100 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup January 2019 | PS4

  1. Guys i wanted to buy a game for 48 dollars and pay by phone but i only had the option to select 40 dollars

    Do i need to chosse 40 dollars and then choose 10 dollars or what do i need to do???

  2. purchase the yearly subscription on black friday is only 39.99$ i had $2 something in my wallet so i ended up paying $37.95 i believe. better than $60. so now every blackfriday i will renew subscription.

  3. Playstation need to do something about their PS+. $60 a year really adds up over the console life. 5 years=$300, so essentially having a console feature locked behind a paywall makes the $399 system more of a $699 system in the end. Why not have a basic ladder of features? $20 one year, no free games, no discounts/$40 one year, discounts, no free games/$60 one year, discounts, free games. People may take issue with Nintendo's online right now but at $20 a year with free nes games I still think it's better than what PS is doing and it doesn't add up to almost double the cost for the console life.

  4. Why can't I find a straight answer? Today is the 2nd of january and I still can't get this for free. Does this mean the monthly games change only on the 5th or something?

  5. A bunch of crybabies. Technically you pay $5 a month for online access… Not the games. Portal knights as a bonus worth it. Steep, that'll never be worth it.

  6. Hey for some reason there’s different games for free on the ps store which I got for free but there wasn’t portal nights or steep whys that?

  7. Hi PlayStation, would you guys be able to include some better games as people aren’t really liking the games that you include monthly. Also, would you be able to include a VR game every month, if not, every second month.

  8. if you want to give us cheap game lower membership price ,
    make online play only membership & you pay extra if you want free games.

  9. I don't mean to be that guy but a sports game and a Minecraft reskin. I feel like I'm looking at the steam 70% off list.

  10. Thank goodness we got better games these for February and March. Hitman and For Honor on February. The Witness and Modern Warfare Remastered on March.

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