100 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free PS4 Games Lineup: October 2018 | PS4

  1. wow a garbage on the ps4 minus the 13th and garbage on the xbox one why not friday the 13th and ether dead rising one or dead rising 3

  2. Dead by daylight seems better than this but ill check this out to. I bought dbd before it was free on ps plus. So i don't mind getting this since I have never played it. Don't see myself playing it for more then a couple weeks though.

  3. Why is everyone so triggered in the comment section sure some are bad but be greatful that sony is nice enough to give us some free games…if u have ps plus

  4. Should have had a Halloween special with Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th……instead you give us a similar game each month – disappointing

  5. Why you guys complaining about the free games, at least they still give us free games! they won't always be amazing games but at least we can keep them forever. I'm thankful to be able to play and own free games every month. Thank you PlayStation.

  6. I am paying ps + to have games to have fun, that are not "casual games" and you give these types of games that you do not even want to download, another disappointing month :c

  7. Looks like us Dead By Daylight players will have to breathe some life into the game again! Looking forward to playing Friday I was going to buy it but I'm glad I waited.

  8. Well i was gonna spend my hard earned money for the month and be a ps member, but for trash like that ill just keep playing street fighter 5 offline (no thanks)

  9. Somone please tell me!! Is it free forever or for ONLY the month of October! Please someone reply to me.friday the 3rd

  10. They shouldve given resident evil 6 for free,ppl would've been happy getting that instead. But friday isnt all that bad,more like people didnt want lazer league but oh well,i didnt buy ft13,bcz it was too buggy so i lose nothing.🙃

  11. So apparently the games are not available for free. The only one that's available for free is 2064. Are the games time-sensitive and will be free in an hour or two or something else like a glitch happening?

  12. All things considered I'm just disappointed they are both MP. So, I'll add them to my library but I'm sure I'll never play them.

  13. Guys I'm fine with Friday the 13th but LASER LEAGUE I'm not fine with just look on the bright side you get free games

  14. Sony, i’m so disappointed in this month’s picks. Friday the 13th has been bugged (to the point 70% of PS4 owners can NOT and have NEVER been able to play the game; period) since it was released. Publisher has continuously restarted the server as often as possible to bypass the issue, but never actually stepped up to try and actually FIX it. The game isnt playable unless the Publisher restarted servers within the last few hours, which means that it’s only playable at certain times of the day (IF they even restarted the servers at all THAT day) and whenever they restart the servers, everyone in a game gets dropped.

  15. Last ones With DBD, Mafia III, and Destiny 2 are amazing games and have been playing them nonstop this is a disappoint ment

  16. Why Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th aren't in my PS Store? Those are the games i wanted to play. I can't even use my credit card in European PS Store

  17. Sad to say this but XBOX Gold has better games than PS Plus and they are more consistent with the quality of the games they put up for free for PS Plus subscribers. Also, the worst part is that when your PS Plus subscription ends, all of the PS Plus free games you downloaded automatically lock on so you can't play them unless you resubscribe, thing that doesn't happen with XBOX. Sony has shown us that they only care abut the money and not their players.

    My brother has an Xbox One and I've seen the games they give to their subscribers for free and they are awesome, I think for November they will have Battlefield 1 for X ONE, and Assassin's Creed 1 & Dante's Inferno for X360 retrocompatibility. Sony really needs to step their game up and give us retrocompatibility for the PS5 since I don't think they even thought to do it for the PS4 even after XBOX announced it. Also the PS5 must have at least 2 TB of memory if the games are going to be downloaded again like PS4 and have a size of like 64GB each like now.

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