Pin-Up: World of Warships Turns 3!

Pin-Up: World of Warships Turns 3!

This strange story
happened to me a long time ago. Our aircraft carrier was returning
to the port after a prolonged cruise. Everyone longed to be back home. But… Day after day,
we continued to swab the deck and dream about the girls
left behind on far shores. Of course, no one believed my story. It made me wonder,
did this really happen? Was it all just a dream?

100 thoughts on “Pin-Up: World of Warships Turns 3!

  1. Grab your pin-up patch here!

  2. Nicely done! I remember back when we used to be able to have nice things. Remember, when the inevitable media hit-pieces come flooding in, (Kotaku: "Misogynist Alt-Right Online WWII Simulator Promotes White Supremacy with Misogynist "Pin-ups" Campaign, Yes We Said Misogynist Twice Because It's Really Misogynist And Also White Supremacy), remember you're not wrong.

  3. The screech that Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk no doubt let loose upon seeing this video is nothing short of glorious! 🙂

  4. when surrounded by hot dancing girls, lock yourself up in kitchen…. what is it trying to say? get back in the kitchen, manlets?

  5. at first, I thought this was a 3d rendering… but after watching till the end, I'm still confused.. is this rendered with RTX or something?

  6. when you are a sailor and have not seen girls for a long time ….poor his comrades… demotivator of service at sea

  7. Ахуенна! 🙂 Девушки хорошенькие, танцы красивые, авианосцы, самолёты, облака, закат – класс! Очень красивый и стильный клип!

  8. А где корабельное подразделение Военной Полиции (MP) с резиновыми плетьми и карцер с дежурной в лаковой коже??? Тема не раскрыта полностью!

  9. World of Warships настолько унылое говно, что его никакие кручения пёздами не спасут.
    Идёт вслед за самолётиками.

  10. Awesome well done video, very catchy song. When women are women they own anything they want. Hope all the dancers, producers, actors etc. had fun making this piece – great job!

  11. Sailor – what a fine day in i just rained….
    (few seconds later)
    whole crew became uhh you know
    sailor – WHAT THE !

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