PlayStation Plus – Free PS4 Games Lineup April 2017

PlayStation Plus – Free PS4 Games Lineup April 2017

friends, it’s Clements here with your PS Plus
lineup for April 2017. Ladies and gentlemen,
it’s safe to say we cover most of the spectrum this month with Drawn to Death and Lovers in a
Dangerous Space Time. Let’s get started. First up, a very special
treat for PS Plus members, Drawn to Death on PS4. From the mind of David Jaffe and the pages of an
emotional teenager, this out of control
shooter combines deep team tactics
and character abilities with crazy visuals and other things I really
shouldn’t say in this video. Next up, we have Lovers
in a Dangerous Space Time. Team up with a friend
or lover, of course, to battle the forces of
anti-love and rescue all the captured space bunnies. Honestly, there really
couldn’t have been a more perfect pairing of
games this month. And that’s it folks. As always, PS Plus members get
access to online multiplayer on PS4 alongside other
benefits including free games and exclusive discounts on
PlayStation Store. Head on over to PlayStation
Blog for more details, and we’ll see you next month.

100 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free PS4 Games Lineup April 2017

  1. I don't have a problem with the games besides the fact that Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time should have been replaced with another co-op single ship shooter by the name "guns of icarus" but that has been delayed for multiple years at this point for PSN. Seriously the port was announced back in 2013 and there is still no word on a release date.

  2. Im about ready to call it quits on ps plus. When I leave, u better not put infamous, GOW remastered, or any other ps3 game that I love to play. This is just ridiculous.

  3. Played drawn to death cool game & I'm mostly interested in lovers in a dangerous space time I'm liking this game

  4. These games look fine. There hust seems to be no original thought in gamers.

    Its either a hate train or hype train

  5. lame. and why the heck aren't they listing the 6 titles for ps plus. your dropping the ball guys i shouldnt have to go to a 3rd party to see what you are offering.

  6. I will not renew the PS Plus, I will subscribe to Xbox Live, much better! You disrespect your subscribers! Shame!

  7. I know that PlayStation plus isn't suppose to give out 'good' free games … BUT AT LEAST TRY TO GIVE OUT GOOD GAMES THAT WERE RELEASED YEARS AGO !!!!!!!!!!

  8. I'm upset because they aren't even giving away Horizon Zero Dawn and Nier! if they did that I might give this month 8/10 but they didn't so 0/10 dislike!

  9. when the new systems come out I'm seriously thinking about Xbox I've always been a playstation person but just seems like their free games are better and I would actually play them, yes these are free i understand but why not get good games that are free?

  10. I like how everyone's complaining about these games… And you wanna know something about Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime? Xbox Gold had the exact. Same. Game. Last month. And nobody complained about it then! So why are people complaining about it with PS Plus? Do people just like to complain about Sony? Have people actually tried these games? Seems like some people are just complete idiots (including me)…

  11. please everyone if you care about this service stop downloading these games if we download there games every month we show how supportive we are for there games…… if we want to hurt themes please don't download and we show them how mutch we disliked there games and service …….. so please don't feel that you are a "sucker" and download ….. remember that we are hurting them if we dont download.
    this is the only way to take there Attention and improve in the future.

  12. So disappointed with this. These games shouldn't even be allowed to be on the PlayStation store. No wonder they're giving them to us for free

  13. My god, they are really trying to offer the worst of the worst every single month!
    April really takes the prize as the worst ever so far

  14. Drawn to death was a POS. I liked the humour every know and again but the gameplay was not fun.
    I did have a bit of fun with lovers but it could have been improved SO MUCH if you could invite your friends instead of going to their house.
    Would love some good online multiplayer games pleaseee!

  15. Ha baixei esses jogo coloquei pro meu filho jogar ele tacou o controle na tv de raiva e deu que agora to tem controle e sem tv obrigado plus por esse lixo de jogo

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