Passing Joggers on My Motorized Treadmill

Passing Joggers on My Motorized Treadmill

Do it. Don’t do it dude, I’m telling you. *Splash*
Wheelchair Kole rolls into water (Fake laughing) Wheelie O Dude, I couldn’t resist You gonna to come out here and help me? -I’ll help you
-…the chair He can swim Just got this new wheelchair. It’s got a lot of good features, pops down like this. Can wash your hair. Think it’s about 30 horsepower? Tag, you’re it! You’ll never catch me! Tag you’re it! No tagbacks! Ah You’re it Ah you got me He’s like don’t underestimate me You look like a pathetic little dweeb That’s what you say to him C’mon Rigby. C’mon Rigby let’s go for a walk Wanna go in the woods, Rigby? Hey. Hey what’s your cute puppy lookin’ at dude? Your cute puppy have a problem? This one looks fresh still About a couple minutes old Come on. Join us. Let’s go, come on. Like all survivalists have chafing butt cracks. All crabs have chasing- chafing butts. All crabs are like, oh my god Oh my god. Oh my god, I need Vaseline. Oh my god. Oh my god. Sir, do you have Vaseline? That’s why they walk like that. Good fishin’? Good. Don’t worry, he’s my friend. Ha. – Seriously?
– Ha, I always get him. Again? Dive down and get it! YAH! Freakin’ fatty. There’s tourists… floating in the rafts. We’ve spotted them in the natural habitat. Look at ’em looking. That’s what they do best is look and wear sunscreen and clog up roads. Let’s go closer and see if we can see their leader. Yeah. If you zoom right past me, you can see ’em. What are they doing? They’re just staring, zoom in on ’em. They’re like what the freak are they doin’ creepin’ on us in the woods? All they have to do is play music and we’ll… And run away, cause… we don’t want to get a copyright claim You can confront me, you can punch me, you can do anything you like to me But what’ll make me leave the quickest is if you play any kind of music Can I get a push to the to the papers right there, please? It’s unfortunate I can’t will myself I’m paralyzed from the waist up Right here? Right in front of that one. Yeah. Thank you. I can help you get it. Ah, I’ll try one more. Thank you. Any other ones? Wanna face the water? Please. Yeah, I was trying to open it with my feet, you know, because my arms are paralyzed You’re it. This is my old truck. What are you doing with it? We’re lookin’ for a blown head gasket, but I suspect it’s more than that I think we have a cracked head. Every morning before I drove it I had to dump like a gallon of water in the radiator That’s a piston. This is a cylinder These are the slinky holes Sparkplug springs. What is this called? This is the head. These are the valves and we’re gonna roll it down the pyramid stairs Do you want me to hold that, hold that while you While you unloosen it. Uh no I need– Unloosen it, what does that mean, tighten it? Unloosen that. It’s like, I could care less. Unloosen that bolt. Somebody go set that on the tailgate. We have beheaded the truck! Let this be a sign to all you other Ford Rangers I dislocated my shoulder this morning, but don’t worry. It was this one not this one. It’s like if you dislocate something it means you lose it. I dislocated my keys the other day Water’s pretty clear. We should call this place… Waterclear. No dude, that’s stupid! Let’s call it Clearwater. Yeah, that sounds good! There’s a city called Clearwater, Florida. How did they come up with that name? Water’s not as clear over here, but… It feels pretty good, the wind. Call it… feels good wind. No, that’s stupid, it should be called… Wind feels good. Wind feels good? Slow down! There are children! Just in the world. Just– th– There are children somewhere! Slow dow– Look at this guy. Hey! Hey slow down! Slow down! My god, people. You got it, dude. Welp, you gotta dude, what you gotta dude. I’ve been given a specific specifications and I will specify. Click! (?) Yeah, that’s been like that. Yeah that’s been like that since it fell today a couple hours ago. Oh that’s been like that since it happened. *music* *more music* I was tired of the monotony of running at the gym every day I wanted to figure out a way that I could exercise and have a change of scenery I wanted sun and… fresh air. Wanted to get exercise at my favorite park or on the beach or next to the river. I wanted to get exercise anywhere, besides… only at the gym. People who run not on a treadmill are not exercising, they’re just going somewhere fast. Chris said I wonder what wasp honey tastes like. Chris thinks that bees store honey in their body You see the wasp. I never tried wasp honey. You try to suck the honey out of their their little dangly butt He’s like I’m allergic to it I I tried to suck o– suck the honey out of their butt but my face just swelled up. Yah I guess I’m allergic to wasp honey, you know? Allergies. Ugh. My dad just finished puttin’ this together. So we cut the go cart in half stretched it put some braces in welded it up Made the steering– the steering didn’t turn sharp enough so we had to put the steering shaft out further and here’s the throttle steering brake tread on off engine off if you know if anything goes wrong just kill it ok Chris came up with this idea He said “Dude, what if you put,
what if you put an engine on a treadmill?” This was you idea? To, to my surprise you actually figured a way to do it.
I mean I. When I thought of it
there’s no way he’s gonna use this. It’ll be funny if you go by joggers. (Laughing) Watch out for the jealous fish. They come up. Hey, you better not be catching another fish and not me You know I hate that. I better be the only fish in your life. As far as we go, I’m the only fish in the sea! You better not be catchin’ other fish! A fish swi– a fish swims by and he’s like… You think you’re so cool. You and your perfect fins
Yeah -How the hell does a wheelchair disappear
-heh You can’t find it? Noo dude We should put a skeleton in a wheelchair and push it off the dock and then like wait for a fisherman to find it with With like, with like cinder blocks tied to the wheels This has been on my mind lately so I wanted to share it Wanted to say whatever you aim for in life is what you’ll hit so Set your aim on the thing that you want Sometimes people they’ll allow other people to set their aim, and then they hit it and that’s okay But uh, whatever you aim for you’ll hit if you aim for a mediocre job, that’s what you’ll get you aim for High high high success. That’s what you get Obviously, there’s failures along the way but there’s a quote success never surprised anyone and it’s true Because as you pursue something you’re not surprised when it finally happens like it’s a mixture of your pursuit and luck But it’s what you’re aiming for so it’s not It’s not absurd that you hit it. A lot of people set their aim low, and they hit low it’s not to deny that hard things happen and Some people never achieve what they want to it’s worth noting because I’m only where I’m at Because I set my aim for here and I have my aim set for or higher and further but if I would have never set my aim on this I wouldn’t be here if your ultimate aim is set for a nine-to-five that You don’t really care for that much that’s where you’ll end up so set it on something that you love no matter the hardships that you go through if you have your your sights set You’ll eventually achieve it but if you allow hardships to deter your aim and your sight and you will never achieve it I haven’t talked to the camera in a while. So I wanted to think you would really benefit someone to hear

100 thoughts on “Passing Joggers on My Motorized Treadmill

  1. 0:31 Playing Tag with People in a Wheelchair
    3:09 Handicap from the waist up

    4:29 Beheading My Ford Ranger

    6:56 Passing Joggers on My Motorized Treadmill
    10:18 Aim for what you desire

  2. family goes on vacay to florida
    dad:be careful there are some weirdos here
    5 minutes later:person riding on mortorized treadmill

  3. Make a sign that says “please wipe your ass before getting in the pool” and hang it up in random places.

  4. Love ur little advice bits at the end of the video ross. I think youre very free minded and learn a lot from things others miss. Its great listening.

  5. Hey man, I've been watching your stuff for a while, and I gotta say, I feel a real connection with you! Your goofiness has inspired me to be my weird self on my own channel. Thanks, man!

  6. Imagine how horrifying it must be, to just see two full grown men drop someone in a wheel chair off a bridge, and have no way to help them.

  7. Thanks ross for making me crack a smile everyday 👍keep your aim steady buddy, thanks again for your words dude tell the crew thanks also your friends aand you have a great bond

  8. thnx for the advice at the end idc if it was sarcastic im going through a rough patch and cant figure out what i want in life but ill make sure to aim high thx ross!

  9. For a prank you should get a little rc boat and put a fake alligator head on it and drive it around a very populated river in Florida

  10. Even though this is a couple months old now the end of this video really benefitted me personally & was something I’ve really needed to hear. I was on a long run for about a year straight watching your videos & I just randomly clicked on this one today. Thank you, dude. You’re the best.

  11. You know, most vloggers I've seen will make you watch a bunch of bull before you see what they advertised, it's nice to see one actually put time stamps. Even though I still end up watching all the shit before hand

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