol uhhh a Saba with red lasers coming out of his eyes too? Lol

  16. I know red rangers sell but I would like to see Hasbro release others besides the red rangers. If females have to be exclusives to stores I am OK with that as long as we get them.

  17. Hey Bruno i keep seeing reissue falconzords going on sale, is there any difference between the old legacy one and the reissue or is it just a re-release cos the old ones got sold out? Asking cos i got the ninja megazord and falconzord before the reissue sets popped up

  18. Since it's hasbro I really hope they make a lot of the 6th rangers

    I LOVE the 6th rangers!

    Dream list would be

    Shadow ranger, cat ranger, Nova ranger and the light white ranger from SPD

    The spirit rangers from jungle fury

    The gold and silver rangers for RPM

    And so so much more.

    I have faith in hasbro!

  19. Itd be nice to get more villains and maybe the movie costumes. My collection is all the Figuarts though, and idk how many Lightning figures I will pick up. I also dont know how I feel still about Hasbro. Bandai has been there since day 1. I like Hasbro, but their figures have a lot of qc issues.

  20. I will absolutely pick up Zedd and Defender. I’d like to see a whole Lost Galaxy series honestly. Goldar would also be great for the lightning series.

  21. There are more people excited for MMPR, because there are more collectors for the original rangers. That’s when the power rangers was at its high point. It took my sister a lot of waiting in lines and calling stores just to get my nephew some original power rangers figures. I was so jealous when I was a kid, but was happy I could play with them. Never forget those moments. MMPR collector and fan for life.

  22. A better job, show accuracy, growth bomb and snake for Lord Zedd.
    2 Civilian heads, arrow and sheathed, sword and gun form for Blade Blaster.

    I want them to do every Ranger, every ally every main villain, minion, cannon fodder and some of the best monsters of the week

    Or just save Monsters of the week and cannon fodder for something other than the Lightning Collection. Long as they're made and in line.

    No build a MegaZord pieces, just include every piece of that Ranger or Villains arsenal

  23. Multiple heads where different people have had the same ranger powers would be awesome. Kimberly and Kat, Jason and Rocky, Zack and Adam, Trini and Ayesha.

  24. So bummed that the legacy line ended how it did but can't be helped. Several things I'm hoping for from the lightning figures….

    Lord Zedd – translucent visor with metallic 3D effect similar to how the MD's jewel could be done as well as a better muscle tone more accurate to the show.

    A figure for each main villain of the series…Rita, Master Vile, King Mondo, Divatox, Astronima etc

    A set for Alien rangers and Turbo as I wanted to complete the Zordon era or figures. Instead of BAF they can come with weapons that can combine and a separate figure for the megazords…Alien rangers can take the Shogun megazord spot.

    Reason I say have the megazords separate is just out of personal preference since I have the Super minipla ninja and shogun zords already.

  25. I hope the villains start getting more attention. They always seemed more like an after thought when it came to the toys

  26. I can see Hasbro doing a Magna Defender figure with his son, they did something similar in the Star Wars Black Series line with Rey and BB-8

  27. Lord Zedd…with throne (exclusive or standard release). Possibly the Palace Throne room, with good Z-Putties.
    Just a good damn Shadow Ranger (with accurate Shadow Sabre and Master License er Shadow Morpher and “100” counter stand.
    Just a good damn Magna Defender (with son Zika)

    Here’s hoping we get a official SPD Orange Ranger, better Psycho Rangers, and some cool Battlizer/upgrade forms (Animarium Armor, SWAT Mode, SPD Sonic mode, Mystic Legend Mode, etc). And let’s get official figures for the first baddie Rita Repulsa, Goldar, Ivan Ooze, Dekker and some foot soldiers. Don’t drop the ball like Bandai, Hasbro!

  28. Would love to see Dairanger in figure form sense we never got an American version of that series besides kiba ranger (white ranger)

  29. Ughhh I’m so disappointed I didn’t pick this up earlier today when I went with my homie to Gamestop but 24 fucking dollars 😪😪😪 I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself more in the ass when the price goes up in value

  30. I really badly want the Lightning Line Shadow Ranger JUST to see how they handle the Doggie Cruger Head. It would look hilarious. Also I want at least ONE Dino Thunder Ranger in the Line. And maybe, JUST MAYBE……………..Hyperforce.

  31. The fact that we get Lord Zedd already has me excited! Imagine the possibilities Divatox, Astronema, Ecliptor, Ransik, Master Org, Jindrax, Mesogog??? THE LIST GOES ON. I’m beyond excited.

  32. Looking back at this video after they showed the first wave at Toy Fair, I think Hasbro did it mostly right. I love MMPR and the look and style of the suits and zords, etc. However, I never bought the Legends stuff. They just looked too cartoony for my taste. They look more like a kids toy line with extra articulation and paint. The Lightning Collection looks like an actual adult collector line. Even what Bruno calls the best Lord Zedd from Super Legends looks like junk compared to the realistically sculpted and painted Lord Zedd from Hasbro. Plus, the gave him a growth bomb which is nice.

    As for the Rangers, White MMPR looks so much better than the over muscled bodies on the Legacy MMPR stuff. I like screen accuracy in what I buy. I am very particular about what I choose to spend money on and I am not one of those fans that buys everything just because it has the logo of a brand i like on it. I wouldn't touch the figures based on the 1990 TMNT movie until NECA hooked me with their super accurate stuff. Same with the 87 TMNT cartoon, refused to get any of the figures out their until NECA did their thing. Now, Hasbro has hooked me with their take on MMPR with their realistic body proportions, wrinkle detail in the suits, realistic alt heads, and they actually include the characters weapons. Best of all, wave one has 2 main villains, Lord Zedd and Goldar, and they look amazing. I only wish they were doing 8 figures per wave like we originally thought instead of 4. It will take quite awhile to collect a full team of MMPR and Zeo, not to mention In Space so they can meet the movie turtles.

  33. If were are going to get more MMPR in the Lightning line. I would like to see more of the Evil Alien Monsters and a Bulk and Skull. How about the different versions of putties?

  34. I picked up one of the armored Red Rangers at my local Gamestop as soon as they got him in. All these months later and I think I'm the only person in my area who has purchased him, because they still have plenty. They also got in a bunch of the Legacy figures due to the re-releases, and no one is buying those either. For months they've had them just sitting on shelves. My guess is with the death of the Legacy line people aren't bothering with them anymore. Once the Lightning Collection was announced I pretty much said to heck with them myself, and only picked up the armored Red because I love that version of the character. I had just gotten the Gold Zeo Ranger like right before the Hasbro figures were announced, and didn't even bother getting any of the other Zeo Rangers after that. Prior to the re-releases all the MMPR Legacy figures were impossible to find in my area, whereas every other team were peg warmers. I was never a huge fan of the Legacy figures anyway because they were just too big and buff, but since they were the closest thing in scale to Marvel Legends I tried to make them work. The Lightning Collection on the other hand is in perfect scale with Marvel Legends, and in comparison to the Legacy figures are even harder to track down in the wild now than the Legacy's were initially. I've seen plenty of the Red Dino Charge and Shadow Rangers, but Lord Zedd and the White Ranger are scarce. The first White Ranger I found some jerk had stolen the Tommy Oliver head from the package, but luckily I managed to snag both him and Lord Zedd at the Walmart in the next town over. At first I thought I was going to have to make do with just the White Ranger, but then I found Lord Zedd half hidden under some Marvel Legends. I haven't seen either of them in the wild since though, but I keep running into Dino Red and Shadow. People are excited about Lord Zedd being in the line because it's the first time we've gotten him in this scale and with such great detail. I would expect a channel that specializes in MMPR toys to understand why people would be happy about this, and other MMPR figures. I think people are excited to finally get a White Ranger and Pink Ranger in THIS scale (Legacy were too big and Figuarts were too small) and with the unmasked heads. I know I've wanted updated unmasked heads since the 90's. There's plenty of figures from other teams I want too, but I wish people would stop complaining about getting the same MMPR figures over and over again when those are the ones that sell the best. I'm glad Bruno considers them peg warmers, but as someone with a young child who spends way more time on toy aisles than I care to admit the only time I've seen MMPR figures just sitting on shelves has been since Hasbro took over, and as I mentioned already I think it's because people don't see the point in continuing to collect a dead line of figures. Hasbro would he stupid to ignore the popularity of MMPR. Whether you like it or not MMPR sells and probably always will sell way better than every other Ranger team. People are excited because the Lightning Collection is finally doing these characters justice. Figuarts were good, but are way too small, way too fragile, and way too expensive. Fans have every right to be excited, and for everyone hoping that they finally get updated versions of other characters then my advice to you would be to buy the figures that aren't selling well because the more they sell of those lesser known characters, the more likely Hasbro will be to make other characters on peoples wish lists.

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