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  1. When I was a kid me and my new neighbor found out we both had a ps2 we both agreed to play together through that connecting cable to have game party's. He had the original system and I had the second edition of the system so I didn't have the port so we couldn't play 😢 we had to go to gaming cafe to play ps2 together

  2. Please tell me that there is someone here that wants to play PS2 Fifa (I have Fifa 13 and 14) online with me. I am even willing to pay you lol. I'll warn you though, the chance that you will lose is very high

  3. I hate DNAS I have patch so many games like COD 3 & midnight club 3 to play online in 2019 I love my PS2 and I am part of a community on Facebook and NO we don’t use xlink we play Online

    Here is an example how to bypass the DNAS yes you will need swap magic this Swap Magic 3.8 CODER + Magic Keys or have a chipped ps2 or you can use free mcboot I find swap magic much easy to play the copied game you just patched to play on a privet DNS server hope this helps and answers some of your questions

  4. Well, since I saw people using private servers to play Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast, nothing can surprise me anymore.

  5. I have a ps2 I just found also found and x box and a great cube I just have no chords for them but u tested them out with a friend I e. we. thinking of selling

  6. to keep these ancient ps2 network online its totally cheap with todays computer power and server power. I bet the entire ps2 game server could fit in any normal 2019 dekstop pc and could run on any randoms dudes addict or basement.

  7. Socom 2 was one of the first multiplayer shooting game I played with friends, back in high school. So many good times. The glitches were so fun. Got lots of nostalgia watching/hearing this vid

  8. I have two PS2s. One original fat and one slim and loved them both and they both still work. Back where the days when we got a full game with online players with no DLC, no lootboxes, no micro transactions, just a full game and pure online fun. Good old days where better than the crap we have now.

  9. To this day, one of my favorite games, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, still has online servers on PS2.

    Edit: Nice to see so much Big Red One footage.

  10. Playing online on a PS2 is free. Nowadays you need to pay monthly membership fees. Even if a game is re-released on say the Playstation Store, you still need to pay to play online.

    I say f*ck that! Hand me my Ethernet cable!

  11. Some games never die people including myself still play the original quake and quake 2 on pc. I'm surprised people are still playing Socom 2 on Ps2 because its on an old console but not surprised it has a dedicated player base. Socom 2 was a great game and i wish it was on pc.

  12. I got my PS2 in 2008 but found if you play Socom 2 with an old save that included an online DNAS upgrade it booted everyone from the server on Xlink Kai.

  13. I Had ps2 online as a kid, was my first real experience tbh. I Remember joining lobbys on socom and having no idea wtf I was doing and the occasional pissed dude shouting at me 🙁

  14. dude i had one of the last ps2 slim models that had integrated ethernet and i also had a connection in my house, but i never used it at all, what a missed opportunity…

  15. HOA (Hardware online arena) best dam game ever bar none & Sii were the last two games that could be accessed on NZ/AU sony game servers,actually the servers were in Oz. You ozzies were cheating laggy mongrels with no skill what so ever. Dam ! i miss those days of trash talk'n the ockers. Whats the bet modern used a pedal :p .Ok here's a story for yer's , Say around 04 onwards. The game HOA. A particular player that used to appear now & again usually in the weekends in the avo. This person (can't recall the handle they had comms tho didn't use them at first). Very hard to kill & a lot of teleporting. Was not flavour of the month & usually got booted, tho not always. Unbeknown to any of us at the time, there were two people using this handle one not as good as the other. Keeping in mind the lag on the servers due to slow speeds at the time for most, coupled with the shitty hardware & poor coding of the game made everybody curse, it required to shoot weapons ahead of any moving vehicle if the weapons needed to be fired without locking on which made it real difficult to shoot teleporting vehicles when needed (too close by which makes it better to not use lock function) , & if 16 players are in the room the lag is real bad. None of us could understand why this player lagged so bad until eventually he typed in the staging room (that's not what it was called i can't remember), that he was from dutchland. This had scratching our heads as the Euro's shouldn't have been able to access our network. Turns out a friend in Oz sent him the network disc which had HOA on it. Eventually he used the comms & we found out it was mainly his daughter that played. Once they had comms they were able to hear what was being said which aided them in finding out what players to game with & at what times. Later on a new network disc arrived for all of us down under to access all the euro servers, tho the UK was the largest & most popular

  16. I still play Resident Evil Outbreak 1 and 2 online, too bad you didn't try it out for this vid, it's still quite active!

  17. The PS2 will never die. To many good games offline also. There is one game I have to give 99 out of a 100. It’s a masterpiece. Very good DVD player also. I have the fat PS2 and it’s still going strong.

  18. PS2 its My best Console Games Ever, very simple, and fun to play, im still play Gran turismo 4 and Gta until this days!

  19. The ps2 and early ps3 online days were something special. You still had DLC and patches but developers used it for good, until EA or whoever started the Season passes and loot boxes

  20. Sadly but still waiting for someone to REVIVE the Battlefield 2 on ps2 like they did with Metal Gear Online 1 and 2. It was the BEST ps2 online title for up to 24 players (!!!) fast, arcade gamaeplay and one of the better battlefield games really. They were still ppl playing around 2012-13 if i recall. People are still waiting for this miracle to happen some day

  21. Xlink is dope. It was a surreal moment when I was playing Gran Turismo 4 online, while in a discord call, with a friend 6 hours away.

  22. 10 years ago was the first time i connected my ps2 to the internet. And maan I had some fun with battlefield modern combat. There were surprisingly a good amount of people playing it.

  23. There was another game that there was a network configuration with it too… I believe it was fifa… I don't remember…

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