Permanently FREE Game – No One Lives Forever 1 & 2

Permanently FREE Game – No One Lives Forever 1 & 2

hello and welcome to low-budget gaming
and welcome to another video in my permanently free game series and in this
series I look at some older games that cost some money in the past but for
whatever reason they are completely free to download and play today and in this
video I look at no one lives forever and no one lives forever 2 the sequel now
these are first-person shooters from the early 2000s and they were extremely
popular and good games as well they are basically a parody of the 1960s spy
movies James Bond movies you play as Cate Archer in both the games and this
is a very sort of amusing funny game and very good gameplay as well so the issue
with this game is that the legal status is very confusing the game was developed
by Monolith Studios who are now owned by Warner Brothers and the people behind
middle-earth games and it was published by Fox interactive I think who got
bought by Vivendi games who in turn merged with Activision so as a result
the none of these people know who owns the IP there was a company called Night
Dive Studios in 2014 who tried to revive the game republish it for digital
distribution and unfortunately they couldn’t you know get the proper
licensing because once again nobody knows who who owns it so as a result
this game is no longer sold so this website that I have here is called the
revival or no one lives forever revival and what they have done is using
community patches they have rereleased a revival version let’s call it and you
can simply download and play the game they also added widescreen support and
support for all the newer operating system so all you need to do is pick a
download link double click on the icon and extract the game and install so this
is the first game the game of the Year Edition and this is the second game
and yeah so just download double-click install and play and pretty good game I
think this one also has online support for multiplayer the second game the file
size is for the first one is about 450 MB and the second one is about 1.5 gb so
yeah check it out if you are interested in good old first-person shooters and
yeah I really recommend this game is one of the best games I’ve played and
hopefully you should enjoy this as well so yeah thank you for watching and see
you in the next one

6 thoughts on “Permanently FREE Game – No One Lives Forever 1 & 2

  1. this looks piracy game steal and other stuff scared to download this but this game is soo good its piracy or not? thanks the answer

  2. All of the NOLF game series are available for download from The installers have been digitally signed to prevent tampering of the files. The UHQ site has been a NOLF game series community site since 2003 and in addition to the free downloads of all 3 games has an extensive collection of custom maps and mods for all three games.

  3. I own the game back when I bought it in the early 2000's, am I able to play it again from my computer (re-install it) and play against other people on line?!?This game was/is amazing!   thanks

  4. For the devs and publishers who refuses to let STEAM or GOG just because the devs and owner are not interested, fuck them right in the fucking eye. Hell if they had the audacity to have the site close down and links deleted, sorry they fucking canceled their own privilege when they refuse to let online stores to sell them.

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