87 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup April 2018 | PS4

  1. Both of these games are actually pretty good. The only downside I can think of is that after a while Mad Max gets kind of repetitive, still an enjoyable game though.

  2. Mad max yess!! I feel like sony is trying to make people appeal towards ps plus since it's only purpose was to play multiplayer games for most people even though it's free online for PC, but this kinda makes it worth it to just get free quality games monthly.

  3. Pretty solid lineup, i missed out on Trackmania when it was free on Xbox so I'll definitely give it a try on PS4. Mad Max looks awesome can't wait to try that out as well.

  4. Actually it really not free cause when you download it and play it then membership has expired you can not play it you have to have the membership to play it and that sucks even when you are ofline. To be honest I will wait when they put a offer in the store and buy Mad Max Sony why you have to be like that so greedy even Xbox do it too

  5. Sony, gimme MotoGP instead. Although, Track Mania looks kinda interesting, multiplayer? #PlayStation Nation

  6. Nice, looking forward to trying track mania and mad max is a class game for anyone that hasn't played it.

  7. It would been amazing if trackmania was free for consoles i dont play trackmania for a long time mad max is much better buy the game than wasting money on ps plus and it expires we cant play the game.

  8. free games? u need ps+ to play them, even when u have ps+, u still need ps+, so its not free, and like you said i can say that world of warcraft is free but u need to pay 9$ per month to play

  9. Legit question…

    Now that sony playstation its taking away Vita and Ps3 support from the ps+ sub and therefor taking away value… Ps plus its still gonna be costing 60 bucks?!

  10. Trackmania is awsome, I'm glad sony make it for free there is gonna be a huge amount of players coming to the game 😏 !
    Search for "TM Turbo Titoine's leaderboard" in communities if you are interested in Trackmania 👍
    See you on the grid

  11. Interesting🤔 I was deciding between mad max and fallout 4 and I went with fallout but now I guess I can try both😁

  12. I’m basically here for trackmania. Every time I’m gonna buy it then some sale just comes up and I buy another game instead of this so I’m happy to be getting it free

  13. I wonder what are the free games for May and it’s my birthday then I’m gonna pre-order the crew 2

  14. I see a bunch of people saying not to complain about the games but no one ACTUALLY complaining about the games here in the comments.

  15. If sony loves there fans they wouuld make onlne gaming free smh… What have they become money whores

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