Playstations, WII’s, PSP’s found in abandoned Fukushima store.

Don’t touch anything. The amount of abandoned stores is unbelievable. We’re on the road again, in this episode we gonna visit some stores. We checked this store yesterday, but it was dark. We tried again this morning but they were emptying the shop next door. The shops next door are all being emtpied, we think they will start with this one soon. It’s a shame, so much useful stuff.
-They throw everything away. I’s a non-food store, so there is no bad smell.
-It actually smells nice, although it doesn’t look like that way. deodorant and stuff like that. It’s a drug store. Gilette… Decent razors, with a special auction today, free razorblades. I think it’s not really that radioactive, because it’s laying inside. But they still throw it away. And a lot of stuff on the ground due the earthquake. So a few things are broken. But still.. It’s crazy that it hasn’t been looted. People have a lot of respect here for each other’s property and they obey the rules. In The Netherlands it would have been looted completely.
-In Belgium too, not only looted but also photographed a lot. There would be six busses filled with photographers. Check here, blood pressure monitors. 8300 Yen, quite expensive stuff.
-Pretty expensive indeed. Gonna calculate it in Euro’s.
13.125 Yen. 91 Euro. (110 dollar) Just laying here. Mouth masks here.
-Really? We still need to buy some. Making beautyshots in this mess is difficult. My god. We’re inside an abandoned restaurant.
-Finally we found one. I hope it’s nice. Nice decoration here. A typical Japanse restaurant with low tables.
-Really Japanese indeed. You can make a nice picture here. I think this was the aquarium for lobsters. Ah, it’s just a regular aquarium. Too bad it’s pretty empty.
-Yeah. Nice bear, the beer bear. Nice mask! would fit perfectly in your tiki bar. -Indeed. We’re in an abandoned book/dvd store. You can see the results of the earthquake. It’s a big mess, but in quite good condition. Not decayed. It’s crazy. It can happen in our area too. imagine if… Ah yes, they read in the opposite way here. With DVD. You see…everything is censored in Japan Whits spots everywhere. You need to have a good fantasy for this. But it’s Youtube proof. It’s a cool store. It’s pretty big too.
-Pretty Too bad there’s only one source of light. They tried to break the cash machine, but they didn’t succeed. At least with one of them. Yeah, but we don’t do that kind of stuff.
-Duh. Xbox 360 games. Is there light enough or do we need a flashlight? Nintendo DS.
They are empty. Only the cases, the game will be in the storage
-That’s normal. Playstation I games.
-Really old. Funny… Well, funny…sad. There are people living in poverty. Poverty? They left..We don’t know what happened with those people. Frederik found something. Wtf. Check this, brand new. Brand new. There’s another one. It says something about the impact of the disaster.
-I don’t get it. Unbelievable, check.
-Everything new. Everything brand new in boxes. I see Wii consoles aswell. Can you light it up? Black or White, which do you want? Too bad there’s no electricity, otherwise we could play a game. A few other Nintendo consoles there. Playstation. Your phone has a good camera. An old square box.

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