PlayStation Plus – Free PS4 Games Lineup December 2018

40 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free PS4 Games Lineup December 2018

  1. Another horror game, come on… Jump scares don't get me and I'm never that immersed in any game that that I can enjoy the slow passed gameplay that all horror games provide.
    It was ok to get horror game previous mouth but doubling down is just bad…

  2. Sony should give everyone open access to all the games that were on PS Plus throughout the year, on the last day of the year.

    This would allow people who got a PS4 on Christmas to be able to get all the games they missed on PS Plus. For those of us that already have those games, we should get open access to a list of games and be able to choose 2 games.

    This should happen the last day of every year. Now that's how you ring in the New year.

  3. ATTENTION plz read. Sony i speak for everyone on ps5 plz plz plz up the volume for headsets your volume control is a joke needs to be louder dont worrie about it being to loud thats what we want when we do late night gaming trust me

  4. Nós pagamos tão caro pelo consóle pagamos caro pelos jógos temos que assinar pra jogar online e somos recompensados com jógos medianos vamos Melhorar ai Né Senhóra Sony 😑

  5. GIVE us an fair choise to chose our free games!
    Every month a selection of 5 games of different gernres for every console
    and we can chouse 4 Games.
    I dont have a PS Vita but have to pay the games!

    Or make a Pointsystem: every game cost some PS+ points
    We get every month a few PS+ Points and can cose our games ourselves!

    Now 10€ more for what?
    Microsoft had depraved Sony on that point.

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