53 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup September 2019 | PS4

  1. Caraka Sony agora que vcs colocam no canal de vcs antes tarde do que nunca né kkkkk e boa lista e mês que vem deem o Resident Evil Zero e o Dying Light por favor blz.

  2. Funny how you guys promote playstation plus games as ‘free’ when its actually a monthly payment. ($12 Au a month) because even if you’ve been a member for YEARS and pay every month you still can’t play the ps plus games you have added to your library. So please, tell me how those are free games?

    Like if you agree so playstation gets the point.

  3. Everyones talking about Batman. . . sleeping on the Darksiders franchise, one of my all time favorites and we've gotten all 3 now for free at this point, if i can tear my self away from classic ill def be playing 3

  4. Ok Rocksteady
    You ain't fooling me with this treat.
    If you don't show us your game at the VGA then you owe me a masterpiece.

  5. After watching a few movies, playing some and exclusive games on Playstation, reading a few books, I came to the conclusion that – Sony does a little? or like a corporation. What do I have this opinion? Well, because if I pay Ps Plus, games are not assigned to the account every month, you just have to add them to your account yourself – and corporations do so, that sources (books, movies and exclusive games on Playstation)

  6. When you add a specific update to Playstation 4. Which will be useful to everyone, I've been waiting for over 2 years. I have a game on the disk takes 42 Gb, the update takes 4GB.And that there would be such an option. I delete the data that installs from the disc or 42GB, and the update that is downloaded from the Internet 4GB will not be removed from the console disk.
    To not download updates again – because if I have free internet it takes a long time

  7. I got excited when I saw a Batman game – never played one before. But disappointed when controls and mission design are doesn't match my expectations.

  8. Wait… Didn't we get one of the
    Arkham games just about a year ago?

    Also… You really need to step up to the plate Sony. Microsoft is absolutely murdering you on value right now, and that's inexcusable.

  9. Anyone know how far in game I need to be before I get access to stealth takedowns from hanging above in Arkham Knight? The takedowns from above in Arkham Asylum were awesome and well utilised.

  10. why until now you aren't mind about to create part 2 for the game mortal kombat shaolin monks or even make a remastered or remake for it?

  11. Played Batman… great game idea but with terrible mechanics! Darksiders it's garbage, so i don't care about it… PS Plus need BETTER MONTLY GAMES ! Put more efforts on that SONY !

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