PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup: November 2018 | PS4

100 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup: November 2018 | PS4

  1. El segundo juego está completamente en Inglés ¿como quieren que lo entienda si no hablo ingles? ¿Acaso no piensan en los que hablan español?

  2. Esse sistema de Ps+ tem que acabar, muitos jogos q as pessoas compram necessitam de ps plus pra usar recursos completos, ou seja vc paga e recebe uns joguinhos miseráveis por mês. Sou a favor de acabar com a plus paga e o dinheiro que vc usava pra pagar agora vc usa pra comprar um jogo de sua escolha ao invés desses horríveis q eles dão e por fim seria online grátis!

  3. Wow another month of games that I wont even play . Ps plus is the biggest thing I regret buying ALEXA PLAY SHREK SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME

  4. I already have the physical copy of Yakuza Kiwami. Getting the membership this month just because I want a digital copy as well :3

  5. Oh ported/remastered games from over 7 years ago each lol. How generous Sony! And people saying we shouldnt complain… we pay for the subscription. These games aren't really free. We have every right to complain.

  6. The Yakuza series is an awensome one, these games are the one of the best series on the SONY platform, these type of game aren't like a GTA, but there are the natural evolution of the oldschool Beat em up, a real must play.

  7. For some reason I cant download the Yakuza game because my account information doesn't match the locale in the URL, I'm using my Singapore account. Please help me, I really want to play the game

  8. I have PS Plus account but both Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm are not found in my PS Plus free games. Instead the free games is Beyond Two Souls.

  9. I already subscribed to ps plus.. but why this games not available on my free games for this month.. can anyone help me? 🤔

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