53 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup February 2018 | PS4

  1. I’m not saying these games are bad but they shouldn’t be offered as the months lineup, the fact the price has gone up and psn has gone down several times this is a really pisspoor choice

  2. When this didn't appear last week, I thought that they had finally realized how crappy the official announcement videos were compared to those of PlayStation Grenade and had just given up making them. Oh well.

    Show all six (seven) games, FFS. PlayStation Grenade can do it; why can't you?

  3. People complain about these games that aren’t even that bad, and they only want AAA games. When we got some really good games last year. No one remembers… Plus (heh, get it?), all of the games you get for the whole year is worth more than the $60 price tag.

  4. great games, yet half the people are complaining.

    have we gone too spoiled?
    has everyone forgotten how to enjoy things?
    get off your high horse and play some darn games people, even if its not the 'perfect' game in your eyes, it is still enjoyable if you give it a shot.

    i feel bad for all the developers trying to make this new generation satisfied.

  5. Sony, You failed us so many times that not even if you bring us a good game we will forgive you for giving this terrible games away

  6. Ok I want better games for paying for this service….whats the point of paying for something when I don't get anything in return. Come on Playstation STEP IT UP!

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